No-Reserve BMW E39 M5 for sale

Here’s a chance to steal the quintessential super sedan from Bavaria without repercussions from the law.  The E39 M5’s design and performance has held up extremely well in the decade since its inception, the muscular shape still catching eyes and 400hp 5.0L V8 still scaring children, animals, and uninitiated lead-feet.  A minor fender-bender knocks this one’s AutoCheck score down a bit, but this is balanced out by fairly low mileage, just over 90k miles.  What isn’t balanced out is the garish interior, an unfortunate choice in this otherwise classy and handsome beast.

Overall this looks like a fine example that could be had at a great price.  I would seriously consider eBaying at least the seats if not the door panels too and finding something more… restrained.  Other than that, this is a great chance to snag one of the best BMWs in recent memory, one of those (sadly) increasingly rare instances of a Bimmer that truly is an Ultimate Driving Machine.


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  1. friend recently backed out on purchasing one for $12K, just to provide a datapoint. stock, 100k on the odo, new clutch at 93k, common diff whine bet 45-60mph, OBDII code required to reset odd codes from time to time.

    i admire these cars a heck of a lot, they’re wonderful.

  2. That blue interior always intrigued me. Not sure about the dated bits on the ‘2000 model however. Still an incredible car almost 12 years later – people still think it’s only a few years old.

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