1978 Porsche 911SC

There is something about the design of the 911SC, and in a similar vein the later 3.2 Carrera, that always draws me in. Porsche’s reworking of the 911’s iconic shape beginning with the 964 has its own appeal, but I remain more drawn to the earlier model’s lines and, I’ll admit, I have always loved the whale tail. Where some find it discordant with the curve of the 911’s rear, I find that it provides balance to the overall shape front to rear. The 911SC was also the model that insured Porsche would continue to refine and evolve this quirky sports car to be enjoyed by enthusiasts for decades to come; in sum, it cemented the legacy. Today’s car takes us back to the inception of the model: a 1978 Porsche 911SC located in Missouri, which has seen around 119,000 miles. At introduction these cars utilized a 3.0 liter flat-6 mated to the 5-speed 915 transmission to drive 180 hp to the rear wheels. Acceleration would be considered modest by today’s standards, but when propelling less than 2600lbs it’s certainly sufficient to provide a good deal of motoring enjoyment.


Year: 1978
Model: 911SC
Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 118,757 mi
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1978 Porsche 911SC on eBay

1978 PORSCHE 911SC 2 DOOR COUPE CLASSIC WITH 119XXX MILES 0-62 in 7 seconds This car is in my opinion is about 85% perfect, it needs new seal’s on the doors, trunk, hood, and sunroof. It is in need of a little paint work, needs a new head liner, sunroof needs re alined. I have this car registered as a Historical Car, as you can see from the pictures this is an amazing car, starts, rides, and drives as good as it did when it was brand new. This Porsche is well preserved and of collectible quality. Mostly all original.


The lack of any interior shots is slightly disconcerting, but the brightness and apparent quality of the exterior paint might provide us with some consolation that the interior has seen a similar level of care. My preference would be for a set of black Fuchs to enhance the contrast with the red paint but the red Fuchs we see here are certainly striking. As the seller notes, this car is far from perfect but overall it appears in relatively good condition. On auction with no reserve, bidding is currently at $12,100, a very reasonable price for an SC of this vintage. I’d expect bidding to take this up to around $15,000 and at that price I think any buyer will be getting an excellent classic 911.


1988 BMW M5

We’ve seen quite a few examples of the e28 M5 come across EBay lately, which primarily seems an attempt by those sellers to test the market and see how high the e30 M3 has pushed up prices. So there isn’t a ton left to be said about these cars. Many of those we’ve featured have failed to sell, but that problem should not arise for the present example: a 1988 BMW M5 with 108,399 miles located in Houston. The seller has put this car up with no reserve so at the very least this will provide us a glimpse onto the current market. Even 25 years on, the e28 M5 is still a fantastic looking car with sleek lines emphasized by just a touch of aggression.


Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 108,399 mi
Price: Auction


Greetings folks,

Up for grabs is a well maintained rust free example of a beauful classic. Of the 1200 or so imported, roughly 500 are known to be in good shape. This has been a 2 owner car and has been religiously serviced by both of us. The first owner was an elderly gentleman who had it till he could no longer drive it. Garaged most of its life.

This car has been maintained to preserve its originality. I have most maintenance records since birth till its most recent service. The elderly original owner was an enthusiast, trading in his 1983 533i for this M5 in November 1988 for $48.9k. I have copies of the original bill of sale and all books.

My first intro to M-powered BMWs was an e30 M3 that I purchased 15 years ago. Since then, the addiction has worsened. I get goose bumps everytime I get in this car. It is a very special M car and I am reminded of that everytime I step in it. Recent acquisition of an e39 M5 and an old Land Cruiser has prompted the sale. If it were up to me, I would have found storage for it, and preserved it for my daughter, who loves my “stick shift M5s that mommy can’t drive”. But my wife doesn’t feel that having 6 cars is reasonable, and i can’t exactly blame her…

During my ownership, I have done an exhaustive renewal of the front and rear suspension, fixed small oil leaks, did an overhaul of the AC system and an exterior and interior refreshening as outlined below to make it a daily driver. The end result is a car that looks as good as it drives and gets comliments everywhere. I drive it twice a week to work. It is not a perfect or concours car, but a car you can stare at everyday in admiration and drive it whenever you please.

