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2003 Audi RS6 for sale

The RS6 has always been an object of lust for me. The dark silver it usually comes in has always been a shining example for me of how great the right car can look in what amounts to a shade of grey. Thus, I was surprised when this black example caught my eye with such ferocity. The black looks lethal with those flared wheel arches, and makes the silver mirrors and grill trim pop like I haven’t seen. Matched with the well-documented beast under the hood and a sub-$20k price, this is one hot Audi.

2003 Audi RS6 for sale on eBay

I hate eBay dealers for their absolute lack of “description.”

That said, 116k miles is within reason, and the $19k Buy-It-Now is a great deal for a car that was more than 4 times that new. If only it were a wagon and manual, it would be perfect. As we never got either of those (damn you, German car companies! Just kidding, I love you… but really), this would have to do as the ultimate mountain mobber. You’ll just have to rent skis instead of taking your own, but that should be no problem with what you have left over from this deal.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S December 20, 2011

    One of my personal fleet is a 2001 A6 2.7 TT with 6 speed manual, sport suspension and sports seats. The next step up is the RS6. Normally I would think you’re nuts for buying one since its a FACT that the trans will go. Audi put too weak a trans in these cars and they all go. I read the full carfax and this car had its trans replaced and its a one owner car which has had everything serviced to death and its on the carfax. Thats a really nice fun car and its priced decent too.

  2. Larry
    Larry December 21, 2011

    Sinister looking, with the power to back up those looks. In my opinion, one of Audi’s best interiors ever. A roof rack will resolve any ski storage problems, as needed.

    The mileage is a bit of a concern though – you don’t want to be the lucky owner when something big (like that transmission) needs an overhaul. Events like that put the reasonable-looking purchase price into perspective.

    I had an 2003 S6 Avant (C5) for a while, and that was pretty quick for such a large, heavy car. An extra 110hp would have been sweet!

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