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Reader-suggested 1995 Ur-S6 Avant for Sale

Thanks go to reader Larry for bringing this first-gen S6 to our attention. S6s have been on my mind this week since I saw a beefy-looking C5 S6 Avant on the street the other day. With the same plenty-powerful 4.2L V8 as the contemporary S4, the combination of muscle, utility, and AWD makes it an appetizing choice. The original S6, itself a re-badged Ur-S4, had a Euro-only “S6 Plus” option with 4.2L V8 , but the main engine was the classic 2.2L I5 putting out 230hp, not bad at all for 1995. Extra sexy as a 6-speed black avant, today’s listing could be a very fun Q-ship.

1995 Audi S6 Avant with 95,730 miles. 5cyl 20vturbo (AAN) gasoline engine with Stage1-Chip and a 6-speed maual (EDU) transmission. 5/95 build date, Black on black leather, OEM Recaro seats, 50% window tint, European Headlights with HIDs and city lights, 3rd row seat, all Seat heaters working, all windows & sunroof working, Heater and A/C working. No rips or tears in seats or side bolsters.

Samco hoses, 034 MAF hose, 034 Engine and Transmission mounts, Timing belt and waterpump replaced at 75K.

Very well maintained. Mostly OEM Audi parts used.

New Cam & Crank sensor, rear Camber links and steering damper. New OEM O2 Sensor and MAF sensor. New V/C gskt, Coolant reservoir, coolant Temp sensor, Auxillary waterpump, front subfram bushings, Parking brake cables and brake hoses. New L/F window regulator. New Sachs clutch along with 6-speed install at 79K.

Major Service done at 90K with Spark plugs, Air&Pollen filter, Fuel filter. All fluids changed incl. Brake Fluid, Coolant, Trans&Diff oil. New Conti Pro Contact tires, Alignment and 4 New Koni shocks installed at 90K. LOF , new wipers and rear brake pads done at 95K (front pads at 50% remaining)

Free extras include a full size spare tire, new starter and some spare parts.

Vehicle is sold as is, no existing warranty. Scratch on L/F fender and rear lid, 2 door dings.

It appears to be very well taken care-of with less than 100k miles,lots of solid maintenance taken care of along with a chip and 6-speed swap (a Euro factory option). Rein in the ride height a little bit and swap some later-model Audi wheels (C5 RS6 or late-model larger S4 Avus, perhaps?) and this will be a responsible all-weather wagon for the enthusiast. Reserve not met at $5,500 with 5 days left. I’d go in for $8k or less.



  1. Christian
    Christian April 27, 2011

    Actually, the 4.2 V8 was not an option here, and only in Europe as the “S6 Plus”. And the 6 speed never came over here either.

  2. Nate
    Nate April 27, 2011

    Thanks for the tip, Christian. Updated the article with that info.

  3. Larry
    Larry April 27, 2011

    Sweet ride – especially in black/black.

    I agree with your ride-height comment, Nate, but in my opinion, the smaller Avus-style alloys on this S6 work well. Appearance-wise, I think the C5-based A6/S6 Avants accept the later/larger S4/S6 wheels better than the C4 cars.

    In fact, overall, I prefer the cleaner and sharper exterior lines of the C4 over the C5. Even though my C5 A6 and S6 Avants have been more more modern and comfortable inside, I always liked the look of the long-arch dashboard design in the C4’s also.

    S6 Avants like this make me wish I was in the market for one right now. Thanks for posting!

  4. Dallas
    Dallas April 30, 2011

    Caution – 291tkm = 180,000 miles…

  5. Larry
    Larry May 1, 2011

    Bidding made it up to $7799 with 23 bids, reserve not met. Vehicle has been relisted.

  6. Larry
    Larry May 7, 2011

    Sold this time for $9101 with 13 bids. Nice.

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