MECHANICAL: The S38B35 powerplant is an amazing beast. Much more refined compared to the e30 m3.
– It has great power throughout the powerband and shifts are smooth through all the gears. Recently treated to a full tune up.

– The clutch feels great.

– Tracked down and fixed all oil leaks

– The suspension has been completely revamped by me. I went the route of New OEM M-Tech springs and Bilsteins shocks, a costly but worthwhile change, opting for the SLS delete. The car tracks amazingly well. Cost just under $2k for parts and labor.

– New front and rear strut mounts.

– New Pitman arms

– New tie rod ends and ball joints.

– Spent almost $1500 on a new AC compressor, dryer, condensor etc… It now has cold AC. Heat works too

– New power steering pump and power steering hose

As it was owned by an elderly gentleman, it went through periods of time where it was stored while he battled chronic disease and cancer. In 2005, after sitting for a while, it underwent a comprehensive top to bottom service to the tune of $11k at BMW, where they had it for nearly 4 months. List of services include but not limited to –

– Front and rear shock absorbers

– Front brake pads and rotors

– Rear brake pads and rotors

– 4 new tires

– 4 wheel alignment
– Driveshaft flex disc replaced
– Brake Master Cylinder replaced
– Brake fluid flush
– Antifreeze/coolant flush
– Cooling system hoses
– Electrical system serviced
– Door weatherstrips replaced
– AC service
– Transmission service
– Drive belts
– Fuel filter
– Oil and filter
– Spark plugs. cap/rotor
– Valve cover gaskets and valve job

– The speedometer cluster was replaced at this time by BMW in 2005 at 53.5k miles (paperwork included) due to an erratic speedo and the new cluster set to 0. Present odometer reading is 54.7k miles, so total miles are approx 108k. Service records from the 90s to now document and chronicle mileage.

In 2011 at 106k miles (52k on new odo), it underwent another major service to tune of about $3500 including

– Front and rear brakes
– Brake fluid flushed
– Transmission service
– Cooling system flushed
– Drive belts
– Full tune-up
– AC service with Blower motor
– Alternator

The car wasn’t driven much since then as the previous owner passed away in 2012.

EXTERIOR: The Black paint has a great shine to it.
– I had it professionally wet sanded and polished and it gets compliments everywhere. Also had paintless dent removal remove small door dings.

– One of the few rust free examples around. No floods.

– 16″ factory basket weaves are paired with Matching Conti Sports with approximately 90% tread life left.

– Many years ago, the hood and left fender were replaced from a fender bender. Paint match is great to this day. Rest of the body panels are original.

– The front bumper has a small rip in it at the bottom from being low.

INTERIOR: The original natural tan interior has survived the test of time.

– The seats are original and have no tears. Bolsters are in great shape. All power seat functions work, except the head rest mechanism.- Heated seats work!

– Headiner is great shape.

– The radio is original and works as intended; the speakers work fine, but not audiophile quality.

– The power antenna is functional.

– Many rubber componts have been replaced throughout the years, along with switches.

– Replacement black BMW mats, with the originals included.

– The original dash has one tiny visible crack and 2 smaller ones by the windshield that can’t be seen from the inside.

In summary, given the rarity and condition of the car, this car will continue to appreciate in value. This is a solid daily driver, but it is not concours. These cars are getting rarer in good shape. Be realistic in your expectations and you will not be disappointed. These young classics, including the e30 M3 and M6 are appreciating and the e28 M5 is following that lead. I sold my pristine e30 m3 10 years ago for $10k and it is a $25k car today.

A very reputable seller of M powered cars recently sold one with 75k miles for around the $30k mark.

I reserve the right to end the auction early for a favorable offer. Feel free to contact me with questions at 504 957-9636. Thanks for your interest.


With a detailed description and some good quality pictures, this seller has provided buyers with enough information to feel comfortable furthering any investigations into purchasing this car. It looks rather good both inside and out and comes with a stack of service records. Any buyer who has felt the itch to get into an e28 may want to look into purchasing one soon before prices ramp up. Bidding here is currently at a fairly reasonable $13,900 but has seen quite a bit of action so we may see that rise even more. With that said, the price is still lower than what some sellers of lesser examples of the e28 have hoped to extract so the price here doesn’t seem egregious. Price aside, it’s still a beautiful car that with continued maintenance will provide quite a bit of driving pleasure.


