1977 BMW 320i

On its own, the 320i is not a terrible car. But when you consider the vehicles that preceded and succeeded it (the 2002 and E30 3 series, respectively), well, it’s no wonder this has become a bit of a footnote in BMW history, even if it was the first car to wear the 3 series badge. A lot of these early 3ers have been long since forgotten and used up, but this 320i for sale in Colorado has bucked the trend, looking fresh with only 25,000 miles on the clock.


Year: 1977
Model: 320i
Engine: 2.0 liter inline four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 25,000 miles
Price: Reserve auction

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1977 BMW 320i

This BMW 320i is a very nice original survivor. The car has less than 25k miles. Probably one of the most original 320i you will find. The interior is in nice shape. The dash is not cracked and the car has always been garaged. This car is equipped with a four cylinder and a manual four speed transmission. Recent up keep (April 4, 2013) includes: Replaced rear wheel cylinders and brake shoes. The brake and clutch hydraulic system has been flushed out. The charge indicator dash light burned out causing the car not to charge; the bulb was replaced and the car charges properly. This has always been a non-smoking car. Original steel wheels. The car just passed Colorado’s emission test. I have a clear title in my name.

The Good:
Nice original interior
Exterior paint is nice
Original Blaupunkt Radio
Nice body (maybe one spot of rust see picture)
It’s a four speed!
My mechanic and everyone else love the car.

The not so Good:
The passenger seat fabric needs a little attention.
A few body dings nothing major hard to see
The Radiator fan is electric and it’s noisy
Tool kit missing a couple of tools
No A/C (Vintage Air makes a Trunk mounted system)

Please email me if you have any questions.


It won’t grab the attention of most readers on this blog, but for a teenager learning how to drive or someone needing a cheap, economical, short-distance commuter vehicle, this 320i could certainly fit the bill. In either situation, it offers a lot of character lacking amongst many compact vehicles these days, which still being a relatively safe vehicle to drive in modern day traffic. Other than the low mileage and condition, there’s nothing that stands out from the ordinary with this car. With good E30s starting at $4,000 to $5,000 and up, I’d suspect this one will wind up somewhere around that mark. Anything more, and you start getting into the territory where more interesting, modern and powerful options become available.


1977 Volkswagen Scirocco With Trans Am Body Kit For Sale

Tip of the hat to Wojciech for the heads up on this Rocco.  Stock 1977 VW Scirocco with a Trans Am Body Kit and 18k miles.  Back in the day VW produced two factory race cars known as #43 and #44.  #43 was wrecked and I believe #44 is somewhere, just not in St Louis.

1977 VW Scirocco W/ Trans Am Kit:

From the seller –

“1977 Volkswagen Scirocco with 18,927 original miles with a full six digit odometer. $3900 obo.

I am moving and can’t keep my toy anymore.

Trans Am Body Kit. The body kit was professionally installed. I still have the original floor mats that will go with the car.
New tires, new plugs, new plug wires, new distributor, new distributor cap, and rotor, new alternator. All filters have been changed.
There is a chin spoiler that I removed because it hangs to close to the ground for road driving. The chin spoiler will come with the car. There is no rust anywhere on the car.
The tint on the back windows is peeling a bit at the corners and some of the weather stripping could be replaced. The driver’s seat has a few tears.

I have the current title, receipts for all work performed,original bill of sale, build sheet, and some other documentation that all comes with the car.”

The story here should be the mileage and not the body kit.  Back in 2009 a low mileage ’77 Rocco eerily similar to this changed hands for close to $8k.  That car was touted as one of the few remaining factory race cars which of course it was not.  I sure hope this was not it.

Regardless I am a bit torn on what one would do with this.  Restore as is knowing you have a low mileage Rocco with no racing lineage, just a questionable body kit.  Or remove the Trans Am cladding and take her back to stock.  I lean toward the latter.

Either way at $3.9k I think there is some value here for the right person.


Manual 1977 280SL with body kit

The sun is out and here is another topless option.

