2000 BMW 525iT 5-speed

For many enthusiasts that read this blog, the E39 BMW 5 series is revered as the consummate sport sedan before BMW went crazy with i-Drive and funky styling. The fact that E39 series sedans are readily available with manual transmissions in both 6 cylinder and V8 format makes them even more attractive to enthusiasts. But when is the last time you saw a 5 series wagon with a manual transmission. And one with less than 60,000 miles? Here’s one available in Pennsylvania.

The seller states:

2000 BMW 528iT Wagon, 5 speed. Sunroof, leather, heated seats, BMW Dealer serviced.

Given the cost of SUVs these days, this 5 series wagon offers a nice combination of style, utility and performance for a very reasonable price. Given what these cost new, this is an immense bargain and the proven mechanicals should provide years of blissful service. If I needed something more commodious than a sedan, this car would get my vote.


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  1. I hear the E39 becomes very reliable when equipped with the 6 cylinder. Plus they have rack and Pinion steering. Might be the best handling 5 series if one doesn’t care about power as the number one priority. I daily drive a 5 speed BMW wagon. I love it. (E46 325IT with Sport package) Car looks very well kept for a Black car.

  2. I had a new 99 wagon silver with sport package and manual . It was a great car I would still have if if wasn’t for that darn M5 coming along. Traded it for a 2000 M5 which is still the best car I have ever and I mean ever owned.

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