2001 Porsche 911 Turbo

I have been a bit remiss in failing to ever feature any interesting examples of the 996. The model in general tends to be unbeloved by Porsche enthusiasts for reasons that are clear to just about everyone: the design, especially at the front, isn’t strong and as the first model to switch from the 911’s traditional air-cooled engine to the now standard water-cooled engine, the 996 was scorned. That lack of love, however, brings with it one excellent feature: value. A well-performing 996 can at times be had at a significant discount relative to its classical brethren, such as the car featured here. Here we have a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo located in Atlanta that has seen just shy of 32,000 miles and comes in the always excellent shade for any fast Porsche, Speed Yellow. With 420 hp being delivered to all four wheels the 996 Turbo is a very quick car that will easily outperform most of its predecessors.


Year: 2001
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbo flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 31,965 mi
Price: $45,981

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo on eBay

2001 Porsche Turbo 31K LOW MILES Clean Carfax Certified Manual 6 Speed















With a Buy It Now of $45,981 this car can be had at a pretty reasonable cost. That’s similar money to what we’ve seen a few 930s sell for and it’s significantly less than the price of a 1989 930 and the 993 Turbo. And that’s what makes the 996 appealing. Sure, the engine is water cooled and the headlights look silly, but for performance dollars you’re hard pressed to find better Porsche value on the market today. The collector market will likely never have much appreciation for these cars other than in their various GT iterations, so they shall forever live as cars to be driven. And, frankly, that’s just fine.


Supercharged 1993 Porsche 928 GTS – No Reserve

Here’s something we don’t come across every day: a 1993 Porsche 928 GTS with a Vortech supercharger capable of producing 600+ hp. Tuned Porsches are not uncommon, nor is it uncommon to come across base model cars that have been modded to mimic their much more powerful production rivals. In almost every case, however, those cars possess an equal amount of ‘show’ to go along with their ‘go’. Some of the tuner cars are downright wild! This 928 GTS, on the other hand, is almost boring. From the outside, it looks like any other stock Grand Prix White 928 with a stout 345 hp coming from its 5.4 liter V8. Open the hood and the potential of this car is revealed. With a supercharged built motor, the seller claims 450+ hp at a fairly easy going 5.5 psi and over 600 hp if we crank it up to 11. It’s difficult for any Porsche to truly qualify as a sleeper but if there ever was one, then a car like this would probably be it.


Year: 1993
Model: 928 GTS
Engine: Supercharged 5.4 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 85,446 mi
Price: Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Supercharged 1993 Porsche 928 GTS on EBay

Likely the fastest street driven 928 GTS in the world, listed for $1 NO RESERVE!!

Email or call Alan with questions or offers 602-997-6778

You are bidding on a 1993 Porsche 928GTS Supercharged, 1 of 3 grand prix white automatics built in 1993.. Carfax certified, no accidents, no rust, dry climate car.. 85k on body, 15,000 miles on fully built motor with Vortech T-Trim supercharger running at 5.5 psi 450+ rwhp.. at 11 psi car makes 600+ rwhp.. built by Devek Porsche out of California, $37,000 for engine build alone.. rebuilt automatic transaxle and torque tube.. PCA member having owned 928’s for the past 25 years, this is my second GTS.. the car is in nearly immaculate condition, factory white paint shows excellent, no scratches, no dings or dents, interior is also spotless, only with a few hairline cracks on pod, dash is clean with no cracks, factory leather seats show nearly new.. car drives like new, tight, just a whole lot more power, this car is an animal, she is shockingly fast!! not your normal 928.. AC, Cruise, Heat, power windows, power seats, lights, everything works as intended.. includes books and records..

