1994 Audi S4

In the early 1990’s, Audi was shaking up their line up and introduced the S4 in 1991 as the performance version of the 100 sedan. Despite sharing its basic structure with the 100, the S4 was intended to take the place of the the discontinued 200 Turbo-Quattro sedan. It wasn’t until the next model year (as always) that the US saw the UrS4. The S4 featured a turbocharged 2.2 L, 20-valve inline 5-cylinder engine that made 227 hp and 258 ft/lb of torque. Standard equipment included Quattro all-wheel-drive and a manual transmission.

After Audi dropped the 100 nameplate and re-badged the car as A6 in 1994, the S4 became the S6, although the only changes to the model were minor cosmetic. It wasn’t until 2001 that the S4 came back as its own model based on the relatively new A4 platform.

Year: 1994
Model: S4
Engine: 2.2 liter turbo inline five
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 169,000
Price: $3,600 reserve not met

1994 Audi S4 on eBay


1994 Audi S4, very rare blue color, only 500 or so of these made for that year and in blue color I don’t even know how many were made. Clean title, clean Carfax, no accidents! This car is in excellent condition for a 1994. The body is free from any major dents or dings just a couple minor door dings. The interior is clean, the leather does not have any rips in it and has held up well over the years. The dash does not have any cracking or fading and all the wood trim is intact also without any issues. Everything in this car works from the headlights to the taillights. All windows function properly and everything locks properly as well including the keyless entry. Everything on this car is all original no modifications whatsoever and no pieces missing except for the magazine for the CD changer. The car runs great the turbo spools nicely without any hesitation and it feels very strong along with the clutch which also grabs strong and has no grinds or popouts. Brakes still have about 70% life remaining along with the tires which are also about 70% remaining. If you would like some more pictures please send me your email and i will get them to you thank you.

Normal flaws for this car include:

Splintering in paint on the hood only (hard to show in pictures)
Wear on driver seat bolster nothing serious just regular wear and tear over the years.
Low windshield washer fluid warning light is always on unless completely filled to top

Timing belt was done at around 110k but unfortunately, I do not have receipts for this car. It was my stepfathers and it was meticulously maintained anything that was ever wrong with it was taken care of right away that is why it is in such good condition the way it sits today.

While not the most pristine UrS4 I’ve seen, this could be a great project for someone looking to put a little elbow grease in to it. The blue over ecru leater is a great combination and a nice departure from the green cars that seem to have flooded the S4 market. The maintenance history is one of the only things that would concern me about this car. Without documentation, it’s is tough to discern that the T-belt was done 50K miles ago, as well as other issues. That aside, this car would be a good solid buy at $5,000 to $6,000.


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  1. Could they not just go to/call the shop where the timing belt was done and have them pull the records?

  2. Without a receipt you would have to do it again for piece of mind.

    I’m a big fan of these cars and this is an attractive color combo. My wife (then girlfriend) had a 100 CS Avant in this color, it really looked great. I’ve only seen a handful of S cars in this color.

    I’d say this is a $4k car at best with no receipts, no mods and some needs.

  3. I agree with Poorhouse. I think it’s a solid buy around $4,000 if it doesn’t have too many needs. I would bet it has some significant maintenance needs. If the hvac blower motor needs replacing that can be a very expensive repair if you can’t do it yourself. Some of the feedback comments from the seller give me pause also. If you look around there are about four or five of these for sale in this mileage range and in this price range – yeah green seems to be most common.

  4. It is a mistake to sell this car out of Reno Nevada; these cars are worshipped in the Colorado high country and areas of the pacific North West. With documentation it looks to be a $6-7k car, without it I would probably pay 5k if everything looked/feels right. I suspect the car is due for a head gasket and valve stem seals if it hasn’t been done, really the only thing that needs replacing in these engines, they are truly bulletproof.

    FYI a HVAC blower motor can be done in your driveway in one hour for $80.

  5. Nice colour but wow what is up with that stance??

  6. Despite the fact that the stance is high, the ground clearence is low. The ecru leather tends to yellow badly if left in the sun.

  7. nice! i have a 95 version of the same car, so I’m familier with it. (It might be for sale someday…?).. So I was curious what people are asking for it and checking out the market…
    I like the color, as mine is black.. and its nice to see one thats relatively unmolested mod-wise for longevity.. (you never really know what has been done to the car but if its moded theres a pretty good chance it had some hard driving miles on the entire car).. I’d say at that mileage the car is going to need a little TLC from time to time.. (i.e. timing belt… etc)… but hey.. its getting old so typical for something this old.. nice daily driver, and still a lot of car for the money compared to what else you can get thats newer… amazing car if you actually need the quattro system in the snow as well… the locking differential is a nice feature the newer cars don’t have too.

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