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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

For those of you who find some of our under $10k cars a bit mundane here is opportunity for you.

With only 75 ever built perhaps one day this will be collectible, but for now I wouldn’t consider this a real investment grade vehicle, though someone is trying to turn a profit with the ask here being $1,800,000, which is several 100k over original MSRP. This is a chance to show up all those folks in their “standard” SLRs.

Lightweight and with 640 horsepower, 220 mph can be achieved if you find enough road. With no windows or windshield goggles would be a must.

It is really hard to fathom what exactly you would do with this, it isn’t street legal in the U.S., but you can probably get it through on show plates or just take it to track events. The seller says the car is currently in Germany.

Not bad looking, but not exactly beautiful. I suppose it is nice to know if you really want one they can be had. It is pretty cool for a company to pay homage to someone as important to their history, as Stirling Moss was for Mercedes, while they are still alive as well.

You would think if you were selling a 2 million dollar car you would add a bit more credibility to your sale by providing better pictures and description. Of course it sort of loses a bit of mystique just being on eBay in the first place.



  1. Nate
    Nate January 15, 2010

    Insane find, Evan! But with $2 million, there’s a lot of other directions I’d go before I got an SLR, though this is definitely the coolest version.

  2. Evan
    Evan February 1, 2010

    No bids at $1,799,000.

  3. unite tyre changer
    unite tyre changer October 1, 2010

    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is one of the best car i ever see.SLR which stand for sport,light,racing can tell you the car’s performance.

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