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1999 Mercedes CLK430 Amusement

I still can’t resist using this forum to highlight some oddities that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day, even if they do fall out of line of our typical finds. See this S320 as an example. What we have here is another Benz with a custom paint job I couldn’t resist sharing.

1999 Mercedes CLK430 with custom paint on eBay

1999 Mercedes CLK430 paint5

Not much to say here.. The CLK has 83,000 miles. The seller states it has new brakes and that the 20″ rims and tires are also new. The seller doesn’t go into details about the accident that totaled the car, but it looks like it was front end. Hard to tell exactly from the pictures, but that hood looks replaced. The detail work on the paint job looks well done, just unexpected.

It’s a vehicle with a rebuilt title sold on eBay with a seller with zero feedback with a paint job for a very specific set of tastes. The car is at $2,700 with the reserve not met. Any guesses on end price?


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  1. Flavio
    Flavio December 27, 2012

    This is a travesty. Who on Earth would think this paint scheme was a good idea. And who is the blind person bidding on it? Someone get them away from the computer before they bid on Susan Boyle.

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