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2020 BMW M2 Edition Designed by FUTURA 2000

“The what?”

Yeah, that was my reaction, too. As a fan of these pages, of course you’ll know that BMW has a long history of pairing with famous artists, but I have to admit that Futura 2000 was not on my radar. That’s Leonard Hilton McGurr, an American graffiti artist, who has dropped the 2000 since…well, maybe because we’re 23 years beyond Y2K. In any event, BMW employed the artist to design three special M2 Competition Coupes for the 2000 show circuit, and 500 special M2s were produced to commemorate that. What did you get? Essentially, these were stock all-black M2 Competitions that had the artist’s flair applied to the lower bodywork and interior trim. As these cars go, these are about as tame as you can get. The price? It’ll have you checking the calendar to see if it’s still April Fool’s Day…

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Year: 2020
Model: M2 Edition Designed by FUTURA 2000
VIN: WBS2U7C02L7G23368
Engine: 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-6
Transmission: 7-speed DCT
Mileage: 5,900 mi
Location: Miami, Florida
Price: $149,980 Buy It Now

2020 BMW M2 Competition (Futura Edition)

So the result honestly ends up looking like a mistake more than it looks like the intentional art of, say…Jeff Koons. I know the latter is certainly polarizing, but I had to look at this car many times to figure out exactly what was done. Is it neat? Sure, any BMW Art Car is cool. Is it worth triple a normal M2 Competition? Boy is that a hard sell. I’d rather get an M2 CS, which is already massively overpriced but will probably prove to be a much better investment long term – and even then, you can get an M2 CS AND a regular M2 for less money than this car. Maybe it is still April 1.



  1. Dallas
    Dallas April 3, 2023

    This is a message from Futura
    I don’t prophesize the future
    I liven up the culture
    ‘Cause I’m deadly as a vulture
    I paint on civilization, I have this realization
    It’s environmentally wack
    So presenting my attack
    I’ll brighten up your shack
    I’m down by law, and that’s a fact

  2. Sequential
    Sequential April 3, 2023

    Total waste of $ and the message from Futura well I guess that’s what social media breeds have a nice day

  3. Mark Jawdoszyn
    Mark Jawdoszyn April 3, 2023

    We’ve come a long way from the Warhol “Art Car” to this. While I am not a huge fan of Futura’s work I do appreciate most of his catalog however this is one of the most bland “Collabs” in some time. I did not love it when it debuted and it has not grown on me. The other M2 he completed is far more involved, unique and befitting of the price tag but anyone who is buying this is most likely not driving it and may not even know anything else Futura has done.

  4. Kat
    Kat June 21, 2023

    As the owner of a 2000 M2 Futura I feel that mine is a fiercely phenomenal work of art! It receives constant compliments and offers to purchase. Not for sale… It’s priceless to me. I even have a personalized “FUTURA” plate.
    Thanks Futura, I love my work of art!

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