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Double Take: Red E30 M3s

Ahh, red E30 M3s. Sure, these boxy bulldogs look good in just about any hue, but red as a symbol of lust and speed is not the exclusive property of the Italians. Red also plays an interesting part in the E30 M3’s history, as the striking, orange-tinted Hennarot was discontinued after one year in the US and supplanted by Zinnoberrot, a deeper and more classic hue. Both are beautiful in their own right, but Hennarot’s intensity and rarity has elicited more fandom and desire in an already-vociferous market.

Today we have two beautiful M3s from the same seller and in the same price range, each a shining example of its chosen red with a couple of unique touches.
$_57 (6)

Click for details: 1989 BMW E30 M3 on eBay

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Motorsport Mondays: Unconventional Updates – V8 E30 M3 and 944 3.0 16V

The Porsche 944 and BMW E30 are two of the most popular chassis to use in drivers events and club racing. Cheap, plentiful and effective, they’re usually turned up with race suspension, cages, and once you’ve run out of gusto, it’s not uncommon to see them get greater motivation. Generally for the 944, this means looking towards the turbocharged variant of the 2.5 liter inline-4 that was available from Porsche themselves; similarly, E30s receive a great swath of later Munich-based motors including the S50, S52 and even S54 if you’re really racey. But today there are two lesser-used mills powering this pair of perennial favorites. Which is the one for your sporting needs? Let’s start with the 944:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Porsche 944 on eBay

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Holy Trinity? Market-setting E28 M5, E24 M6 and E30 M3


There aren’t many new laurels that can be thrown on the BMW M cars from the 1980s. They are regarded as the source of the modern sports sedan and sports coupe; the blueprints, the originators. Those in the know bought these cars a few years ago when they hit their respective lows; since then, the M1, M3, M5 and M6 have all been increasing in value steadily. Call it a run on the markets, but as speculation and values have increased more and more “survivors” and “barn finds” keep popping up to keep the fervor frothy. Just the other day, Nate wrote up a trio of M5s that were attempting to set the market for higher mile cars in the high teens. If those owners were aiming for the sky, today’s seller is shooting for Jupiter; today on Ebay are the “Holy Trinity” of E30 M3 Evo, E24 M6 and E28 M5. Collective miles? 34,803. Collective asking price? $475,500. Now that I have your attention, let’s look at the pristine M5:


Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 6,376 mi
Price: $158,500 Buy It Now


1988 BMW M5
ORIGINAL with just 6,376 MILES





Original Keys, Books & Service Records.

Original Tools & Pouch.

Original Jack and Spare.

Message &/or call with any questions (858) 454 – 9898 (9am-9pm PST).

Details are few, but the European market bumpers and headlights really set the look of the E28 apart and make the U.S. version look a bit clunky, in my opinion. There just does not appear to be any wear on this car at all; I’ve never seen the Natur seats in any M5 look like that, and the paint looks amazing. Talk about showroom fresh! 4 doors a bit too much for you? Well, how about this equally pristine M6:


Year: 1988
Model: M6
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 5,950 mi
Price: $158,500 Buy It Now


1988 BMW M6
ORIGINAL with just 5,950 MILES





Original Keys, Books & Service Records.

Original Tools & Pouch.

Original Jack and Spare.

Message &/or call with any questions (858) 454 – 9898 (9am-9pm PST).

Low miles? Yep. Lower than the M5, too. At 400 miles a year, this car has been barely driven. The interior also looks amazing, and while I’m not a huge fan of the wheels the originals come with the sale. This particular M6 is one of the half year cars with the updated bumper covers and ellipsoid lights. I love the grey leather in this car, and like the M5 it looks new inside. Not a fan of the sharks? How about this Evo-spec E30 M3 then:


Year: 1991
Model: M3 Evo
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 22,478 mi
Price: $158,500 Buy It Now


1988 BMW M3





Original Keys, Books & Service Records.

Original Tools & Pouch.

Original Jack and Spare.

Message &/or call with any questions (858) 454 – 9898 (9am-9pm PST).

Wow. Like the M6, I’m not a fan of the wheels but the originals are included. This car shows slightly more wear than the M6 and M5 duo, but only slightly. There are a few creases in the leather, but that’s about it. Of the three, this one would typically draw the most money but as it has quadruple the miles of the other two, it’s hard to say if that will be the case this time around.

