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1994 Mercedes-Benz E500, 45k miles

Before AMG became fully integrated into the Mercedes-Benz family, along came the W124 chassis 500E/E500. While relatively tame looking, the trained eye will notice the larger 16″ alloy wheels and flared fenders. That’s just a prelude to the collaboration between Porsche and Mercedes that yielded perhaps one of the best sport sedans ever.

1994 Mercedes-Benz E500 on eBay

The seller’s description:

This is a 1994 Mercedes 500E with 45296 original miles. This car is in excellent condition inside and out. Car comes with the original manuals and service booklet with dealer stamps, and original window sticker (see photo). This is a rare and interesting car, a joint venture between Mercedes and Porsche, Porsche did the suspension work, has yielded one of the greatest Mercedes’ of all time.

My father owned a 1992 400E and while he owned it, I happened to drive a 1992 500E that was for sale. The difference was astounding. To say this car had God’s own suspension would be an understatement. I’m not sure how Porsche tuned it to be comfortable yet so controlled simultaneously.

As far as Mercedes-Benz sedans go, their resale values tend to lag behind coupes and convertibles. The asking price of $29,000 is certainly strong, but right in line with the condition and mileage. Plus, this is the desirable facelift version which was the last year the 500E/E500 was sold in the US. While I’ve seen some ultra low mileage examples listed in the $30k and up range, $29 large is about all you’d want to spend, in my opinion, for one of Mercedes’/Porsche’s finest.



  1. chanifin
    chanifin July 12, 2010

    The only issue with the 94’s is that the engine was slightly detuned to meet new emission standards. So the 92’s and early 93’s produce a bit more power. Tough to find these low mile examples and 29K is a touch less than asking price of late. The silver is a relatively rare color as well so attractive (to some). It will be interesting to see if it sells.

  2. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter July 12, 2010

    I want my brother to sell his 300 coupe, and buy this. That way I get a test drive. Looks like a car to keep a while.

  3. Scott
    Scott April 12, 2011

    Boo-hoo. Makes me miss mine! One of the finest uber-cruisers ever built by Porsche. Yes, 500E/E500E was final assembled at Porsche. The PCA had a fit when I showed up at a local Concourse with, a what? Mercedes? I prevailed and got to show the car next to 911s, 935s, etc.. I enjoy this stuff!

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