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Month: October 2023

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1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC Widebody

There are many legends from the 1980s tuning scene, and probably if you were to single out one single car as the most famous it would be the Ruf CTR “Yellowbird” that stunned magazines with its 200+ m.p.h. top speed and created one of the first internet sensations with its slithering sideways lap of the ‘Ring. But near equal to the yellow 911 is the widebody bad boys from Affalterbach. With their four cam V8s churning supercar power levels and their widened flanks, they were a favorite poster subjects and still draw adoring crowds today. Today’s car isn’t an original, but it sure looks good:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC Widebody on eBay

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2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster with 44k Miles

Today I’d like to share this M Roadster in attractive gray over Imola red leather with a mere 44k miles in it’s 17 year history. When these first came out I found the styling to be too bold, but over time they really grew on me, especially from the back. So much so, I eventually bought one for myself. I find them to be the best S54 value option available at any given time compared to the Coupe or M3 options.

2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster for sale on eBay


2000 BMW M5

To this point, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the E39 M5 referred to as the “first of the robot-builts”. Sound ridiculous? So does dismissing a car because it was produced in mass quantities. While the original run of 4- and 6-cylinder M-cars got the trend rolling, there are quite a few who’d argue that the recipe of the super-saloon was better achieved in the third generation M5 rather than the first two. It was still very understated, yet with 400 horsepower and instant torque it was quite a bit faster than the prior generations had been. It retained the ability to demolish back roads, keep up with super cars, and bath its occupants in luxury. Despite not being assembled “by hand”, it was also the last of the “analogue” M5s, with limited computer intervention and interface. And, they only came as manuals. This certainly sounds like a recipe for success.

It was. BMW sold nearly 10,000 E39 M5s in North America – triple the combined total of the E28 and E34 models. So there should be a lot of really great examples out there to consider. Yet many are starting to come to market with upwards of 150,000 miles a a laundry list of maintenance to catch up on. Where does a low-mileage example fall these days? This beautiful Oxford Green Metallic one in Pennsylvania gives us a clue:



2017 Porsche 718 Boxster 6 Speed Manual

First things first: It’s a base model Boxster, in a pedestrian color combo, and it still only has a 4 cylinder flat-four turbo. If your puritan eyes are already bleeding I understand. But if you’re curious and not easily offended, you might be interested to hear it’s a one owner car and a 6 speed manual. But the best part is the seller is asking just under $36k buy-it-now on eBay. I find that combination pretty interesting suddenly.

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