2004 Porsche Carrera GT

We don’t see a lot of Porsche’s Carrera GT on these pages unless one comes around that really grabs our attention. Such was the case with the last example we featured, a stunning Carrera GT painted in Lamborghini’s Aranacio Borealis. Unsurprisingly, that one came with a sky-high price. On its surface this Basalt Black 2004 Carrera GT doesn’t seem to possess quite the unique appeal of that metallic orange. And, frankly, it doesn’t. However, I can rarely recall coming across a Black Carrera GT. I know I have, but there is something about this one that takes it to another level; it possesses an aggressiveness and a level of menace sometimes found lacking in these beautiful machines. At $685K, it’s also pretty reasonably priced within the rarefied air of Carrera GTs.

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Year: 2004
Model: Carrera GT
Engine: 5.7 liter V10
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 4,035 mi
Price: $685,000 Buy It Now

Up for sale is a beautiful private party example of a 2004 Carrera GT in Basalt Black (rare) with only 4k miles. I have owned this car since October 2007 (over eight years) and only driven it 1,500 miles during that time (purchased with 2,500 miles on it). The car has been garage kept, never driven in rain, never tracked, and never abused in any way (I knew the original owner). The last major service was completed in 2013 at the local Porsche dealer and included the installation of new tires (changed due to age and not wear). The car is in excellent condition and runs and drives perfectly. The clutch is original and in excellent working condition (the clutch will never be an issue as long as the owner knows how to drive the car). I own the car outright and have the California title in hand. Includes luggage, custom car cover and both sets of keys. Lowball offers will be automatically rejected. Located in Costa Mesa, CA and available to show by appointment only.

Even more than ten yours on I still find the Carrera GT to be a awesome machine revealing impeccable levels of detail. I catch myself lingering over those details just as much now as I did when these were new. The technology has been eclipsed (pretty significantly) by the new 918 Spyder, but nonetheless I think the Carrera GT will continue to hold a high place in the minds of Porsche fans for many years. For most of us its cost will render it to forever exist as a garage or bedroom poster; the stuff of dreams that we never truly experience. Such halo cars will always have their place and as their innovations trickle down to other cars we can at least experience them in spirit if not in reality.


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  1. So if you really must have one of these in Aranacio Borealis, buy this one, take it to the best body shop anywhere, have them completely disassemble the car in order to properly paint everything. What’s that going to set you back? Let’s just say $100,000 (which it most likely won’t). The interior is the same color as the other one. You’ll have the same car (although admittedly, this one has a whopping 4k miles on it), but will have saved over $1.2 million.

  2. This car is a lot of things (unobtainable to me, for one), but beautiful, it is not. It’s such a juxtaposition. There’s no harmony in its exterior design (to me).

  3. Cool looking grocery getter

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