Value? Go ahead, take your guess. Are they worth $160,000 each? Probably not. Do you want them anyway? Yes, you do. I guess to peg a value on these would require some work; as many have said before, sometimes not having miles on these types of cars is as much a detriment as high miles, but in each case these cars seem to be well cared for. What would a full factory recondition cost to get a higher-mile example up to this standard? Probably not too much less than the asking price. Would it be worth it is entirely up to you; personally, I’d rather have a slightly less pristine example that I could drive, and I bet most of you would too – but like so many other cars we feature, it sure is neat to see such a time capsule grouping.

Which would you choose?

Hat tip to our reader Patrick who sent these along to us!


High Water Mark: 87k-mile BMW E30 M3 – REVISIT

The 1989 E30 M3 that we featured last week failed to sell with a Buy It Now price of $39,950. It has been relisted with a Buy It Now price of $37,950. Is that enough of a discount to move it?


As owners of the original M3 look to cash in on the value rocketship, some clean examples are coming out of the woodwork and demanding serious cash. Today’s example has an interesting early history of warrantied engine work, but all seems to have been addressed early and now it is an unmolested and well cared-for M3 in the desirable Alpineweiss. From some angles it looks brand new and from others it shows its 25 years, mostly in the seats and the discolored spoiler, but overall this is on the high end of original E30 M3s. The only thing left desired is a more affordable price!


Year: 1989
Model: E30 M3
Engine: S14 2.3l inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed
Mileage: 87,000
Price: $37,950

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 BMW M3 for sale on eBay – REVISIT


1989 BMW M3

VIN # WBSAK0308K2198515

Up for sale is a beautiful BMW E30 M3. This is a one owner low 87k mileage car that has never been in an accident or painted. This M3 has not been modified or raced. It has complete service records since new. There are not many E30’s like this left! This M3 started it life as a BMW factory car. The original owner purchased it new off the showroom floor of BMW Seattle on 8/4/90 with 7921 miles on it. The extensive service records document the history of the car from that time forward. This M3 is ready to enjoy. The E30 was BMW first version of “motorsports” car for there legendary “3” Series. It is in excellent condition and will surely make its new owner happy.

This M3 is finished in its original Alpine White paint and looks stunning. This M3 is rust free with no sign of ever having accident damage. The car retains all of it’s original VIN stickers. The white paint is very vibrant and has always been well taken care of. In 1991, the rear bumper was replaced under warranty by BMW Seattle. This was due to improper rear bumper mount that caused warping on the bumper. This is documented in the service records. A very good job was done and, since the car was so new at the time, it is not noticeable even when told it has been replaced. The rest of the car still retains its original paint. There are some minor rocks chips on the front end. None large in size and nothing out of line for an 87k mile car. The very bottom of the front bumper also shows a little wear. The rear spoiler is yellowing a little. I have tried my best to photograph all of the blemishes on the car. The car has always been garage kept and all of the rubber seals are still in great shape. The glass is all original. The windshield shows a little pitting and has one small star in it. The M3 wears a like new set of factory correct 205/55/15 Dunlop tires. Overall, the exterior of this M3 is in excellent condition and truly is a rare find in this condition..

The beautiful black leather interior is all original and shows very well. The seats are very supportive and feel great to sit in. The seats do show minor wear on the bolsters. The carpet is in excellent condition with very little signs of wear. The dash and door panels show little to no wear at all. The power moon roof works as it should. The OBC was replaced by BMW and works correctly. The check control system still works as it should. One of the few luxuries of the E30 M3 was the radio, it still operates flawlessly and is a fantastic sound system. At one point in the early 1990’s this car did have an in car phone. The 4 screws in the center console are all that remain of that system. The interior is completed with the factory correct three spoke non airbag steering wheel that feels great in your hands. The A/C system is original and still blows cold. The windows operate as they should. The interior of this car is in superb condition and is a great place to spend the weekend driving up your favorite twisty roads!

