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1993 VW Corrado VR6 for sale

I’ve strayed from the strong affinity I felt for the Corrado in the early days of my VW obsession. Not because they aren’t great; I’ve just been busy discovering older, weirder, and/or faster Germans to focus on. Yet there’s always something striking about this little bulldog of a Volkswagen, a car more aggressive than they seem to be interested in making these days. It pulls you back in with promises of affordable, ethereal driving magic. Maybe this one is the good one…

1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 for sale on Craigslist SF

You’re just gonna have to be careful on these and get it thoroughly checked out. That said, this one isn’t overly modified or beaten to hell. No cream puff, but that helps out the affordability factor, bringing this in at $4000 OBO. If you can handle a few visual imperfections and fixing the sunroof, I think you could make a good deal and have some fun miles beyond the 140k it’s covered so far.



  1. sofaman
    sofaman October 27, 2010

    Always loved these cars. Don’t know if the V6 or the G-Lader creations are the better used car, but either way, that’s a whole lot of beauty and performance for 4K. Plus, there’s something about that deep dish VW steering wheel. . .

  2. bob
    bob October 30, 2010

    The VR6 is the one to get. Incredible sound, and just a fun car to drive each day. My daily from 1994 till last winter was a VR6 Corrado. Will get one when I hit 65 as a keeper. I’d buy the best car you can find, as it will be the cheapest to own. No sense buying a cheap car with the intention of fixing it up. Exceptional build quality on the body. Electrical can be a problem and underhood heat plays havoc with vacuum hoses. Suspensions wear out pretty quickly,but are very cheap and easy to refurbish to new. If I had a US spec car, I would dump the mouse motor belts for Cdn ones, and put a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel on in Suede. Bilsteins and Eibachs with slightly bigger rear bar handle great. Don’t go 17 inch on the tires, keep it light. 16 max or 15 inch 205-50-15’s work very well. If you are 5 ft10, 180 pounds, there is no better fitting suit. All the site lines, except the one out back are great.

  3. erick plata
    erick plata December 20, 2010

    i like your car dude i was wondering if you can deliver to the texas i paid the deliver!

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