Reader Ride: One Owner 2002 E46 BMW 323i For Sale

The BMW 3 Series is the Swiss Army Knife of German autos.  They do a little bit of everything well.  They drive and handle better than most anything in their class.  They are always stylish, well designed, and reasonably reliable.  Over the years they have evolved to include more choices.  These days you can get AWD, two or four doors, or even a diesel motor.  All of this at the most entry level pricing BMW has to offer.

Here we have a 2002 One Owner E46 323i for sale.  While not exotic by any means these E46 are quite capable cars and if kept in the right hands can provide miles of durable satisfaction.

2002 E46 BMW 323i:

From the seller –

“Our family has owned this 3 since new.  It has spent it’s life in sunny rust free southern California, has always been garaged and well maintained.  The paint and interior are in excellent condition.  No accidents, no paint work, no stories.  Clean title in hand.  We purchased a 135i, so it’s time for the 3 to find a new home.”

This is a very straightforward 3 series, no paint, no stories, all original miles.  That does not sound like a big deal in and of itself but that is so very rare these days.  An asking price of $6,500 gets you a very capable driver that looks and feels like it is worth much more.

This car has served its current owner well and will do so for the next occupant.  Best of luck on your sale.


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  1. The bright red paintwork and chrome wheels has a bit of a Christmas feel going on. To each their own, right?

    With the automatic, it won’t win any races, but should be a nice second-hand car with needs typical of this mileage and age.

    Good luck with the sale.

  2. Aaron: Theres’ no such beast as a 2002 323i. BMW stopped making them in 2000. Check the seller’s link.

    Rich (Seller): You’re asking top dollar (yes, $6,500 is top dollar for this car) so take care of the minor issues.

    You can fix the moonroof shade in about 20 mins with some $2 clips from Bavauto. Go to the forums at e46fanatics and search for the DIY in their forums.

    If you’re interested in a new gear shift knob I have a Myrtle Wood knob from a 2001 330xi that I’ll GIVE you if you pay for shipping. Respond here if you’re interested.

    The cover cap for the passenger exterior handle is likely a low dollar item as well. Go to, look up the part #, and then search for it online.

    Coolant lights don’t come on ‘randomly.’ You should probably replace the plastic parts of the cooling system as preventive maintenance or risk catastrophic failure. ECS tuning sells kits.

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