Mechanically the car is very sound. The S14 engine fires right up and is a blast to drive. In 1990, BMW Seattle installed a warranty engine block in the car. The entire repair is documented showing BMW put in a warranty block, new crank, rods, etc. The factory original head retained and is still in the car with its VIN stamping on it. From then on, the motor performed flawlessly just needing routine maintenance. In 1994 with 54k miles, the motor suffered oil starvation and spun a bearing. The warranty block was reused and completely rebuilt. This time an oil baffle was added to prevent any future failures. This work is all documented and done by BMW Seattle. Shortly after the second rebuild, the car was retired from regular use and became a “nice” day car. It has been trouble free and runs like a top. The cooling system is in great operating condition and keeps the car cool in Arizona’s 110 degree heat. The engine is mated to a 5 speed transmission that shifts great through all the gears. This is a great running and driving car that never skips a beat. The steering is nice and tight. The brakes feel great and the car stops with ease. Overall, this car is very mechanically sound and ready to be driven.

The E30 M3 is an excellent weekend toy or daily driver. This is a great chance to own a very nice 1 owner E30 M3 that has full service history and is completely unmodified. This car is in excellent condition both inside and out and is located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.


In the past 15 years I’ve seen decent M3s cross the $10k mark, then $20k, and now they are soundly in the $30s and about to crest $40,000. An impressively meteoric rise that so many of us lament as they have now moved away from accessible. So it goes.


Setting the bar: One-owner 1988 BMW E30 M3 with 77k miles


Last week I wrote up a heavily-modified E30 M3 that, while decently executed, tended towards the impure and thus more-accessible end of the spectrum. Reflection on the first M3’s still-accelerating prices usually involves an example with many caveats and speculation on what a fictional “creampuff” might reach. Well, folks, today is that creampuff. One owner has taken it 77,000 careful miles between nights in the garage, it’s Alpineweiss over red leather, and is completely unmodified. Look up “perfect stock E30 M3” in your dreams and the pictures show this exact car. So the question lies: what does the most unblemished and cared for E30 M3 cost these days? Almost 40 bids have pushed the reserve-on price over $30k. What do you think? $10k more? $15k? $20,000 more?!


Year: 1988
Model: M3
Engine: 2.3L S14 inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 77,000
Price: Reserve-on auction at $30,000 at time of writing

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW E30 M3 for sale on eBay


In the face of most omissive and annoying descriptions, I can’t get angry for one that is TOO informative. A wikipedia-worthy M3 history and thoughtful dealer questions are too long to be copied here but a decent read on the eBay listing:

The M3 is certainly one of the most original, long term ownership (virtually one owner from date of purchase in 1987 – July, 2012) unmodified to be offered in years. It is rare to see M’3 offered for sale as most are coveted by collectors / enthusiasts but to come across a car that has been “hidden” for over a dozen years is remarkable. As important is the fact that when the car was new it was used very sparingly by its mature physician owner, never abused, and, of course, never tracked or raced.

This particular M3 has signs of being very well cared for by the one adult owner for all of its life. An inspection of the undercarriage and photos (part of the listing) suggests the car may not have even been driven in the rain! The body is perfectly straight with excellent original paint and even the “M” pin-striping as applied by the dealership when the car was delivered.


-Early production car (4/87) Note: Virtually all USA delivered M3’s were titled as 1988 models despite production dates that ranged from 3/97 on.
-Finished in factory correct & rare combination of Alpine White & Cardinal Red leather
-Tri-Color BMW “M” Pin-striping
-Numbers matching engine & 5-speed transmission
-Factory stock and correct BBS wheels
-100% BMW body panels with excellent gaps & fitment
-New, correct Michelin tires added within 500 miles
-Original factory AM/FM radio and correct rear package tray mounted factory speakers (Note: Radio shows “Code” in photos but we have the original code to enter and the radio works fine)
-Totally stock engine and engine bay (no added aftermarket air cleaners, strut bars or other items)
-Like new trunk with factory rear mat / carpet & spotless spare tire well with absolutely NO Rust
-Factory spare, & tools (Never removed..refer to photos)
-BMW Owner’s Manuals including:
-M3 Supplement Owner’s Manual
-BMW Anti-Theft Radio Manual with Installation Instructions
-NOAA Weather Radio Booklet
-Limited Warranty Booklet – BMW
-BMW Roadside Assistance Booklet
-BMW Service Locations Booklet
-Roadside Assistance ID Cards
-100% Stock Interior in beautiful condition
-Front seats just professionally recovered using matching correct leather “hides”
-Excellent rear seat with beautiful patina but NO damage, rips, tears
-Seat belts totally free from fraying / signs of wear
-Perfect headliner
-Stock and perfect sun-visors
-Fully functional sun roof
-Factory BMW / BBS mesh wheels
-Stock 4 wheel disc brakes
-Stock widened M3 fenders
-Clear California Title
-Totally 100% Clean Auto Check and Car Fax Reports IMPORTANT NOTE:
AutoCheck rates the BMW at “45” with the range for similar cars being 11-29! This represents the highest rating on a car of this vintage that we ever seen on AutoCheck. Car Fax also shows a totally clean report and “Adds” a significant amount “Above Retail” due to the BMW’s exceptional history and low, low mileage.


