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1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 with 10,000 miles

This car is sure to set off some comment chatter. There’s been a lot of talk about what it takes to maintain an upper end German luxury car and whether it is worth it in the end. With the W126 S class rising in popularity amongst collectors, the W140 S class has now entered the gray area of not quite collectable but too old to be on most used car buyers’ radar. This example of the flagship S600 has the rare four seat option and has covered a mere 10,000 miles.

1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 on Hemmings Motor News

1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12

Another gorgeous Mercedes with just 10,000 miles – everything is in brand new condition
and this too was stored in a heated storage facility for many years. The color combination
is a stunning “champagne beige” color both inside and out. The car has every option available.
Even the carpet looks as though no one has ever stepped foot in the car. You can own this gorgeous car for a fraction of the cost to buy one new.

Offered at $45,000

The asking price of $45,000 is way off the map from anything I’ve seen in terms of W140 values, but this could quite possibly be the lowest mileage S600 available, as only a few hundred were made for the 1998 model year. While $45,000 is a mere fraction of the original $132,000 list price, I could not see this car pulling more than $25,000. The old rule of Mercedes sedans (with exception of some AMG models) not pulling as much on resale as coupes and convertibles is in effect here.

One must keep in mind the complexity of the W140 versus its predecessor, the W126. From the oil and fuel consumption to complex features such as a rear view mirror that is electronically actuated, this is neither an easy or cheap car in terms of upkeep.



  1. RichardG in Zurich
    RichardG in Zurich December 20, 2011

    I own one of these, a ’98 S 600 L. It is a fabulous car as are all the W140s. There are only a few left here in Switzerland and once every 2 years one turns up with less than 50K miles on it. I use another W140, a ’97 S420, to do the errands around town and the winter driving (driven more than 60K so far with it and needed only regular scheduled services at MB) and save the 600 for the longer summer and Autobahn trips. It is roomy, quick enough and handles relatively well for 2.2tons. I think it is about the best luxury car bargain around. Mine (37K miles so far and bought for 18K$ 3 years ago) has never let me down and the maintenance costs were acceptable. A low mileage car sure has its advantages but just sitting in the garage can produce some defects too. On mine the rear shocks were stuck from non-use. I’d rather buy one with more miles and good maintenance record that the one on HMN. The coupes are nice but not around here where parking lots are tight and you can’t get out of those huge doors…
    Cheers from Old Europe

  2. Paul
    Paul December 20, 2011

    Richard, I would agree. I’d much rather find an example, with, say, 50k miles or so and have any bugs that might have arisen worked out. These 10,000 mile and under garage queens could be ticking time bombs, no matter what the vehicle. Regular exercise is imperative, especially with a vehicle such as this. Glad you are enjoying your W140s. Behind the W126, they are my favorite S class.

  3. Wes
    Wes December 21, 2011

    I was with you right up until $45,000. Yikes.

  4. Slim Chance
    Slim Chance December 21, 2011

    12 Cylinder bank breaker.

  5. Larry
    Larry December 21, 2011

    Not collectible (at least for a while), the absolute most complex and inevitably expensive version of a very complex and inevitably expensive platform, too-low mileage to have been regularly exercised, AND you get to pay above collector pricing up-front for the privilege?

    Run away. Run far, far away. Fast. Might as well throw your wallet into a black hole…

  6. medic1
    medic1 December 23, 2011

    A few thoughts….
    1. Beautiful car, but 10K miles means things WILL leak or be stuck.
    2. The words: “V12 engine” only means that you are very wealthy to the mechanic you will get a quote from. Believe me I know (BMW M73)
    3. The PO unfortunately was mistaken in saving this car for someone else’s use, he should’ve enjoyed it for what it was during it’s time in the spotlight.
    4. Collectors item this is not, the technology cars starting with the W140 and later will not be judged well, too many antiquated electronic bits that can’t be repaired or replaced without excessive research and cost. (Think: Dash board cluster of 1983 Aston Martin Lagonda)
    5. At $45,000 can buy you plenty of MUCH nicer cars.

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