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1998 BMW 318ti M Sport

The BMW 318ti, or Compact, as it was known, was a bit of a step child in the overall scheme of the 1990s BMW lineup. Attempting to snag buyers who were looking for a way to get into a BMW at a lesser price, the 318ti looked promising with it’s rear drive chassis and looks that were indistinguishable from other E36 models forward of the A pillar. However, an engine that was a bit short on power, lower rent dashboard and a rear suspension that made use of the E30’s semi trailing arms showed the lengths BMW was willing to dilute things to gain market share.

Still, I like the 318ti. When they first arrived on the scene, I wasn’t too fond of the rear styling, as I thought it looked a bit ill-proportioned. Time, it seems, has been kind to this model but few good examples still exist. Here is a neat example with the sport package for sale in California.

1998 BMW 318ti M Sport on eBay


“M” Wheels, “M” Spoiler, “M” Interior, “M” Sport Power Mirrors, “M” Badges Everywhere. Excellent Interior, Great Original Paint, Good Tires, New Sony Radio W/CD. 5 Speed Stick, Power Sunroof, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Sport Mirrors. Recently serviced at 142,269.0 miles by Performance European.

1. Replaced catalytic converter
2. Replaced cam sensor
3. Replaced crankcase vent valve
4. Oil and filter changed
5. Installed new radiator
6. Replaced AC and main drive belts
7. Checked brake pads, Front 45%, Rear 90% of pads remaining
8. Checked brake fluid
9. Checked power steering fluid
10. Checked cooling system level and hose condition
11. Checked wiper/ washer system
12. Checked battery level and condition
13. Checked tire condition and set pressures
14. Lubricated door and hood hinges
15. Replaced air filter
16. Passed Smog in last 30 days

The Car is also listed locally on Cragslist. Winning buyer will be the first to make sucessful payment arrangements.

One thing I like about this 318ti is is rear spoiler. It adds a bit of visual length to the car and helps to round off its bobbed off tail. The asking price of $6,500 seems a little bit dear given the mileage. At $1,000 to $1,500 less, this car would work well as an efficient commuter car or an attractive alternative for autocrossing to the usual Miatas and Coopers that are out there tearing up the parking lot circuits.



  1. Kevin
    Kevin December 17, 2011

    I had a ’95 model with an automatic. Slow doesn’t begin to describe it…

    Calling this car an “M” is not accurate. It is a 318ti with the Sport package. Somewhere along the way, an owner added the M Technic rear spoiler and a set of M3 wheels.

    While it appears to be a nice car, I think the owner is overly optimistic about its value. With a starting bid of $6K and no one stepping up so far, it appears I am not alone in this assessment.

  2. CoolHluke
    CoolHluke December 18, 2011

    Lubricated door & hold hinges……seriously that’s 1 that always rings bells 4 me to stay away…maybe he ca add
    17.gas cap tightened
    18. Vacuumed interior
    19. Glove compartment locked
    20. New valve stem caps

  3. Wes
    Wes December 21, 2011

    @CoolHluke: I think that the seller just did a copy/paste on the indy repair shop’s checklist.

  4. Wes
    Wes December 22, 2011

    Auction ended with no bids. Surprise. Surprise.

  5. Moon4u2
    Moon4u2 December 29, 2011

    Besides being sarcastic, I can’t believe how uneducated you people actually are. This car “ IS” actually just what I stated in the ad. Not all cars made by BMW go buy your standard build sheet. Do some actual research and you will find the same one I did. I actually displayed it in my last post on Ebay.

    Also the last one like mine that sold on Ebay was a 1995 with more miles and it sold for $6500.00. I have just had the car gone through from stem to stern and fixed what needed fixed (and it wasn’t cheep). I’m not sure you could say the same about the last one.

    I have added nothing cosmeticly to this car!!!
    Everything on it is factory and how it came.(except for the wild cherry steering wheel cover)

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