1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600

The Mercedes-Benz R129 SL is on the cusp of collector status. Fellow GCFSB contributor Andy McCulley was in Washington, DC this week for a conference and we hung out a bit during the weekend, with much car talk on the agenda. After passing an SL500 Silver Arrow parked on the street, he opined that that is one R129 that will be worth money in the near future. I don’t doubt it. Few of them were built, with only 100 SL600s receiving the Silver Arrow trim. This SL600 for sale in Massachusetts might not be a Silver Arrow, but the V12 models are certainly more exclusive than their V8 siblings, with this car’s Designo trim adding on an extra serving of exclusivity.

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Year: 1997
Model: SL600
Engine: 6.0 liter V12
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 27,033 mi
Price: $29,995 Buy It Now

1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600 AMG Sport Designo Roadster
978-263-9000 www.alphacars.com

Almost 25 years ago, we at AlphaCars, established the highest imaginable standards for the quality of our pre-owned vehicles. With no deviation, these standards are maintained today. With no exceptions, each pre-owned vehicle has to pass a rigorous technical inspection followed by the most thorough service work and concourse level detailing.

In addition to providing clean CarFax, we at AlphaCars went a major step further. Using sophisticated Paint Meter Tool (by Elcometer) we tested and certified that each body panel of this Mercedes-Benz has original factory paint and was never repainted for any reason. This car is absolutely original and retains factory assembly and material qualities.

Go back in time! This is one absolutely stunning 1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600 AMG Designo Edition. The R129 line of SL’s is widely considered one of the best designs and highest build quality by Mercedes.

This SL600 is a one owner, originally leased, then purchased by the leasee at the end of the term. With extremely low miles, this SL was meticulously maintained and looked after. Most recent service work includes all maintenance updates and a new set of tires.

This SL600 is equipped with a state-of-the art 6.0L V12 producing 389hp. This engine is still considered an engineering marvel. Sculpted with the AMG body cladding and Monoblock AMG Sport rims, this elegant rocket ship is ready to whisk you away for your next journey in style, luxury and with modern safety amenities.

This particular SL600 is one of the few that has very rare Designo Package, which takes the luxurious interior major step further with the addition of color contrasted stitching on the all trim pieces. The Designo Package is an exclusive service that Mercedes offers to personalize the interior with a large selection of exotic choices in colors, leather, and trims.

Designo customization can run tens of thousands of dollars depending on the material and craftsmanship involved in the creation of the unique fabricated interior. The interior of this SL600 is refined with hand made carbon fiber interlaced trim inlaced consoles. Sumptuous black and blue soft grain leather covers the seats, dashboard, and compartments of this immaculate interior.

The original MSRP for the base SL600 was $129,595.
This particular SL600 was purchased with the following exclusive options:

[772] AMG SPORT PKG ($4900.00)

Larger 18″ rims and high performance tires
Sculpted sport valance front and rear

[021] DESIGNO EXCLUSIVE TRIM (Custom Pricing)

Carbon black and blue panels and console
Carpets with leather blue piping & Designo badges


Two tone black and blue leather
Special color stitching throughout
Leather steering wheel in black and blue
Leather gear selector in black and blue



[415] PANORAMA ROOF ($3500.00)

Expect To Be Impressed! This is one of the fine automobiles from our famous hand selected inventory. Work with knowledgeable and reputable team of professionals from AlphaCars. We appreciate your business and will gladly handle your purchase transaction with NO ADDITIONAL FEES. Give us a call and see how buying a car can be enjoyable and fun! We offer vehicle transportation arrangements through the network of insured and reliable shippers.

At just under $30,000, this is a lot of rare, V12 powered SL for the money. If I was in the market for an R129 SL, I probably would prefer an SL500, just because the running costs over time would be a bit more reasonable than those with the twelve cylinder powerplant. But there’s something that always grabs my attention about these roadsters with the 6.0 liter V12. With a drive towards ever increasing efficiency, one wonders how much longer Mercedes-Benz will offer the SL65 AMG with its biturbo V12. This is the last SL you can purchase new with a V12 engine. My guess is that cars days are numbered.


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  1. The piping is a appreciated attempt at breaking up the monotony, but the seats themselves looks cheap cheap cheap aftermarket.

  2. LOVE it. Amazing.

    But the blue seats kill it. Totally against the concepts of understated excess made famous by MB.

    But, come on, Kumho tires?? Yes, tires are easily replaced. But what else was done “on the cheap”?

    Don’t love it anymore. OK, I still love it. But I’d want to change the seats and tires ASAP, and check the service history.

  3. Ugh, those seats. Look, I LOVE blue interiors. MB used to do the most beautiful blue interiors. These seats…blue so bright…it is like a rolling whorehouse, a pimp’s car. Like Popeye said, “understated excess” is what I want in a car of this caliber.

  4. Kuhmos are great tires. People are just stuck on the traditional brands.

    Beautiful SL!

  5. 75 pictures and “Dimitry” can’t bring himself to show prospective buyers the worn-out side bolster on the driver’s seat?? Between the shady dealer and the inflated price, I wouldn’t give this one a second glance even if I were in the market for one.

  6. This car has traveled less than 1000 miles in the last 5 years. Its been on the market for 10 months. Its not going to sell anywhere near the asking price unless there is some significant shift in the value of these SL’s. This is a mid to high teens car tops.

  7. Kumho tires come installed on the new Viper ACR – probably faster around a racetrack than every other production car in the world to include the Porsche 918. Around the race track or driving to work I wouldn’t discount Kumho’s unless name recognition is more important than performance and value.

  8. I’ll play devil’s advocate for Graham, and many of us: how many of these are left now let alone to rescue for the future? It’s a rad car; the seats can be ripped out and burned with aplomb, or professionally redone.

  9. BMWregularGUY and Vic – I hear you on the Kumhos – and just read (literally a few hours ago) the Automobile magazine article on the Viper ACR.

    But I stand by my comment. Kumho makes a decent tire, I do not debate this. And they are moving up the performance scale with a custom-designed tire for the ACR. But they are not the right tire for this car. In a TireRack review of “value priced” tires, the Kumho (this exact tire) came in 3rd out of 4. This car deserves a Michelin Pilot, today. Kumho is making strides – and tomorrow the answer might be different.

    The tires on this car strike me as someone wanting to quickly fix worn tires.


  10. Like Brad said, seats can always be replaced as can a steering wheel. The rest of the car is very much on point, and I agree with Andy, R129s are destined to become collector items, especially the V12 models.

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