1993 Supercharged Porsche GTS
Automatic Transmission
85,000 Miles on Chassis
Only 15,000 miles on New Engine

• White with Blue leather
• 85k miles on odometer
• 15k miles on new engine, rebuilt automatic transaxle and torque tube
• Heads opened (intake and exhaust)
• Vortech T-Trim supercharger running at 5.5 psi
• Air-to-water intercooler
• Devek aluminum radiator, custom fans
• Devek level 3 headers running through single stock cat and Borla muffler
• Externally adjustable Koni’s and Devek springs
• OEM wheels
• Fresh cross-drilled rotors with Mintex pads, Super Blue fluid, calipers painted red
• H4 headlights STONGARD covered
• OEM steering wheel, MoMo Jet 350mm steering wheel included in box
• Transaxle WOT bypass switch for sport mode shifting
• Pioneer Supertuner, 4 channel amp, Infinity Cappa speakers
• Fully sorted

T-Trim Vortech kit w/intercooler
Polished aluminum plumbing
Port & Polish
Custom Fuel Management system
Cat By-pass w/muffler & resonator
Engine Gasket Set
Thicker Head Gasket
SETRAB Oil Cooler installed
HD Heat Exchanger installed
Motormounts wrapped in refective tape
Digital Gauge 5-Pak w/10 red LED air2fuel ratio meter
O2 Sensor
Bosch High Volume Fuel Injectors Kit
Vortech High Volume Fuel Pump & Pressure Regulator
Wiring Harness Heat Shield
Custom Steel Braided Lines
Blue and Red Anodized AN Fittings
Blue Spark Plug Wire Set
Intake Manifold Powder Coated
Valve Covers Powder Coated – Machined Letters
Front Wheel Bearings
Front & Rear Main Seals Replaced
Pan Drilled & Tapped for Oil/Temp Sensor & Oil Return Line
Rings, bearings, seals
Hot Tank and clean block
Machine block for oversize pistons
Carillo Rods
Machine cylinders for o-rings
Gasket kit
Coat pistons w/plasma & molybdenum
Drill piston oildrain back holes
Crossdrilled rear rotors
GTS 1 over Pistons
Devek radiator
Vortech oil filter system, with braided, stainless steel oil lines
Recharge_ AC
Fluids & miscellaneous items

Email or call Alan with questions or offers 602-997-6778


It goes without saying that a car such as this one will not suit everyone. But I’ll give the seller credit, it’s ballsy to put a car like this up for auction with no reserve. There has been a ton of bidding action so far but the price remains fairly reasonable at $25,001. That’s actually a substantial discount relative to the price at which a 928 GTS would typically sell, which frankly isn’t too surprising. Regardless, have the car checked out, talk to the seller, and if everything appears in good order, you’d have a car that could surprise quite a few people out on the roads!


2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Let’s get back to featuring Porsche performance rather than beauty. We’ve shown recently a few examples of track-focused cars, either those with extensive work from tuners or fully stripped and prepped track machines built by individual enthusiasts. Each category brings with it its own appeal. Here we’ll feature Porsche’s own example of such a car: a 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS in what has always been my favorite color combination that Porsche offered, Black on Orange. At this point it’s fairly well known that Porsche no longer plans to offer the GT3 RS with 3 pedals, but rather all will come standard with PDK. I understand the reasoning behind their decision even if I don’t necessarily like it. What that means for us then is that the 997 GT3 RS will be the last of the breed to be offered with a 6-speed manual. For any buyers looking to row their own gears, choices won’t get too much more modern than the car we see here. While this car isn’t from the final evolution of the 997, with 415 hp from its 3.6 liter flat-6 it’s no slouch either.


Year: 2007
Model: 911 GT3 RS
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 9,570 mi
Price: Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS on eBay

2007 Porsche GT3 RS. Black with Orange, all original car with only 9570 Miles. Original Sticker for car was $151,330. Clean Car fax with Porsche Letter of Authenticity.

Car is in Like New condition, with options detailed below and current pictures


This is your chance to own a collectors dream!


Bidding on this car is currently at $110,100 with 7 days left to go. With no reserve on we will definitely see a sale and at the very least I’ll have my eye on this one to get a sense of the market for a 997 GT3 RS. Anyone looking for a track-focused 911 with 6 gears and 3 pedals will be hard pressed to find a car better than one of these.


