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1994 Porsche 968 Sport

It’s not uncommon for automotive manufacturers to tailor a particular model to the likes and needs of a certain market. Porsche is well known for this; one example being the 911 RS America of the early 1990s. Deemed a bit too hard edged for US consumers, Porsche decided to soften the Carrera RS formula a bit and make a special run of 701 cars, which were initially cheaper than a 911 C2. Given their rarity, these RS Americas are now worth much more than their standard Carrera counterparts. Around the same time, Porsche was focusing on another lightweight special, the 968 Club Sport. Unfortunately, the 968CS never made it stateside, but Porsche produced a special run of similar models for the UK market, dubbed the “Sport.” These were essentially 968CS models with the CS luxury package, which offered a bit more features and convenience than the track focused CS. This 1994 968 Sport for sale in southwest England has very low mileage for its age.

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Year: 1994
Model: 968 Sport
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 41,000 mi
Price: Price on Request

In 1993 Porsche launched the Club Sport version of the well-received 968 model with the aim of creating a more focussed car for the driving enthusiast on both road and track. These cars retained the 3 litre big four of the 968 with 240 bhp, the changes came with a more bespoke suspension with shorter springs and adjustable dampers, 17″ Cup wheels and a weight reduction programme resulting in the elimination of much sound deadening and a number of creature comforts. On the face of it these changes hardly seem significant but as with the legendary ‘88 911 Club Sport the changes resulted in a car far greater than the sum of the parts might suggest. The 968 has become known as a marvelously precise balanced driving tool and as a result they are now highly valued by the Porsche collector.

The Club Sport could be ordered with most of the usual extras for the 968 model and in consequence most of the UK cars had many of the weight saving Club Sport delete options re-specified by those ordering the cars new. In response Porsche ordered 306 cars in 1994 and ’95 from the Club Sport production line for UK customers featuring the Club Sport luxury pack option and with CS badge deletion. These cars were sold by Porsche GB as the Sport model and proved very popular in combining the great driving characteristics of the Club Sport model with a specification that included rear seats, cloth comfort sports seats, central locking, electric tailgate release, electric windows, mirrors and sunroof and alarm.

This fine example of the Sport model is finished in the rare and striking colour, Iris blue with black cloth interior. First registered in February 1994 the car remained in the hands of a single owner until 2000 covering 27,000 miles. During his ownership the Porsche was correctly maintained by Porsche main agents JCT600 as detailed in the original stamped service book and invoices on file.

Since then the car has covered a further 14,000 miles bringing the total mileage to a still low 41,000 miles. The car has continued to be diligently maintained, again this is recorded in the service book and invoices. A major service carried out by the last owner in 2013 at specialists Promax included replacement of the cam shafts and timing chain and last year a further invoice for £811 from Promax details the all important replacement of the belts and rollers.

The car has clearly been cherished from new by each owner as it remains in extremely good order throughout, this is borne out on the road, the car remaining tight to drive, fluent and responsive, those great qualities that have made this Porsche model so desirable shine through.

The car has covered only 41,000 miles and has a full service history from new with all books, tools and a comprehensive history file of service invoices, MOT certificates and books and articles on the model.

A great Porsche experience is still available for the same price as a relatively mundane new Golf!


The seller alludes to the fact that this car is available for the price of a new Golf, so given where we’ve seen 968 prices stateside, I’d guess that would put this car somewhere in the $20,000 to $25,000 range. However, prices due tend to fluctuate a bit more when discussing the European market, so I’d assume the ask might be closer to the $30,000 mark on this one. Hefty for one of these four-cylinder Porsches, but this car is even more rare than a 911 RS America. That, to me, would signal a good possibility of collectability down the road and, with it, strong resale potential.



  1. Matt
    Matt May 16, 2015

    That certainly is a gorgeous car, and I love the minimal interior with cloth seats. However, something in the seller’s description calls my attention: replacement camshafts and timing chains. That’s normally a 80 to 100K mile replacement. Why would it need to be done at less than 40K? That raises some flags for me.

  2. RPM
    RPM May 16, 2015

    The car would be $30K+ if offered in the US, more if it was a Euro spec right hand CS.

    And 968 values are increasing. They are the lowest production separate model Porsche ever sold in the US, short of supercars. Great cars, I should never have sold mine.

  3. Nice informative write up Paul, these are definitely great investment cars to buy now, my only problem with owning it is that, I would drive the wheels off of it and rack up as many miles every chance I got!

  4. Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller May 16, 2015

    944s recommend timing belt every 30,000. I’m assuming 968s would be the same.

  5. Yes Jeff every 4 years or 30k to 40k miles belts should be replaced, also overhead cam chain tensioner and pads should be inspected and addressed at the same time.

  6. RPM
    RPM May 18, 2015

    First thing: Drill holes in the airbox. On the 968 Porsche seems to have deliberately limited air intake volume with a ridiculously narrow snorkel air intake. Removing the snorkel and increasing airflow to the box using a hole saw gives the car a noticeable increase throttle response, sounds better, and puts the car just at or above the contemporary 964’s 250 hp number.

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