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2.0 16V-Swapped 1986 Volkswagen GTI

It’s always neat to see an early GTI pop up, and today’s car is like a “greatest hits” combination. The ’85 and ’86 GTIs were unique in that they had a different grille and windows than the ’87-up model, and there was obviously no 16V version. The later 16V got a deeper front lip, and the 2.0-powered cars from ’90 up got the four-headlight grille and Recaro seats. They’ve all appeared together here because this particular car is powered by the later 9A motor. For good measure, it’s also got Team Dynamics wheels, coilover suspension, Corrado brakes, and an aftermarket exhaust system. Neat!

1986 Volkswagen GTI on eBay

The wheels and mods come together surprisingly well, though the early GTIs are overall less desirable to most than the cleaner look of the big bumper cars.

Those Recaro Experts sure look great, too!

For some reason, the seller chose not to upload engine photos – that’s the real treat here, as the gutsy and revvy 9A is a fantastic addition. However, if you poke around the internet a bit, you can find where this car sold on BaT for about $12k in July.

If you missed it the first time around, you can grab it now for $14k.


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  1. Mountainwoodie
    Mountainwoodie November 24, 2023

    Nice build. I had a’87 GTI. Even though it wasnt the more desireable later model it was a blast to drive. It looks this poor GTI being bounced around by folks who dont drive it much and then flip it.Not good for the hobby but inevitable. Sic transit gloria

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