1999 BMW M3 with 51,000 miles

Ever since driving an E36 M3 sedan, I always thought it was close to the perfect car. Four doors, practicality, a normally aspirated inline six, rear wheel drive, wide power band and handling from the gods. It was a little more refined than the E30, but still had a sharp edge to its character, while later versions of the M3 became more complex and overrun with, in my opinion, unnecessary electronics. This 1999 M3 represents the final year for the E36 M3, and only the convertible and coupe were available that year. Most 1999 models I see are convertibles and many, unfortunately, have the 5 speed automatic. Thankfully, this is a 5 speed manual, in the preferred hardtop body style and is painted in classic Alpine White. With 51,000 miles on the clock, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to E36 M3 goodness.

1999 BMW M3 on Autotrader

Only 51,055 miles! This truly exceptional BMW E36 M3 is as nice as they come. We sold this car 5 years ago at our shop with 35k miles. This vehicle has always been garaged and rarely driven even in the rain. It is equipped with Sport Package, Cruise Control, 18 Button Om-board Computer, Harman-Kardon, M-Contour Alloy Wheels, Factory Trunk Mounted CD Changer, Sunroof, Heated Seats and Power Seats. This car is all stock with no modification and all original panels with matching VIN stickers. The body is straight and the paint is nearly perfect. The interior is smoke free and the leather is as soft and nice as it was when purchased new which is likely due to the car being garaged and out of the elements. This car really must be seen in person to appreciate the quality. If you are looking for one of the cleanest E36 M3’s on the market, this car should be seriously considered. For serious inquiries & pricing, please call our shop. PLEASE NOTE Book values on a car like this are not accurate. They are typically quite far off the true market value on many ‘M’ brand BMWs. As such, we have valued this car correctly for the condition and mileage with a haggle-free price.

The asking price of almost $19,000 is all the money for one of these E36 M3s. This is about half of what these cars cost new. Generally speaking, most examples in this condition fetch anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000, with rare versions such as the Lightweight commanding more money. While this is certainly a clean and well documented example, I’m not sure that constitutes this much of a premium. Still, it splits the difference between garage queen and driver quite nicely. Sans spoiler, I’d love to have this in my garage.


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  1. Your last statement is dead on. I always hated the spoiler on the e36 cars. I’m not a big fan of spoilers in general, i realize they serve a purpose in some applications, but they rarely compliment a cars appearance. If i must have one, I prefer the retractable spoiler on my old Corrado.

  2. At $19k you can have your pick of E46 M3s with similar mileage. Pass.

  3. Possibly in 10 years time or so, this car could start commanding E30-like premiums, but the market simply isn’t there yet. Still, someone may buy this at this price. One can never really know…

  4. In addition to saying that they know best about market values, they’re also going to whack the poor uniformed buyer with a $250 “administrative fee”.

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