1984 BMW 323i Pickup

There really isn’t much to say about this eBay oddity, other than it has to be overpriced.

The seller says:

Only 2 cars were authorized by BMW to be custom modified to pick up version.

I’d like to know more about what exactly that means. I’m not sure I can see the fine folks in Bavaria back in 1984 thinking “You know Rolf we really need to compete with the Subaru BRAT segment”.

1984 BMW 323i Pickup

It has some nice goodies from Hartge and Schrick, but I really can’t explain what they were going for with that paint job.

If this can really be documented as a factory BMW project its rarity might give it some added collector value. It is going to take a special someone to want to take this one home at $25k. Besides, I know Mercedes already locked up the German El Camino (or would that be Die Straße) bragging rights. Below photo from my archives.

Mercedes W116 Pickup


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  1. What a load of crap, neat idea for fun but BMW had nothing to do with it once it left the factory

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  3. That’s quite the eyesore. I much prefer the 2010

  4. Hello,
    this car was not a offical BMW Car. The car is
    build in 1984 by AT Autotechnik+ Design – a Tuning
    Shop in Heidelberg/Germany. The Idea was to show
    what is possible. AT was a Shop of BMW Dealer
    Auto Kocher Heidelberg.
    The new Car never had BMW Signs. The offical
    Name for it was AT 323 Pickup.

    there wher build 3 Cars , 2 for AT and one for
    BMW Glöckler in Frankfurt


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  6. george hadjidemetriou

    Hello ,

    I would like to know if this BMW E30 pick-up is street legal or not please?

    Thank you

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