Inexpensive 1992 Mercedes 500E

This is a fairly inexpensive 500E, placed for sale with no reserve. Mercedes’ super sedan for the early 90s can still hold its own out in the highways full of bland rides. The 500E is subdued itself in appearance, but as we have said with other 500Es we’ve posted they are something special. The reliable V8 provides plenty of oomph for bombing the interstate.

This particular car has 85,000 miles and the ask price is $6,000. That price is on the low end for that kind of mileage, but the seller does state the car has been in a front end accident at one point in its life. The seller doesn’t provide details about the crash or photos which would be nice just for piece of mind. They do state that after the accident in 2001 the car sat for six years until it was put back on the road, that suggests it wasn’t too minor an accident despite the clear title.

The owner gave the car a respray and has done some maintenance work such as replacing all the motor and transmission mounts, which need to be able to handle spirited driving. The color looks grey, but it is actually a purple hued color, Mercedes paint code 481 or blackberry, sometimes called bornite. It looks like the engine cover has also been paint matched. The headlights and grill have been replaced, presumably because of the accident. There are also updated taillights that are smoked versions, which look nice. Aftermarket rims are on the car, but it comes with the stock rims as well. The photos don’t show the car that well, but the interior looks like it has some discoloration.

Not an investment level car, but an opportunity to get into a 500E with under 100,000 at a bargain price. Potential buyers should still get a PPI given the car’s history.

Inexpensive 1992 Mercedes 500E on eBay


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  1. Looks like a great deal if it stays under 9K and on OK one under 10K. Couple points, true 500E OEM Euro headlights and taillights have been very difficult to obtain (NLA from MBZ) for a couple years and people frequently use the 300E parts which fit but are not correct. The Euro lights are nice because you can run hotter bulbs but need an upgraded wire harness as well. Worth checking to be sure it was all done correctly but a nice plus if true. I’d also check to see about the wiring harness replacement.

  2. A reminder that you can’t completely trust CarFax and AutoCheck reports, I guess.

    Neither seems to recognize that a major accident occurred, and if the title records are accurate, it’s been sold at least 4 times, possibly 5.

    That said, if a PPI confirms that the repairs were done properly, and the car runs and drives well…perhaps you can pick up a bargain 5-figure 500E with under 100K miles.

    If I didn’t find the “blackberry” color so off-putting, I might consider it.

  3. No such thing as an inexpensive e500 thats an oxymoron. The initial purchase price may look attractive thats where it ends.

  4. @Jim

    I couldn’t agree more. The entry price on mine was $6500. I dropped 10K on in the first year I owned the thing and that’s without major engine or tranny work.

  5. This car appears to have sold for $10K. Not a bargain, but not crazy either.

  6. Interesting that these are starting to sell again on ebay. I’ve been watching 500E auctions for the last couple years and have seen multiple cars equivalent to this one that haven’t sold. It also looks like prices on these are still remarkably low.

  7. As mentioned above, this is one of those cars where the entry price is only the beginning.

    Mercedes parts, maintenance and repair, is not cheap. Porsche parts, maintenance and repair, is not cheap.

    So it’s reasonable to assume that parts, maintenance and repair, on a Mercedes engineered and built by Porsche is going to leave a massive gaping hole in your wallet.

  8. Given its “shared” platform with the 300E and 400E, what surprised me the most about the 500E was the number (and cost) of 500E specific parts. A minor example: the insulated air intake hoses are unique to the 500E and list runs close to $75.

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