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How many miles is too many? Audi Ur-Quattro for sale

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

In a meeting with a sports psychologist yesterday, he brought up the concept of “re-framing,” and how important it is to be resilient and positive. This can be challenging with cars, especially older European ones. When the list of things fixed starts taking up pages, it can test ones loyalty to their car. But then fixing it, helping it get healthy and last a little longer, can be extremely rewarding. So sure, 193k miles on a rare rally car may seem like a lot, and the “this this and this fixed, needs a little of this and that and the some more this” can be intimidating, but we can re-frame this situation: This is a really clean Ur-Quattro, progenitor of the box-fender, all-wheel drive and turbo madness, and it’s still running pretty strong. Each thing you inevitably fix on it is more of a donation to the Awesome Old German Car Foundation than the money pit.

The description is a bit dense, but if you feel like seeing the creeping signs of age in the attention needed, check out the link.

Despite my best efforts, I’m an optimist. I truly think owning and slowly improving this car would be more rewarding than frustrating. The exterior is truly gorgeous here; it’s begging for some attention in the interior and maybe a 20V swap down the line. Bid up to a reserve not-met at $4,550 at time of writing, if it stays below $7,000 I’m going to put this on the “good deal” list.



  1. syed iedei
    syed iedei February 18, 2011

    as i’ve mentioned before, i really dig your blog—BUT your opinions about the urquattro are always way off.

    i’m not sure where you think 193k miles are alot for an Audi—because they are not, considering the age of this car—-and the condition of this car is much better than average overall. Additionally, average urquattros sell for between $12-15k, and better than average cars sell now upwards to $20k. this urquattro is definitely average….and if you are expecting $7k, you are underestimating this car my friend!!!

    i’m gonna keep calling you out on it, til you get it right 😉

    thanks for a nice blog and cheers!
    syed iedei

  2. Evan
    Evan February 19, 2011

    Ended at $4,651.99, reserve not met.

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