2002 BMW M5

There’s always something really appealing to me about a Black E39 M5. In black I find these cars to be a bit more of a sleeper. The dark color provides a nice fit for its subtly aggressive styling, which masks the visual cues that make known the fantastic power lying just under the driver’s right foot. To the uninitiated it looks like any other 5-series sedan, but those who know which details to notice will understand immediately that this is not a car to take lightly. Here we have a Black on Black 2002 BMW M5 located in New Jersey that has seen a scant 21,000 miles. Prices on the E39 have begun to rise so a low-mileage, well-maintained example such as this one may have a decent shot of appreciating. We’ve certainly seen the insanity that surrounds the E30 M3 and given the pedigree of the E39 M5 the coming years may see a similar trajectory for those cars.


Year: 2002
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 21,079 mi
Price: $36,500


***WOW!!!! ONLY 21OOO ONE OWNER MILES**, CLEAN CAR FAX NO ACCIDENTS, INCLUDES WARRANTY, RECENT TRADE, and SERVICE RECORDS AVAILABLE. 6 speed! Want to stretch your purchasing power? Well take a look at this terrific-looking 2002 BMW M5. Available with two sets of rims and tires. This outstanding M5 is the car with everything you’d expect from BMW, and THEN some.

You can shop with confidence at Ferrari Maserati of Central New Jersey, NJ’s only Certified Ferrari Maserati dealer!
Questions? Call 1-888-647-0510 and ask for an eBay Sales Specialist. All Vehicles are sold AS IS. Ask all questions before bidding. $339 Documentation Fee and Motor Vehicle Fees must be paid by winning bidder.


The downside of the rising market for these cars comes precisely when looking at a car such as this one. It appears to be in great shape and has low mileage, but it will come at a price at the top of the current market range. As a buyer, is this a car you’d want to purchase and then add a bunch of miles? While the list price here is too high (something just below $30K would seem more fitting), for $10-12K less you could probably get a M5 with around 60,000 miles and still have an excellent machine to drive and enjoy, without too much concern over depreciation. Collector vs. driver, it’s a tough decision. Either way, I love these cars in black and for any buyer with similar tastes this car should be worth a long look.


1964 Porsche 356C

This post will not be about performance nor about driving excitement, rather it will be about beauty. While we primarily derive our enjoyment of any car from its mechanical abilities, we would be remiss if we ignored our other senses. A car that is quiet will always lack something in driving excitement relative to a car with a fantastic exhaust note. With many vintage cars it is precisely the fantastic noises that make up for their relative lack of performance compared with any modern machine. The same can be said for a car’s appearance. We’re all familiar with the wild beauty of a Lambo or a Zonda, but with a vintage car such as this 1964 Porsche 356C that beauty comes not through it garishness but through the grace of its curves and the perfect mix of polished chrome. It’s the attention to minor details that allows us to stand back and simply stare. A 356C won’t be fast; it won’t stay glued to the road through high-speed switchbacks. But it will still allow for a degree of driving bliss that many modern machines cannot match. The example here is a fantastic combination of Bali Blue over a Saddle leatherette interior that’s clearly been shown great care over the course of its life.


Year: 1964
Model: 356C
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 77,395 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1964 Porsche 356C on eBay

Offered for sale is an exceptionally solid, strong running and beautiful 1964 Porsche 356C Coupe finished in Bali Blue over a tan interior. Always a Southern California car, it has been garaged and cared for throughout its life and consequently has a solid and largely original undercarriage, with the exception of the battery box, which has been replaced. It’s also always been conscientiously maintained, evidenced by a thick stack of receipts and service invoices going all the way back through 1968 and four documented owners. The current owner has had the car for more than 30 years and it’s still titled on a California “Pink Slip” with both if its California “Black” license plates. Its correct 1600cc “C” engine has been rebuilt and the car is as strong running and fun to drive as any restored 356 we’ve owned, a pleasurable experience whether tooling around town or taking a long jaunt up the coast.