The E30 M3 represents a rare, low mileage M3 that has a history of being cared for by one owner for close to 25 years. The car is in absolutely magnificent condition and is arguably one of the, if not the finest example in the United States.

The cosmetic quality of the car is superb with even the most minor flaws requiring close critical inspection to be noticed. The front of the E30 is free from rock chips and damage and the car was garaged and properly stored for its entire life (and it shows). The interior is the same high quality and the photos accurately reflect the overall quality of the exterior, interior, underside and engine bay.

The car has been inspected by BMW specialists with the following observations:
-Tires appear almost new
-Remaining brake pads 10mm (Front) / 8mm (Rear)
-No rust or undercarriage damage
-Fully functional lighting systems (Passed safety inspection)
-In 100% stock condition with the exception of the change of “wear” items
-Straight damage free body & exceptional paint quality

We ask that you review the 100~ photographs carefully since, in the case, the old adage “A photograph is worth a thousand words” is very appropriate. Please contact us if we can answer any questions regarding this lovely M3 (925-846-1451).


Over the years, we have driven literally hundreds of BMW’s and owned almost as many! They have been our choice as our regular high performance “drivers” and we love that they offer a wonderful combination of performance, handling, comfort and good looks. The E30 is popular for good reason but locating original examples has become extremely difficult.

Whether cold or warm the BMW fires up immediately with a smooth idle. The engine is free from any noises and the car does not leak fluids. The clutch engages properly and without fuss and as you shift from first to second gear you notice how solid and tight the car feels. No rattles, squeaks or indication that you’re driving a quality high performance BMW.a nice feeling.

As you begin to drive you also appreciate the “green-house” affect that the BMW M3 offers resulting in great visibility. Additionally you are reminded that the driving position is excellent and that the car would make a great long distance touring car in addition to being a practical, fast and fun everyday or weekend car for use on those twisty back roads.

Once you gain momentum it is clear that this car is considerably more fun to drive than a stock “3-Series”, especially in the “Twisties.” The suspension is taut, well damped and the steering precise and certain. The braking system is excellent as a result of the improved M3 components, the M3 stops straight and sure. The emergency brake is properly adjusted and fully functional.

The BMW has the perfect exhaust note from the stock exhaust system and the combination the high-revving 16-Valve engine and the wonderful suspension makes this car and absolute delight to drive. While the stock sound system is fully functional, we would much prefer to listen to the sound of the engine instead of the radio!

This particular car runs and drives as it did when it was delivered new to its original owner. The BMW is extremely comfortable under all driving conditions ranging from a regular high end driver to a car that will be appreciated at any BMW gathering, show or special event.


I’ve never seen pinstriping on the M3, and while different, I don’t mind how they accentuate the fat fenders. I never thought I’d like stripes on an M5 either, but mine have certainly grown on me. I’m intrigued to see where this one lands. While the wave of a valuation bubble can be entertaining, it’s getting to the point where I want them to slow down a little so a few more normal people can buy and enjoy them.


Get Wild: BMW E9 with E30 M3 fenders

*This project is in no way endorsed by the author or GermanCarsForSaleBlog, and all vehicles, pictures, and unholy unions are the sole responsibility of the creator and seller*

Juuuuust in case my E30 Cabrio didn’t make you feel weird enough on the inside, we’re going full-on Al Yankovic today with a BMW 3.0 CSi that has had E30 M3 fenders grafted on. It’s not that they did a bad job – in fact, I’m impressed they were able to pull it off as cleanly as they did. This car is just one of those “why?”s that may never be answered. I love the CSL – why not do those flares? I guess the E30 M3’s cache has spilled throughout the decades. It is on German eBay though, and I can only imagine what insanities German eBay contains. I’m guessing a nice assortment of micro-tolerance measuring devices and unthinkable “sensual” items. I’m not going to look, but I assume as much because it has to be combinations like that which explain this car.

