High mileage 1988 BMW M5 Dinan E28

Sometimes we find cars we posted before return to the blog much later for sale by a different owner. Sometimes we don’t remember this. So that said I don’t think we have seen this particular M5 before, but we have seen a number of black E28s move through this blog.
This one has 214,000 miles, but only 25,000 on an engine rebuild and 1,000 on a valve job. The engine rebuild also saw the car see some go fast additions including, a lightweight flywheel and 3″ exhaust. The car also has a Dinan chip and Dinan Stage 3 suspension. 17″ rims and Euro headlights complete the nice look.
There are a few bits that need to be found, replaced, and fixed, but nothing that would prevent instant enjoyment from the purchase.
The car is sitting at $5,655 with bids and reserve not met.
Seller description:

There were only supposed to be 500 handbuilt BMW M5’s but BMW ended up making about 1270 total cars due to demand. This is car # 126 of the first 500. E28 chassis M5’s are the last of the handbuilt M/// cars.

It has 214k on the odo but only about 25k on the engine since a full rebuild by Fall Line Motorsports in the Chicago Illinois area. A good rebuild on these engines will run upwards of $10,000, which is why you never see them rebuilt. Timing chain and guides replaced, a lightweight flywheel was used in place of the stock unit for faster revs, a Fahey crankshaft hub was used for greater strength. SCCA style exhaust was custom built with high flow cat, 3″ mandrell bent pipe and stock M5 muffler.

Valve adjustment just done 1k ago.

The head work was done by Chuck Stickley from CSS Motorsports http://www.cssmotorsports.com/
Chuck builds BMW engines and races professionally in SCCA competitions. The headwork alone ran $3,500 and is fully ported and matched with a full angle job. A Dinan exhaust cam gear was used in place of the factory peice for better torque response.

The car was also converted at Fall Line to a Split Second Mass Airflow system with both ARM1 & ARC 2 systems replacing the stock airflow meter. There is also a custom aluminum air filter cover included that was fabricated to shield the filter from engine temps. It is easily removable and secures with a Dzus fastener. More info here regarding the Split Second conversion:

This system allows for manual overide of air and fuel levels and is easily adjusted to account for intended driving conditions.

Dinan 10 Point car and has been “Badged” as such by Dinan Engineering.

Stage 3 suspension system: SLS delete, adjustable sway bars, Dinan springs and fixed negative camber plates front and rear set the camber at about -2 degrees. Rear struts are also Dinan Bilstein peices that are height adjustable.
Dinan exhaust cam gear.
Dinan ECU Chip. Car also comes with factory chip.


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  1. Incorrect… The E34 M5 was the last of the hand built M cars. Following that, the Z8 was also hand built.

  2. Ended with reserve not met at $6,100.

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