The car’s Bali Blue finish is abundantly presentable, deep and lustrous and marred only by minimal imperfections, none of which are evident in any of the pictures. The body is very straight, the door and panel fits are all good and a magnet test reveals that there’s no bondo or significant evidence of any accidents anywhere on the car. The chrome’s been redone at some point and remains in good condition, as does all of the glass, free of any wiper scrapes or rock chips. The chrome wheels and colored crest hub caps are in great shape, the tires have plenty of remaining tread and the car comes with the charming optional rear luggage rack. The car’s interior is equally as clean, the leatherette seats and interior panels showing only negligible wear, the carpets and rubber mats in excellent condition and the headliner still in great shape. The car also comes with its original spare, changing tools and partial tool kit.

Sold new to a Mr. W. Parness of Sherman Oaks, CA, the car was driven by him until 1969, at which point it was sold to a Mr. Taylor Gee of La Habra, CA. Well loved and frequently driven, he retained the car until the late 1970s, at which point it was sold to a Mr. Gregg L. Stern, of Manhattan Beach, CA. A significant collector, Mr. Stern was the then owner of the Big Sky Movie Ranch. Still in business today, Big Sky is a rambling independent film production facility and rural set originally made famous as the shooting location for such TV classics as Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. Mr. Stern eventually thinned his collection, selling the car in 1982 to its current owner, a Los Angeles businessman. This owner has cared for and appreciated the car for the ensuing 31 years, first in Los Angeles and then here in Santa Barbara, using it predominately as a garaged and maintained weekend driver.

Now this beautiful example is looking for another caring owner who will continue to enjoy it, whether as the beautiful, solid, well-documented California weekend driver that it is today or as an excellent platform for a top tier restoration in the years to come. With the exception of the Italian supercars, perhaps no other marque has seen its classics generate more consistent appreciation over the last decade than Porsche, and acquiring an original, solid, documented California example is sure to yield rewards, in both monetary terms and enjoyment of ownership. Please bid accordingly

Please Note: The original pink slip for the vehicle has a clerical error showing that it’s a 1965 model year car. We’ve researched the chassis number and can confirm that it is a 1964 model year example. As such, for exportation we would need to obtain a corrected California title, which is a simple process and generally takes two weeks. Please feel free to call or email if you have any additional questions.

We want this car to go to great home and would be happy to further discuss it and answer any questions, so please feel free to email us or call us at 805-202-4557. You can also visit us online at GoodmanReed.

Goodman Reed Motorcars

We’ve always had an appreciation for classic European cars and over the years have created an eclectic personal collection, which has afforded us the opportunity of meeting many other interesting enthusiasts, including the owner of this 356C. As such, this is a consignment car and can be seen by appointment at our warehouse in Santa Barbara. We try to give accurate descriptions of the cars we’re selling, but we’re enthusiasts, not experts, and we encourage and are happy to help facilitate personal or professional inspections. But please do so before bidding, as the alternative harms our ability to make sales to other interested parties who have done their proper due diligence before bidding

For U.S. buyers a 10% non-refundable deposit is required within 3 days of the auction’s end, the balance to be paid within 7 days of the auction’s end. Foreign buyers must pay in full within 7 business days of the auction’s end. Buyer is responsible for shipping, however we’d be more that happy to help with recommendations and arrangements. The car is listed locally and we reserve the right to end the auction at any time should it sell prior to auction’s end. Thanks for your interest.


With the ocean as a backdrop this car looks absolutely fantastic! Porsche 356 values have seen quite a rise over the last few years and should certainly make for nice investments. Bidding here is currently at $46,100 with the reserve still on. At that price the car would be an excellent value, but I expect this will move up quite a bit before the auction ends. I can only imagine how enjoyable it would be to fire up the engine on a warm Saturday, roll down the windows, and head out for a drive along the coast.


1992 Porsche 911 America Roadster

My attraction to the 964 is somewhat confounding. In pictures, I don’t like them. The proportions seem odd. But in my neighborhood there is a very nice White 964 with Black wheels that I see parked in its driveway whenever I go for a run. It’s a beautiful car. The proportions look just right and there is a simplicity to its design that, for whatever reason, I fail to notice in pictures. That car looks fantastic! So I have been hunting around 964s lately and came across the example featured here. This is a 1992 Porsche 911 America Roadster. While Porsche offered a Cabriolet version of the 964 nearly from the model’s inception, the America Roadster differed from the standard Cabriolet by using the body, suspension, and brakes from the 964 Turbo. What we had was a limited run (only 250 were produced) 911 Cabriolet with wider rear fenders and Turbo spec brakes and suspension. Power remained the same as the standard Cabriolet with 247 hp from the 3.6 liter flat-six engine.


