Lost in Time: 1982 43k Volkswagen Scirocco For Sale

First the bad news, it’s an automatic!

OK, now that we scared off everyone let’s get to the car.  1982 VW Scirocco, one owner and only 43k miles.  This car is stock, how stock?  It still has the factory stereo in the uncut dash.

Cars like these just don’t exist anymore, regardless of your transmission preference this is an unique opportunity.

1982 Volkswagen Scirocco:

From the seller –

“1982 Volkswagen scirocco, this is an original very nice example with only 44’100 Miles owned by one family since new. All services have been performed and Documented with hand written notes showing items performed and or replaced with dates and mileages.  Sold new 2-24-83 and given to there daughter 1/16-96 this car was taken care of by both members of the family.

Finished in it’s original color and paint the car has never sustained any Damage, it is very straight and has no rust issues. The car has been stored in a Climate controlled environment so there is no sun fade either. There are a few scratches to the passenger side and some chips on the hood, these have been brush touched. A few very minor door Dings to the passenger side that the dent wizard could easily remove.  The interior is 100% original; it has an automatic transmission, and factory air Conditioning.

The factory VW radio still there and works, the headliner, carpet and dash is like new, there has been a dash saver on the car since new and the seat covers are original and also in as new condition and the foam is still tight and not broken down and no wear to the side bolsters.  This VW runs very well, oil and filter was changed ever 4000 miles or every six Months, the most recent major work was a new timing belt, all new belts, Compressor,  water pump, ac pump. I also just did front brakes with new pads and Rotors along with new wheel bearings also four new tires.

The car is 100% stock.  The car runs very well  ,no leaks, no smoke, a little vibrating when at a stand Still but when you give the car a little gas and the rpm’s go up it goes away so Maybe  the idle needs to be raised. The trans shifts great and the car gets up to 35mpg. I have alot of extra service parts that come with the car new and still in the factory boxes, plugs, filters, belts etc. All gauges, lights, signals, Wiper works. The temp gauge works but will go up to the red and flash the warning light but the car runs cool I had added an external temp gauge I think it needs a new sending unit for the temp.

This is a nice original low mileage Scirocco that will be a collector car in the near future, you just don’t see them anymore and if you do there in terrible condition.”

A very thorough explanation, bidding currently sits at $1k with the reserve not met.  The automatic transmission does dampen the opportunity a bit but there is a great deal to like here.  I could see a final amount of $5.5k as appropriate, either as a nice show car or a cheap daily.  The latter, while very thrifty it would be shame to expose this Rocco to a daily commute.

Either what I hope whomever obtains this Rocco respects how it sits today and resists the urge to modify her in any way.  The stock nature of this VW is quite alluring, if it has stayed this way all these years it should remain as such.


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  1. I love Sciroccos. I really do. But what would make me want to spend the inevitably outrageous money this seller expects?

    Sciroccos are fun runabouts – fun to drive and fun to toss around. This comes from light weight, and the ability to extract every once of their typically meager power via an easy to shift 5-speed.

    With such perfect condition and low mileage here, I’d be afraid to drive it the way it was meant to be driven. Even if you are willing to run it, with this fairly primitive automatic, most of the Scirocco driving experience isn’t even there to be had.

  2. Oh, and a tranny swap would not only obliterate a lot of the originality you are paying so much for, it woul be a fairly involved and expensive project that would further increase your sunk costs. It’s a shame, really.

  3. This car falls into an odd category that I seem to be encountering more and more these days. It’s too nice to be a daily beater but the odds of it ever being worth a bunch of money are pretty slim.

    Also worth noting is that an ’82 Scirocco is the first year of the second generation cars, but it still has the 1.7L engine. 74hp isn’t the greatest match for the automatic. The 90hp 1.8L didn’t appear until the 1983 model year.

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