This car has traveled 96,000 and what makes it more desirable than the plethora of other R107 SL models out there is the manual transmission. I can’t get a good look at this from the photos or the info to tell if this is a 4 speed or a 5 speed. The U.S. model cars, of which this one has U.S. headlights, but it is probably a grey market import, were stuck with an autobox. Euro SLs could be had with 4 or 5 speeds. I would guess this one has a 4 speed.

The parts on this car suggest that the body kit was added later in the car’s life. The white faced gauges aren’t seen on AMG cars this early and the trunk badge is a more modern AMG piece. I’m pretty certain the only thing AMG on this car is that badge, which is incorrect for the time period. The body kit looks to me to be a Zender kit, not AMG.

Car is up for $1,000 with the reserve not met. I wouldn’t expect this to bring a heck of a lot, but it looks like a solid daily driver. The seller doesn’t provide enough history or description to make me want to bid, but if things check out this might bring $8,000 on eBay. Probably more with better description or at a private seller.

Manual 1977 280SL with body kit on eBay


1977 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5-speed manual

The late 1970s was a about the halfway point for the R107 Mercedes-Benz SL. Here in the US, the only SL on offer was the 450SL, powered by the 4.5 liter V8 producing 222 horsepower. This engine was teamed exclusively with a 4 speed automatic in the US market. If, however, you lived in other parts of the world, you could order the 182 horsepower, 2.8 liter twin cam inline six and even opt for a manual transmission with four or five gears. In the case of our feature car, it has the desirable combination of the 2.8 liter six with the five speed manual transmission.

1977 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 5-speed manual on eBay

A Mercedes SL with a 5 speed transmission? A rare car in the USA, because it was never directly imported by the Mercedes-Benz factory, but rare even in the home markets, with 1347 produced in 1977. This car was privately imported early in life to California, so has NO RUST and no evidence of accident history. We purchased the car some time ago, with a previous history of a long term owner. We bring our favorite Mercedes-Benz cars right away to a Mercedes-Benz Factory trained technician, for a thorough inspection and repair program.

The car runs great!! The low total mileage of 115,031 represents a large amount of remaining use. Driving feel is fantastic: maneuverable, tight, responsive are all words that come to mind. Most W107 SL cars were produced with V-8 engines, mostly to satisfy the US market. The MUCH lighter twin cam six cylinder engine coupled with a 5 speed transmission gives a completely different feel. The high output engine has a definite growl and the manual transmission is a perfect match. Also, as a technical note: automatic transmissions absorb approximately 35 horsepower, where a manual transmission absorbs only 8 -10 horsepower. It makes for a better feel when the engine starts out with 185 horsepower.

While going over the car, we check over and service the brake system, cooling system, all fluids, electrical systems etc. We are happy to report that all systems are go, only needing basic operations to bring them up to date. As usual, the electrical systems on 107 Mercedes-Benz cars are quite trouble free, and this car has all working gauges, lights horns etc. Air conditioning and heating systems have been serviced and are operating properly. Water temperature and oil pressure all operate at proper levels, as befitting a low mileage car.

Chrome fittings are in excellent condition, including grille, bumpers handles and body trim. Lenses and lights all operate properly, and look great. The no-rust body and chassis is very straight and original, complemented by the blue metallic paint color. We do a polish operation on all of our cars, to bring up a fresh shine, and while the paint is presentable, there are a few chips and nicks etc, as well as varying levels of paint shine quality over the totality of the body panels. Overall, the paint is in good condition.

The red interior of this car is in excellent condition, and also very outstanding visually. All the chrome trims on the sides of the seats are intact, which is a bit rare. Carpets and dash trim look great with only a few cracks on the top of the dash pad (see photos). Also, there is a matching body color hardtop included in the sale, in excellent condition. Please note: the convertible top canvas is not present. The top frame work is stowed under the metal boot lid.

