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2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster with 44k Miles

Today I’d like to share this M Roadster in attractive gray over Imola red leather with a mere 44k miles in it’s 17 year history. When these first came out I found the styling to be too bold, but over time they really grew on me, especially from the back. So much so, I eventually bought one for myself. I find them to be the best S54 value option available at any given time compared to the Coupe or M3 options.

2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster for sale on eBay

from the seller (formatted so it’s readable):

The rawest, most engaging, and fun street car I’ve ever driven. The setup is, in my humble opinion, perfect for weekend canyon carving. I had an F80 M3, and when I bought this, I stopped driving the F80 because of how much more fun it was. I replaced the F80 with an E92 M3. Between the manual E92 M3 and manual Z4 M, after a few years, I turned 30 and decided I needed a daily that’s not a lowered manual rear-wheel-drive sports car. So that’s why I’m selling the Z4 M. It took me over a year of trying to convince myself to replace it with a daily, to finally list it for sale because of how much I love it. But the reality is having the 2 Ms is not practical, so it’s time to say goodbye.

With an 18-year-old car, there are going to be some aesthetic imperfections, but considering the age, I think it’s in great shape. The previous owner was also a car enthusiast.


  • Rear bumper got hit at some point, but no mechanical damage. I have a photo of the damage I can send; it was very minor, thankfully.
  • Front and rear bumpers have been painted.
  • The hood has some chipping.
  • Soft top looks a bit weathered, but no ripping.
  • Rear reflectors have been painted.
  • Rear trunk light has a crack you can see in the pictures (was there when I bought the car).
  • M emblem came mounted in that location; I never moved it.
  • I refinished the headlights myself; they were very foggy.


  • New OEM instrument cluster.
  • New OEM steering wheel.
  • CF trim has some damage by the handbrake; you can see it in the photos. The previous owner had an armrest installed there with adhesive, and I couldn’t remove it without causing some damage. The armrest got in the way of shifting.
  • Shift knob I 3D printed myself. I love it but can replace it with a ZHP or M Perf Alcantara knob instead.

All maintenance up to date:

  • Inspection 1 with the valve adjustment done.
  • VANOS taken care of by Autocouture.
  • Oil changes every 5,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.
  • Differential oil changed about a year ago.
  • Brake fluid changed about a year ago.
  • Passenger side new brake assembly after the caliper seized.
  • New Convertible top motor and moved to trunk to prevent clogging again.
  • Brakes, tires, clutch are all great.
  • Black stone oil analysis done (can send this over as well).


  • Bilstein PSS10 coilovers.
  • Autosolutions short shifter.
  • Stromung mufflers.
  • Catless headers.
  • TTFS Tune.
  • Red taillight film.
  • Spacers.

This example has some tasteful upgrades including exhaust, which really makes these sound much more exotic. I had the same Stromung mufflers but this example goes a step further with catless headers. One could take exception with the 7 previous owners noted and minor cosmetic blemishes. But when compared to M Coupe or M3 models with similar mileage and condition, these stand out in my mind as an amazing buy — and the roof goes down too!



  1. jimf
    jimf October 26, 2023

    I have liked the styling from day 1…just not into convertibles. A really decent performance value.

  2. Dan
    Dan November 7, 2023

    Started at $25k but ended with no bids. -dc

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