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2002 Mercedes Benz SL500 Convertible

It’s hot down here in Los Angeles right now, like middle of summer hot and that means a whole lot of cars hitting the road with the top down. There are a number of cars that I associate with LA whose roof’s have been liberated, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Maserati Gran Turismo, Hertz Mustang/Camaro just to name a few. However none of them embody the vibe of the City Of Angels like the Mercedes Benz SL500 convertible does. From a group of gal pals cruising down Sunset Blvd to the media mogul retiree racing to the golf course, this car oozes Los Angeles cool.

The R129 chassis lived a good long life, the object of desire for dentists, producers, athletes and children like myself from 1989 until 2002. Just think about that for a second, this car remained popular and relatively visually unchanged from Bush I to Bush II, that’s damn impressive. Here we have a very clean example with just over 86k on the clock that’s currently located in a place much like Los Angeles, just with humidity and crazier people, you know, Florida.

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Year: 2002
Model: SL500
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 86,302 mi
Price: No reserve auction

Here is a beautiful Black 2002 Mercedes Benz SL500 for sale. It has been VERY well maintained by its previous own and shows. This is one has been serviced at the Mercedes Benz dealer since NEW! It’s a beautiful Black exterior with a beautiful Charcoal Leather interior. The body and paint is in great condition with no major ding, dents, or scratches. Interior is in great condition as well with wood trim throughout and is fully loaded with options. Fully inspected and serviced by Mercedes Master Tech here in Pompano Beach, FL, this Benz is mechanically excellent as well! Everything works and it looks and drives GREAT! Please call 954-302-1927 for more information.

Open to reasonable offers and interesting trades.

Low cost shipping available!

US Auto Ltd. has joined with Mercedes Master Tech to bring to you this Top-of-the-Line Luxury Vehicle. We strive to bring our customers the best in customer service, quality, and value. Now with Mercedes Master Tech we have a warehouse to house our inventory from the environment and also a high-end luxury vehicle repair shop for all maintenance and repairs.

“Mercedes Master Tech is not your ordinary mechanic shop.  Unsurpassed in luxury and quality, we give our customers the best in customer service and quality automotive repairs.”

While Black on Black wouldn’t be my first choice for a warm weather car, I’ve always thought it works on the R129 because it’s simply badass. Older Mercedes roadsters look best in blue, green, maroon, heck even silver but something about the presence of this car, it just works well in black. Then there are the beefy AMG 5 point wheels that further reinforce the point that this car is a real bruiser, a master of the streets, a chariot fit for a king chomping on a Cuban that he personally smuggled back. The only problem is that following a facelift for the ’99 M/Y, the SL500’s 5.0 V8 was producing only 306hp. Back then that was all well and good but these days I guarantee you that it’ll feel sluggish, it certainly did when I got a chance to drive one of these early last year. To really enjoy pure top down boulevarding bliss, one would need to opt for the SL600, thus gaining access to the 389 hp M120 6.0L V12. I’ve heard that this motor was later used in the Pagani Zonda, have you heard that? I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere, if only people who owned SL600’s would share information relating to the use of their motor in the Zonda, maybe we’d have some concrete evidence to solve this mystery. Anyway, back to the vehicle at hand.

This SL500 appears to be a good value, the miles are low, the body and interior are clean and the price, well the price ain’t bad either. At the time of writing this the bidding sits are $11,995 and there is no reserve. Assuming someone is going to bid another $5 over the next week, I think it’s safe to say this car will sell for more than $12,000. I don’t think that’s a bargain but it’s not terrible either. As I said before these cars have a ton of presence and their curb appeal is undeniable. If you’re looking for a convertible to cruise about town and occasionally take on a road trip, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable car. 2002 was the final year for the R129 and it has been written that these were the best ones made during the impressive 13 year run. However, as you can see on the VIN tag, it clearly reads MFD BY DAIMLERCHRYSLER. If you can live with the fact that the same company that was building the Sebring had a hand in building this car, then bully for you my friend. As for me I’d look for an older model, pre-Chrysler merger because if I was to own a Mercedes, I’d want it to be 100% Mercedes. Those seats do look awful comfy though don’t they?



  1. Dan
    Dan March 16, 2015

    I’ve lusted after an R129 myself on and off for quite a while. This video from Harry Metcalfe is on the V12 he owns for trips to the south of France. -dc

  2. Kevin
    Kevin April 29, 2015

    Nice article.

  3. Allisen Martin
    Allisen Martin April 29, 2015

    Great to know about this luxurious car. The design, color and features of this care are superb. Mercedes-Benz is a very trusted and popular car brand and driving this beautiful and luxurious car will definitely provide an amazing excitement and pleasure.

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