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Reprehensible 2001 BMW 740i for Sale

I’ve tried to show off some great classic BMW M cars recently.  The early factory M cars have so much going for them: great power, subtle but aggressive looks, rarity and cache.  Like Ben, I am a big fan of the E38 7-series, but this example has none of the qualities that made those M cars great, and no matter how hard this seller will try to convince you, there has never been an M 7-series.  His taste is about as good as his spelling, but I thought it was still worth sharing.  If anything, just to point and laugh, but who knows, maybe someone wants the “CUSTOM SWEAD INTERIORS” and can appreciate that “LOT OF MONY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS CAR.”

“EVERYTHING IS A CUSTOMIZE” 2001 740i for sale on Craigslist

There are good facets of this car, but it’s just too much.  The red is actually a very nice shade, but doesn’t really suit the 7-series.  The wheels would look good without the painted rim, the steering wheel is similarly tainted.  The “red” (pink) roundels can go, along with the front winglets, the M badges on the door sills, front grill, engine, and the Pimp-My-Ride amplifier and speakers.

Once those basics have been taken care of, it’d be an attractive 7 series under $15k that somehow has “MORE HORSE POWER THAN REGULAR 740.”  Until then, however, it’s just a good exhibit (Xzibit?) of what not to do to your BMW.



  1. Deven
    Deven April 12, 2010

    I’m going to make a little bit of a case for this car. Remove the offending bits and I think you’ve got a reasonably priced daily driver – that is probably a more reliable candidate for that duty than the below Dinan stroker with the mysterious starting / engine issues.

    While the seller obviously is no poet laureate, he’s provided a ton of high res pictures, and I’d like to think that some of the “MONY” that was spent on the car went to maintenance. Also, the more that I look at it the more the red appeals to me.

  2. Nate
    Nate April 12, 2010

    I definitely appreciate your comment and providing a counterpoint, Deven. I agree that sans the overdone pieces, it’s a reasonable priced luxury driver.

    And I think without aforementioned offending bits, the red would be less offensive too. It’s a great shade, it’s just dragged down into “trying too hard” by the rest of the car.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  3. Deven
    Deven April 12, 2010

    Hey man, thanks for running an awesome blog that I check religiously.

    I think that part of my semi-irrational attraction to this car is just that red paint – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a E38 7 series in Imola before.

    Apparently this guy’s ad is getting lots of traction – it’s featured on Jalopnik as their “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” feature. The seller also listed it on eBay with a starting bid of 5K – no idea what the reserve is. For now, I’m just watching…I need to concentrate my efforts on one of the many Benz 560SEC’s that are popping up for sale recently.

    Also – didn’t these develop a reputation for being maintenance hogs beyond the typical BMW fare?

  4. Evan
    Evan April 12, 2010

    I’ve certainly seen much worse, even at least one or two on this blog.
    Remember I posted this:

    This 7 series shows some budget work, but can be cleaned up a bit and be fine. I kind of dig the black out grill and black/body color rims combo. Even the eyebrows I can live with. Now the front corner splitters on a 740i, that might be a bit much.

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