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B-e-a-utiful 1984 VW GTI

The MkI GTI in Mars Red is like rosso corsa Ferraris- sure, they look great in other colors (I could do white or black), but they just look right. Today’s low-mileage example has had the benefit of a recent respray and redone interior too. First-gen GTIs don’t get much better than this.

It won’t take much to make this baby perfect. I probably would have gone for the black/plaid interior if I had my druthers, but that’s negligible in the face of how nice the seller has made this car. Don’t know what his reserve his but he says he’ll take significantly less then $10k. With only 106k miles I’d say it could go as high as $7k, but getting into a Mk1 this clean for around $5k would be a great, and really fun, deal.



  1. Jdub63
    Jdub63 September 20, 2010

    FYI, 84 GTI’s didn’t come in Mars red, but a slightly darker Royal red. However, most of the GTI trim lines were Mars red. Additionally, the red interior shown was only option besides blue. Black/plaid was not a US option.

    Thanks for highlighting this GTI, clean MK1s are hard to source and often overlooked.



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