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Rare BMW Alpina B8 Touring Wagon E36

Alpina’s are rare cars, this one, according to the Alpina register, is 1 of 27 wagon B8s produced in the late 1990s. Around 250 of the B8s were produced in all forms form. The Alpina register has a PDF copy of the whole parts catalog for the B8 so you can see what you are getting.
With 333 horsepower from a custom crafted Alpina 4.6 liter V8 stuffed under the hood of a 3 series, matched to a six speed manual, these have to be fun cars. The touring just adds to the unique and wow factor. Subtle changes like the standard Alpina look wheels and badging are all that give the car away. That is, of course, besides the throaty V8 burble coming from the tailpipes.
I love the fact that one of the previous owners of this particular car has badged it as a 316i. Just image the look of an unsuspecting Mustang owner on the highway as an apparent 4 cylinder station wagon disappears into the horizon.
This particular vehicle looks like it has been enjoyed year round, it has 84,000 miles, sports winter tires. and you can see snow on it in the pictures. Its good to see that the car is being enjoyed.
The owner says the car is on its way over from Bremerhafen Germany. The price is $34,000 or $40,000 if you want the current owner to take care of getting the car registered since it will come in as a grey market vehicle.

BMW Alpina B8 Touring on Craigslist



  1. Paul
    Paul March 9, 2010

    Saw this at the end of last week on Craigslist. This thing rules!

  2. bob
    bob March 10, 2010

    Very neat, but i doubt it works well with that big lump up front. I have been obsessed with an E36 wagon for the past 6 months. I was considering importing a fantastically accurate full Euro M3 conversion from Holland, but Canadian regs only let cars made before 1995 into the country and this particular car was a 1996. My other plan was to do a LS1 v8 conversion on an E36 wagon. A month ago I settled on a nice E46 Touring with manual tranny and sport package. I love BMW wagons. I could have bought the immaculate and professionally done M3 Wagon in for 15,000 Euros, or less most likely.

  3. Mark G
    Mark G March 10, 2010

    For bob: the V8 isn’t that much different in weight to the 6, & Alpina tune the suspension to suit, anyway – I’ve driven a coupe & a saloon, both were awesome.

  4. bob Salter
    bob Salter March 10, 2010

    Yes, I am sure it is well done and sorted. For anyone interested in V8 E36’s, check out Vorshlag motorsports or E36 LS1 on You tube. There is a well sorted kit to put the lighter LsX v8’s in the E36 chassis. I’d love a wagon with that amount of power. I own an E36 M3 Sedan and enjoy the platform.
    BTW, I love this site. I hope to buy some car I see here one day. Thanks!!

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