Year: 1992
Model: 911 America Roadster
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 82,954 mi
Price: Auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche 911 America Roadster on eBay

This is a rare, factory wide body 911 convertible, built in the 1992 model year and sold as an “America Roadster” in the U.S. I’ve pampered the car, always garaged, rarely driven in rain. In fact, rarely driven, but with a family of five, a small 2-seater isn’t practical anymore.

It is in great condition. I’ve owned it since October 2003 when it had 57k miles. Purchased from a dealer in New York and I drove it back to Southern California. Only issue is the cruise control doesn’t hold speed and A/C system isn’t cold. It needs a new rear spoiler wall (under deck lid). Passenger airbag has been disabled to allow for younger passengers in front seat. The mechanic said it’s a simple plug/unplug on a module to re-enable.

I have all the records from when I owned it as well as records dating back to May 1998/28k miles, when it was serviced at Champion in Florida. I have not had any problems with the vehicles. Reliably started when needed and runs great, with smooth shifts and good power.

I installed a new Viper alarm system when I first bought it and installed a Porsche CDR-220 head unit with Aux input and new speakers. Also installed H&R Sport Spring and 18″ Speedline-replica wheels. Original struts will be included with sale. Other great options is a factory OBC (on-board computer) that displays mileage, range, speed and trip meter. Never had an issue with the power top – always worked fine and straight.

Serviced at Hergesheimer Motorsports in Lake Forest, CA and has always passed California smog check.

Of note: Carfax will show an odometer mileage check of 123k at 3/25/2000. I saw that too when I bought it but the dated dealer service records and the condition of the car don’t match that. I had a PPI done when purchased, both in New York and when I returned, and there were no signs of that level of wear.


While the seller is auctioning this car with no reserve, the opening bid has been set at what, essentially, would have been a reserve price. The last America Roadster we featured had seen much fewer miles and at a listed price of $59,900 it did sell. It was a dealer listing so it’s difficult to be sure about the final selling price, but we can at least take from that listing an understanding that the car here is priced a little high. With that said, the America Roadster is rare and the combination of the Turbo’s wide-body rear styling in Cabriolet form certainly should have appeal to many buyers. The condition of this car suggests to me that it’d make a great driver, so the price needs to come down and if it does then this is a winner. Fantastic Turbo body, top down, great soundtrack: a perfect combination for simply enjoying the act of driving.


1980 Porsche 928S Euro

I have extolled the virtues of the 928 in previous features so I won’t belabor that point and will get straight to the car featured here: a 1980 Porsche 928S Euro model. That this is a Euro model is key. A good GT car should provide somewhat effortless acceleration in order to propel its driver forward with all of the elegance and haste that such a driver might require. These are, after all, performance machines. In the US market, however, that performance was limited by emissions requirements to a paltry 231 hp in 1980. While that figure would creep up, it wasn’t until 1985 that the North American 928 came with 288 hp and not until the release of the S4 in 1987 that output would surpass the 297 hp produced by the car featured here. This car isn’t perfect; it comes with a few flaws and is an automatic rather than a manual, but for a buyer who might really desire an early-80s 928 a Euro model is the way to go and this low mileage example might make for a good option.


Year: 1980
Model: 928S
Engine: 4.7 liter V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 32,311 mi
Price: $17,900

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Really nice original Low Mileage 1980 928s Euro. Licensed and currently driven in New York State USA.(though not for too many miles) grey market 928s Euro. Originally owned by a MD, was stored for about 20 years upon his death. New brakes and tires after removal from storage. Runs great, sounds awesome, feels really good to drive. Most powerful V8 motor sold in Porsche 928 that year. Front air dam and rear spoiler. Paint is good, but there are some swirls from buffing and a couple of stars in the paint you can find if you look long enough. The leather is pulled back about 1/4″ from the vent above the passenger seating and needs re-gluing in the rear quarter behind the driver. A good craftsman should be able to fix these. I bought a replacement power antenna, it needs to be installed. Climate control fan works only in defrost position. Passenger window is up and will not roll down.
There just were not that many of these cars made and imported to the US. This one is really nice original with really low mileage.
Please ask any questions or better yet, come and take the car for a drive. Matt (716)498-0467


