2004 Audi Allroad just in time

I’m back near Seattle, Washington for Thanksgiving with my family and landed just as a snow storm blanketed the Pacific Northwest. While the front-wheel drivers are still making it around, it’s looking like they’ll be rendered inadequate very soon. With this in mind, my thoughts turned to all-wheel drive, namely Quattro and what I would love as a serious winter machine, the Audi Allroad. Their faults are known, but with great styling and impressive versatility, I’m willing to overlook them.

As I mentioned before, these cars are not without their flaws. A friend’s had the air suspension go totally haywire, as well as the various electrical afflictions this generation of Audis can have. What made this one stick out to me was the lack of miles and the fact that the air suspension has already been addressed. It’s apparent (and stated) that this car has been well taken care of and is ready to go for the new owner. Maintenance down the road will obviously be Audi-rific, but I think this is about as good a place to start as any when it comes to the Allroad. Apparently listed at $16,950 at the dealership, it’s on eBay at $9k now with a Buy-it-Now of $13,900. 4-wheel drive luxury pulling up to Depreciation Station, wish I had a ticket!

As the flurries intensify, so do my dreams of dominating the snowy roads in an Allroad, empty except for a few Subarus, Audis, and a couple overzealous SUVs stuck in the ditch.


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  1. We had one of these and it was a fantastic vehicle. However you’re 100% right about the maintenance and repairs on the Allroad in particular. We had ours for a little over a year and managed to put nearly $4k into it, and that didn’t include the airbag suspension or the turbos — both well known to be 100k mile issues. We decided to sell the car knowing there was just more to come.

    To be honest I think we got a bit of a lemon with ours, but a sure taste of what can happen (best pun ever). That said, we often talk about how much we miss it. It’s fast, well appointed (ours had heated front and rear seats, and a heated steering wheel), the best headlights I’ve ever had, and was very surefooted. Plus they look so cool! Every time we spot one we both remark that we’ll have to have another some day.


  2. And good luck with the snow Nate, it’s going to be a cold night!


  3. Its only a matter of when for the airbag suspension to fail. I didnt read in the add where they said that was addressed. These have fallen off the cliff in price and are good values. I love these cars but you need to know what you’re getting into. That one is going to need the timing belt and water pump soon and most likely the steering ract too. I drive a 2.7 TT manual A6 sedan which is almost the same car without the wagon and air suspension. I did the belt,pump,rack,brakes ( rotors and pads ) myself and now its a fantastic car.

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