BMW 3.0CSi with M3 Fenders for sale on eBay Germany

BMW 3.0 CSI with front and rear wide fender extensions from the BMW M3 (E30) (Original BMW)! Vehicle was built with perfection by a vintage workshop. The car has been in hibernation for years and has now been woken up again. All fluids have been changed. Car has never seen rain. Total mileage since construction is approximately 8,000km!!

Engine: 3.0 L-Jetronic, Schnitzer head (complete), new bottom end, firing order manifold, oil cooler, electric fan, Sebring exhaust system, 5-speed manual

Chassis: Bilstein shocks, ALPINA stabilizers, ZF locking differential

Interior: New headliner, new seat covers, new carpet, RECARO seats, harness belts, VDO gauges

BBS RS-8 and 9×16, with 225/50/16 and 245/45/16. Almost every screw, cable, seal, etc. is new. Vehicle 100% rust free!!

NO EMAILS!! (I’m not always on the computer) PLEASE CALL!!!

I don’t hate this car at all. It would be a funny oddity to see at a car show and again the execution is pretty nice. What really sets me off is that the builder has removed the grace and beauty from each of the cars he combined. The 3.0CSi no longer looks like a machine that could flow in space or water just as well as on the road. The magnificence of the E30 M3’s box fenders is that they accentuate the perfect horizontal line down the side of the E30. On the E9, they angle slightly downwards to the ends, making it appear as though the whole car is bending while high-centered.

If you’re looking for some funky German weird though, you may have found your car. I can guarantee you won’t see any others like it. Now, who wants to cough up between €12-16k?


The market continues upward: Original 1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale

It appears there will be a day when we all fondly remember when E30 M3s were for sale for *just* $30,000. We’ll all kick ourselves as hindsight shows we should have done everything we could to snag an original one and stash it in a garage to massively appreciate while the rest of the global economy rollercoasters its way through the 21st century. Today, however, I’m going to have to just come right out and say it: I think $30k for a plain-jane, albeit sub-100k mile and well cared-for, E30 M3 is a bit much. Alas, I don’t make the market, the sellers and buyers do, and apparently this seller thinks his 90k-mile M3 will be bought for $32k. Wave goodbye to the accessible E30 M3. The only way this ship’s coming back in is a lottery win or a career in private equity.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on

Notes from the seller:

heated seats, R134 a/c, Rogue exhaust, Evo III plug wires, UUC short-shifter, Igo 93 chip, Euro tow-hook covers, original Uniroyal spare, Viper alarm, no dash cracks, matching VINs, full service history, lots of recent work, original window sticker, clean Carfax.

Now, it’s worth it to look through all of the photos, because they demonstrate that this truly is an immaculate M3 inside and out. No mods or bruises from rough use here. I just thought that meant a ~$25k M3, not $32k. Maybe buyers will work the seller down a litlte, but there’s no question that E30 M3 appreciation is here to stay.


1990 BMW E30 M3 Cabrio Replica

When it comes to cars as rare as the E30 M3 Cabrio, of which less than 800 were made and zero for the North American market, it seems more appropriate to go the replica route than it would be to just box-fender a normal 325i coupe. The recently-circulated E30 M3 wagon is another good example of making something that, while sacrilegious, is objectively a pretty darn cool car. M3 convertibles are kind of an oxymoron anyways, so why not go all-out and make one yourself? That’s what the builder of today’s E30 decided to do and went on to drop an S50 6-cylinder in it with various other modifications. It looks appropriately German-garish in Alpinweiss with M-colored checkered flags on opposing corners.

1990 BMW 325i Cabrio/M3 Replica for sale on eBay

From the seller:

I am listing my e30 m3 vert replica for sale. I have to sell it to help start a business and really have no use for it after my newborn! I will try to list everything about the car but if you are interested and have any questions please let me know!