A Brown on Brown color palette is certainly a period correct choice and for the most part the exterior and interior look to be in good shape for a car over 30 years old. The seller has noted the car’s flaws so we can at least approach this sale with the right expectations. At $17,900 the price is high for a 928 of this vintage, but it’s difficult to gauge the increased market value of a Euro model. To get the performance of a S4 with this low of a mileage figure would probably cost more than the selling price here so the price isn’t egregious. Either way, this is sure to be an interesting car and for the right buyer it should make for a good highway cruiser.


Wagon Week: 1993 BMW 525iT

For those seeking versatility without too great a sacrifice of performance buying a wagon has always been an admirable choice. While BMW has produced quite a few wagons throughout the years, I don’t think I can remember the last time I actually saw one on the streets. Relative to their German counterparts at Audi and Mercedes, BMW is almost a non-entity in this market. To a degree that’s unsurprising given their self-identification as the ‘Ultimate driving machine’, yet it’s also a shame because so many of the BMW designs have carried over remarkably well when transformed from sedan to wagon. Nonetheless, these cars do exist and the example featured here should be had at a very reasonable cost. Here we have a 1993 BMW 525i Touring located in Philadelphia. It is an automatic rather than a manual, but that’s a forgivable offense in a wagon.


Year: 1993
Model: 525iT
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 153,625 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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We have been a licensed Automobile Dealership in Philadelphia, PA. for the past thirteen years. We are primarily an Auto Wholesale Operation supplying other dealerships, and we are now listing select vehicles for sale to the public as well. I am the internet/wholesale manager and my name is Chris. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 215 669-6400.
We offer our online customers a full guarantee on the purchase of any of our vehicles. If you come here to inspect this vehicle and then decide for any reason that you don’t want it, you will be excused from purchasing it. The stated auction terms must be observed to maintain this guarantee.

This is a very clean 1993 BMW 525i Wagon in excellent condition. The owner really kept on the maintenance for this BMW and it runs and drives beautifully and there aren’t any warning lights on. This BMW is equipped with the CD Changer, and the double panel retractable sunroof, which opens in the front or opens in the rear for the back seat passengers. The retractable cargo cover is also included, along with all of the owner manuals.

We performed a safety inspection, as well as a maintenance service and road test on this BMW in preparation for sale. The engine runs very strong and smoothly, and the transmission shifts crisply. The tires were installed by the owner and are showing most of their tread. The oil & filter and the air filter were just replaced. All of the power equipment in this BMW has been checked and everything is working properly, including the air conditioning. The suspension and steering feel nice and tight.

The Green exterior of this Wagon looks great, and has been extremely well maintained. Other than some stone nicks, and a little ripple on the edge of the left fender, the only flaws on this car are very minor. There aren’t any dents or scratches, and there isn’t any body rust at all. The undercarriage is very clean, dry and in excellent condition as well. The paint is super glossy over the entire body, ad is not faded out anywhere.

The interior of this BMW is crisp, clean and very fresh. All of the leather seats are soft, supple and in excellent condition. There is almost no wear showing on the driver seat. The carpeting is fresh, clean and in excellent condition throughout this car. All of the trim panels and trim pieces are intact, tight and in excellent condition. This was a non-smoker owned vehicle, and there aren’t any smoke odors or burn marks inside this vehicle.

The title is clean and clear without any liens or encumbrances. This is a beautiful BMW that I wouldn’t hesitate to jump in and drive anywhere in the country.


On offer with no reserve and with bidding currently at $2,501 this certainly appears to present a nice opportunity. The mileage isn’t low but we’ve seen many well-maintained BMWs surpass this mileage figure with ease. The paint looks good and the interior is clean so if it can come through with a good PPI then I don’t see much reason why a car of this mileage and condition couldn’t be bought, driven a few years, and then resold for a similar cost. Not bad for easy versatility!