Low-mileage 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale

I was driving behind one of these the other day and was reminded of how cool these funky little coupes are.  Depending on the angle and mood, they can look like bloated space pods or excitable rally monsters.  Sightings are rare as only 1730 came to the US, and this is an great example with a mere 55k miles covered.

It’s not perfect, but the pearl white looks really good here, and a few small upgrades (wheels, suspension) would make this a very attractive little car.  The interior and engine compartment are in great shape and the low mileage is a huge plus, but asking nearly $10k is a bit much.  The last one I posted was half that, albeit with twice the miles.  I’d much rather spend $5k on a 110k mile car than $10k on a 55k mile car.

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  1. I love these too! I’d have to agree that $10k is probably a little on the optimistic side, I like going the other way around with paying more for less miles. Personally, I always look at it as less miles = less chance of someone neglecting it. But I don’t wrench on my own cars anymore either and I can see how someone who can could save a bunch on a higher mileage example.

    Nice post Nate,


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  3. Is it still for sale?Please give me call-912 224 2796.

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