The body of the car has 178K miles with a complete BMW e30 M3 conversion including Front Bumper, e30 M3 front fenders, e30 M3 side skirts, e30 M3 rear bumper, and e30 M3 rear fiberglass quarter panels. Complete repaint in factory alpine white II w/ e36 lightweight flag decal painted on. Chrome window trim changed to black shadowline trim. New Smoked Euro style smiley headlights with city lights and WIPERS WITH MOTORS non functioning.I also have a brand new set of headlight wipers from BMW not put on. E30 M3 Evo Style Brake Ducts, euro front grills, smoked front turn signal indicators. Car also comes with a hardtop! Completely redone black sport interior,carpet and door panels along with an M-tech II steering wheel. The car does not have an AC compressor but the lines are all there. The s50 engine has approx. 64k miles, new spark plugs, intake, new battery which I put in after the previous one went bad from me not driving the car. New zimmermann cross-drilled rotors with axis brake pads, E30 m3 5 lug suspension swap with all new shock mounts, front control arms and offset control arm bushings. I have always taken care of this car in my hands. Spare tire and all bmw tools come with the car.

-The BBS RS wheels will not be sold with the car, unless me and the buyer workout a deal. Car will be sold with 16″ Borbets Type H with new tires.
-This car just passed NJ inspection!
-The hardtop is in fair condition.
-The paint job is not GREAT, but good with some dings.
-The motor runs STRONG with no leaks.
-Car sold as is with no warranty.
-Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.
-I have a carfax and previous PPI I did before I bought the car.

Bidding has been hot with 22 bids so far. Surprisingly, the price is still at a reasonable, reserve-off $11k. It’s nice to see a modified car for sale that for once seems realistic as opposed to a stratospheric Buy-it-Now because someone spent tens of thousands of dollars on a project. Many thousands have certainly been spent on this M3 Cabrio replica, and I’m sure it’s a hoot to drive. If you have a taste for the wild and aren’t concerned with classic originality, this would be lots of fun. Just make sure you get something to replace the not-pictured-but-included Borbet Type Hs… they will make this car (or any car, actually) look really chintzy.


1990 BMW E30 M3 w/ S38 Swap

I think it’s clear at this point that I look at the removal of the E30 M3’s S14 motor like removing the harmonies from early Beatles music; most of the popular pieces are still there, sure, but it’s missing the soul that made it special. This is especially true when it comes to the overdone S50/52 swaps from E36 M3s. I see those in normal E30s and think “damn, fun!” I see them in M3s and thank “damn, shame.” Today’s swap, while tending towards the overdone side that most swap projects lean, takes a different tack by eschewing the second M3’s inline 6 for one that’s bigger, badder, and more rare. An evolution of the near-and-dear-to-me S38B35, the E34 M5 got the B36 and B38 models, pushing out 315 and 340hp respectively while making that heavenly sound. So while it’s still an overwrought E30 M3 project with a swap, I appreciate the more obscure engine choice setting this one apart.

1990 E30 M3 w/ S38 swap for sale on eBay

From the seller:

up for sale is one of a kind very rare in beyond excelent condition 1990 bmw m3 with a clean clean Texas car title never accident and all factory vin # sticker remain on every panel including bumpers and side skirts never had accident & 100% rust free. This m3 was taken for a car show project event, project was done at one of the 5 star shop specialist in Houston TX.,

Job started late Nov 2010 started on the engine swap we have dropped in 1992 BMW ///M5 S38 3.6l engine. *not e36 m3 * We striped this motor all the way down the block and converted to 3.8l stroker, ported the block for stroker build high compression all new parts pistons, lifters, valves and cams by vac motorsports and a used polished crank 3.8l from germany and much more, the head exhaust outlet is ported and intake inlet is also ported and polished so engine is like brand new. Also hand build custom air intake box with custom vilsty stac in side of the box and finished with spowder coat in textured ferrari red. 40 pound fuel injectors and a custom fuel rail and with high pressure stainless steel hoses AN fitting with fuel regulator and also a new getrag 280 transmission 5peed with stage 3 clutch and a custom build differential 3.46 at 50 lock with custom polished lsd, custom build headers, mid pipes and super sprint race exhaust, custom radiator, cooling system with high pressor hose end AN fittings, car dose not have a/c.

Ground control coilovers suspension with custom sway bars on the back.

Interior has recaro front seats custom build dashboard trims with brushed smoked aluminum and Kenwood navigation system NDX9990HD with Focal speakers and kenwood amp, headliner is done in black suede, and also the door panels in charcoal suede with red stitching to match all interior seats back and front seats also in charcoal suede with red stitching, new carpet quick release sparco with black suede steering wheel and a sparco shifter & E brake with suede boot.

