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1994 Mercedes E500 with 46996 miles

Thanks to reader Peter for spotting this super clean E500 in the brilliant silver paint scheme. Everything about this car looks practically new and well maintained. Unlike a lot of 500Es this one looks totally unmolested down to the original rims. The owner still has the original window sticker, all the manuals, service history, etc.. The buy-it-now price of $26,900 for a 500E in this shape will seem very reasonable in a few years. Right now I’d say it is bit high, with a few less miles it wouldn’t be a surprise to sell at that price though. If you could negotiate it down a bit and this car truly is as clean in person this would be a nice find.



  1. Paul
    Paul September 22, 2010

    Nice car but I think the price is more than just a bit too high right now.

  2. chanifin
    chanifin September 22, 2010

    Probably worth, but a tough sell at that price. W210 E55 AMGs with “low” miles can be pick up for half that price. I’ve own a 500E so I know that the 2 aren’t equivalent but still, in terms of performance and features the joy of the 500E relative to a E55 is a bit intangible. That said low mile 500E’s are increasingly rare especially with original 2 tone paint in silver.

  3. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter September 23, 2010

    They don’t make em like that anymore. I think that was the year the engineers relinquished their top spot to the marketing department.

  4. sofaman
    sofaman September 24, 2010

    Bid up to a decent $22.5 but unsold. I was thinking someone looking for this model would step up and pay a premium price for an especially nice example, but it’s a funny market right now.

  5. chanifin
    chanifin September 28, 2010

    Finally sold for 22,200. Pretty good value actually

  6. Evan
    Evan October 4, 2010

    $22,200 seems just right in the market now. The seller likely got their markup and the buyer now has a car that should stay fairly steady price-wise or depreciate relatively little if used extensively.

  7. James
    James November 29, 2010

    Nice car, been watching it on ebay. I am helping a co-worker sell his 500E that is in great shape and (to me) a much better looking car 🙂

    Check it out!

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