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Feature Listing: 1989 Porsche 944


Having stopped by the local Porsche dealer two weeks ago, I came across a rather mint 1997 911 Turbo with a gulp almost $200,000 price tag. As outlandish a figure that might seem, such is the world of air-cooled 911 values we live in, scary enough to make me stand about five feet back from this specimen. There are still plenty of options out there for those P-car fans of more modest means. This 1989 Porsche 944 for sale from our reader Joey in Florida is a well kept example in a not often seen hue of Bamboo Metallic. Looking for an entry into the realm of vintage Porsche ownership? There are few better chances than what we see here.

Click for details: 1989 Porsche 944 on Pelican Parts


Year: 1989
Model: 944
Engine: 2.7 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 134,000 mi
Price: $5,500


One of Porsche’s many traditions is the ability to create and produce a sports car concept so correct that it becomes the standard for it’s type in the industry. Introduced in the fall of 1981, the Porsche 944 was hailed as a breakthrough, a sports car to inspire imitation among it’s competitors. Car and Driver called the 944 “America’s Best Handling car” and “One of America’s 10 Best” four years running. In spite of all the praise, Porsche engineers at the famed Weissach Development Center never stop trying to make it better. To refine it into an optimum configuration. So, in true Porsche tradition, 944 project engineers keep making it handle even better, making it faster, even more solid, more fun to own. Unfortunately, those who drive the Porsche “look alike” will miss the exculsivity of owning the real thing: in 1989, fewer than one new car in eight hundred sold in the U.S. will be a 944 Series sports car.

The 1989 944 series is an eloquent example of Porsche AG’s refinement philosophy. The new Porsche 944: a higher performing 2.7 liter 165bhp engine and newly standard comfort and convenience features. At Porsche, rarely is a single change made to realize one benefit. Rather, goals are clearly stated and then existing technology is synergistically improved to reap an optimized new configuration having multiple benefits. The new 944 engine is a case in point. In seeking better pulling power from low rpm, Porsche engineers specified a displacement increase, from 2.5 to 2.7 liters. But the didn’t stop there. They also: raised the compression ratio to 10.9:1; enlarged the intake valves; gave the engine a new camshaft with modified timing;and revised the digital motor electronics (DME) settings. These optimization efforts paid off in an impressive increase in torque, particularly at low rpms. Elsewhere in the 944, there are other refinements… ABS braking and automatic speed control are now standard.

This 1989 Porsche 944 base coupe on offer from Joey in Florida has received considerable refurbishment over his 3 year ownership. One year only car and color (Bamboo metallic) make this a bit of an unusual 944. Lots of new parts and labor in this one.

Recent Engine reseal: Oil pan, Cam tower, Balance shafts, oil cooler, OPRV, rod bearings, AC compressor, Water Pump/ Timing belt Rollers, Bosch 3 bar fuel pressure regulator and damper, engine bay fuel lines, Rebuilt Power steering pump, Bosch fuel pump and check valve, Weltmeister Lower control arm bushings, front wheel bearings, Rennbay rebuilt balljoints full Tie rods, Turbo s sway bars, solid heim joint endlinks, solid bushings, rennbay front sway bar supports, 7 & 9 inch forged clubsports, 968 M030 Koni double adjustable coilovers, Rogue tuning maf kit with 4 degree cam key, tuned for 93 and e85, 944 turbo injectors, ignition rotor cap & plug wires, 3 inch exhaust, DME Relay, DME water temp sensor, All 4 calipers rebuilt with new pads and brake lines, Harness bar, Arnworx throttle body rebuild, OEM Porsche TPS, reference sensors, Idle air control valve, radiator, JVC stereo with alpine 4×6 speakers, “only 944” short shifter, shifter rod, and shifter bushing, Hella e code h4 headlights, dash restoration, and………………Much more.. I have receipts and documents.


Parts not installed: included for extra $1000
60k short 5th gear transmission
2.5 10inch springs
New sachs clutch
New fae master cylinder
New Slave cylinder
New centric rotors

Contact Joey
(561) 254-8257


Considering the work done to this car, the asking price is well within reason from comparable non-Turbo 944s that we’ve seen pass through GCFSB. The addition of the Koni adjustable coilovers, harness bar and a few other performance upgrades make this a ripe candidate for some track day action, as well. If it were me, I’d probably make a few more modifications to this 944 and have a proper track day beast, given this isn’t a low mileage garage queen we are dealing with. However, this isn’t a worn out basket case of a car, so it would make a fun and rather practical everyday classic. My guess is good 944s won’t always be so cheap, so it’s a great time to get in while the getting is good.



  1. Brad
    Brad December 10, 2015

    Pity the wheels. Ghetto.

  2. Joey
    Joey December 10, 2015

    Comes with phone dials. The clubsports needed to be finished and we’re done in black

  3. Doug
    Doug December 12, 2015

    Install those extra parts for $500 and this would be a steal. Install them at $1k, and it is still a good deal.

  4. Mike Schneider
    Mike Schneider December 17, 2015

    – Back in the day a MY87 2.5l coupe was my daily driver of ten years; Stoney Grey Metallic over Lt. Grey Beige partial leather. The MY89 coupes 2.7l displacement increase goes a long way to improve drivability. Agreed, the 16″ 944 Turbo S alloy’s finished in black is a Ghetto aesthetic.
    This MY89 2.7l coupe is a bargain for someone who will appreciate the great effort put into the coupe thus far. I’d think little is needed to start enjoying a much copied chassis; engine-torque tube-transaxle. There’s a shop in Wiesbaden modifying an otherwise fully stock 968 coupe by transplanting a light weight all-alloy inline 5cyl 2.5l from the neu MY16 RS3 Sportback. Stock out of the crashed Audi RS3 donor its 368 HP and a boat load of torque output (level from about 1,700 RPM out to 5,000 RPM) Let’s hope to read about this 968 coupe one day … Auto Motor und Sport ?

  5. John
    John December 18, 2015

    Buy it with phone dial wheels

  6. Mike Schneider
    Mike Schneider December 19, 2015

    Agreed. Swap the current dark colored/finished wheels with a set of late offset phone dials, providing a touch of originality. Or ,,, the 16″ Design 90 alloys from the 1990’s 944S2 .
    I’d fit such a set of S2 coupe 16 inch alloys to my MY87 2.5l coupe …. really updates the earlier 944’s (non-turbo/S2 bodies) aesthetic. IIRC the above ’89 944’s dark colored wheels are a “forged” version of the Design 90 look alloys? No? MY89 Turbo S … wheels?

  7. John
    John December 21, 2015

    Yes they are the rare forged clubsport wheels. The car comes with a set of phone dial wheels.

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