EVO III tail light from germany and smoked Xenon headlights

Carbon fiber evo side mirrors, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber front eyebrows, carbon fiber EVO III rear spoiler 3 way adjustable, carbon fiber rear license place tray and ofcourse a beautiful front carbon fiber front lower lip.

18in staggered 2 peices BBS style 5 with yokohama tires 255/35/18 back & yokohama 225/35/18 front

Car is very beautiful there is alot to list car drive and handle very nice great suspension knowing its lower that are no tire rubbing great engine soft sound perfectly build barely a 1000 mile on this engine have one of the most beautiful exhaust sound over $70,000 was invested in this car all recites invoices are avaliable have a 4in thick file of invoices. as you see in the photos, how its rebuilded inside outside under the body so unique cleaner than my e92 m3
And i have seen clean stock E30 m3 4il that sold on ebay for $35, $45, and $50, i am very sure i’ll get what i am looking for $$$ for this car there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH IT Its ready for home to a collector person and to enjoy it…….

So it’s not really an B38 but a stroked B36… so it goes. If you can get past some of the typical overkill – louvered hood, Nurburgring sticker, removable steering wheel – what lies beneath is a gorgeous M3 Evo with a unique engine swap. I’ll take my classics original, but I appreciate the use of the S38 and big Style 5s on this extreme M3.

Despite being the tuner type of perfect from bumper to bumper, the seller is going to have a tough time getting even his starting bid of $40k, and the Buy-It-Now of $50k isn’t happening. He’s going to have to accept that a *cough* reasonable price is somewhere in the $30s.


Reader Ride: 1990 BMW E30 M3

Ah, the holy grail. The sweetest and most forbidden fruit, they only grow more so as the years pass and prices rise. Reader Don’s garage recently doubled to two E30 M3s, so he gave notice to this listing on Craigslist Atlanta for his gorgeous, low-mileage Cinnabarot example. This halo car is in the special category of circa-100k mile cars, having covered just 107,000 miles in its 22 years. Somewhere along the line, it picked up the virus of rust, but Don did it right and took it to VSR1 for a full mechanical restoration, removing all traces of oxidizationitis among other mechanical improvements. One of the two previous owners repainted the Cinnabarot, and Donald installed a full gray interior in place of the original black. All in all, this M3 has had all issues addressed and it shows.

1990 BMW E30 M3 for sale on Atlanta Craigslist

Don’s description of the car:

For sale is my 1990 BMW E30 M3. Brilliant Red with Gray interior. 107,000 miles ( that’s an average of less than 5,000 mile per year) I am the third owner and bought the car in 2009. During that time to present I have had the following work performed:

Installed new air conditioning compressor (Air blows cold!)
New Transmission mounts
Replaced lower control arms and bushings
New Cat and exhaust system (Stromung muffler)
New Heat shield
Various seals replaced
New heater core
Replaced front sway bar end links
All fluids changed.

It has Eibach springs, Koni shocks, front (Sparco) and rear strut bars as well as ground camber plates

A mechanical restoration was performed by Vintage Sports and Restoration in Bow, NH (VRS1). Over $8,000 in receipts from VSR1

The car was previously resprayed and with the exception of a few spots looks very good.

Now…..this car had rust issues. VSR1 repaired (read that as cut out and replaced) all known rust issues during the mechanical restoration. This car is a great daily driver and an excellent candidate for track days. It turns heads, but it is not concours quality. I’ve tried to bring it back to mostly original condition with period correct modifications. It has the original stereo (working), the computer functions, sun roof and electric windows all function. The original interior was black, but I have replaced it with Gray. This car is ready to drive.

I am only selling this awesome automobile because I purchased another E30 M3 and lack of space won’t allow me to keep two. My loss …… your gain!

All props to Donald for taking an imperfect-but-low-mile e30 M3 and saving it from further desecration. The effort and money needed to get rid of all rust and get a well-known shop like VSR1 to address all issues is no small sum. That said, I still think the $20-25k range is reserved for all-original, low-mileage ideals of the model. These M3s are the subject of such lust and scrutiny that provenance and originality go a long way, and while repairs and replacements are costly and necessary, they subtract from the elements that cause perfect M3 prices to skyrocket. A price just under $20k would highlight that this beautiful car hasn’t lived a flawless, climate-controlled life, while garnering the money it deserves for being brought back to such nice condition.