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1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport For Sale

Too bad you can’t drive it, I am sure glad the seller got that out of the way early in the advertisement.  In translation this means, “I have always wanted one of these cars so I purchased one thinking I could get it federalized myself.”  Fast forward a few years and the seller found that is easier said than done.

I won’t re-hash the wiki dump the seller placed in their ad but I will say this is a very special car, something you almost never see in the states.

1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport:

From the seller –


I listed her as a 1980 since EBAY would not recognize the VIN of a Euro model produced after 1981!


This is a very rare model that was produced in limited numbers by Porsche from 1993 – 1995. This particular model has an extremely rare combination of options and delete items.

Speed Yellow ( Speedgleb )

NO Sunroof

NO Undercoating

NO Power windows

NO Airbags

Rear Seat Delete

Factory Sport Recaro Seats Left & Right, Painted in Body Color

Rear Wing Painted in Body Color

Porsche Cup 17″ Magnesium Wheels Painted in Body Color

Sports Suspension (Adjustable Coilovers) and M030 Brake System with Drilled Rotors

6 Speed Transmission with Limited Slip Differential

Front Strut Brace

Options added later:

Hidalgo ( Company succeeded Matter ) Full Roll Cage

I imported the car with full EPA and DOT exemptions and you should note that the car IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be licensed and driven on US roads. I do have the vehicle insured under my State Farm Collector car policy and in theory, one could drive the car with a dealer tag. I have put less than 500 miles on the car since importing it in 2011. It drive great and is very quick and incredibly well balanced.

There are only a hand full of these in the US and the values of these cars is increasing (particularly for the rare examples with great options). This car is in excellent original condition and shows NO signs of accidents and absolutely NO sign of any rust.”

If I had a top 5 list of cars I would import if time and money didn’t matter list this car would be on it.  Which is saying something because there are all sorts of cars I or any enthusiast would consider.

A quick scan of the car and it seems to be in fine shape.  The gaps in the hood are a bit off which could mean it needs adjusting or it was repaired poorly.  Prospective buyers would want to have that checked out prior to bidding.  The equipment is spot on with what I would order if given a chance.  There is a great deal to like here.

So the question then becomes what is a car you could not license or drive worth?  Being a dealer I could actually make this work which is all kinds of torture but that is not the case for everyone.  Doing a quick scan of used CS’s in Europe they would translate to $35-40k here.  But they can drive them anytime and anywhere they please.

I think this CS is rare enough to get whatever the seller is looking for.  Sadly the closest I will get is staring at the poster I have of this exact car in my garage.




  1. Paul
    Paul May 4, 2012

    I saw the identical looking car for sale in Vancouver last year. I briefly thought about it (and we can drive them up here) but the yellow is too over the top on these for my taste.

  2. Aaron
    Aaron May 17, 2012

    Bidding reached $22,308 reserve not met.

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