In summary, this is probably the best specification W107 SL to buy, and this car in specific is a recommended buy. It is such a different feel than a regular V-8 / automatic car, the difference is night and day, as well as a great color combination.

Blue metallic teamed with a red interior is a combination not often seen on the R107. The slimmer Euro bumpers also lend a more lithe look to this roadster than the heavy crash bumpers mandated by the US government. The only thing I’d change to finish off the package would be to add the flush fitting Euro headlights. Values of R107s have been rising across the board, as enthusiasts begin to recognize the strengths of the series. This is a nicely kept example for someone who wants a little more sporting of a drive. If this SL could be had for between $12,000 to $15,000, it would be well bought.


1977 Mercedes 450SEL Crayford Estate Wagon

This find comes into us from reader Randal. We have seen some pretty solid prices for factory Benz wagons of late, but here is a chance to get your hands on an earlier conversion.

The Crayford wagons are fairly well known cars in the Mercedes estate circles. I came across one in June of 2009 that was seen on GCFSB. While the car didn’t sell the first time, in January of 2010 BringATrailer found it listed again and ran a post on it. It sold for $23,000.

These conversions were tailored to an owner’s specific tastes and were done to a high standard. From the era before the venerable Mercedes TD & TE, they were unlike anything available directly from the factory. Interestingly Crayford cars retained their original Mercedes warranty.

This particular model comes out of the Texas estate (pun intended) of Eddie Chiles. It has 73,000 miles on the clock and has recently been serviced to bring it back into a daily driver level of service.  It features the U.S. quad, headlights, one of the differences from the previously mentioned car.

This car features a really interesting L shaped third row bench seat, the seller says that this feature is unique to this car only.

The car needs someone to give the inside, outside, under the hood, etc. a good cleaning. I’m actually surprised the current seller did the mechanical work on the car, but decided against cleaning up some of the grime. Some relatively simple elbow grease could pretty easily add a $1,000 to the sale price of this car.

This specimen is not as nice as the one that sold for $23,000, but bidding is already up over $16,000. I suspect we’ll see resistance at just under $20k for this one, but with a car of which less than 20 exist it only takes a few people who want one to do strange things to the auction price.  A neat piece.


1977 Mercedes-Benz 240D with 52,000 original miles

If there was a top ten list of legendary Mercedes-Benz models, you would most certainly find the W123 series sedans, wagons and coupes on this list. Introduced as a replacement for the W114/W115 “strict acht” or “stroke eight” series, the W123 lived on until 1985 and the introduction of the new E class series. The W123 series is renowned for its relative simplicity, reliability and as a result, is a popular means of transport in developing nations to this day. Purchasing one of these cars with triple digit mileage is something that should not be shied away from, however, clean, lower mileage examples are becoming more and more scarce. There are still some out there, though, like this very original first year example in a rare shade of green.

The seller states:

1977 Mercedes Benz 240D with under 52,000 original miles. I just got this from the original owners’ daughter. I have service records for the past 7 years to verify mileage and maintenance. Everything works (yes, even the air conditioning). Car is in great condition. Runs, shifts, stops great. No abnormal diesel tailpipe smoking. Color is Kaledonien Grun, or Caledonia Green, DB867 color code. You will not find a cleaner, more solid, lower mileage 240D period. Tires are new.

The 122 pictures speak for themselves at http://s306.photobucket.com/albums/nn263/kuhlmeister/1977%20240d/?start=all

I’m a sucker for rare colors and can’t remember the last time I saw any Mercedes in this hue. I think it fits the car well. There is about five days left and the car has not met a reserve. I would assume the seller is looking to get closer to the $10,000 mark, but he might be trying to hold out for more than that. In this era of ever increasing fuel costs, the 240D enables its owner to conserve resources while being classy. And with low mileage like this, the 240D stands ready and willing to motor on for decades to come.


1977 E21 BMW 325i Widebody

This 3 series is w-i-d-e. The car shows a lot of work inside and out. The engine is from a 1990 525i and it has been mated to a 5 speed manual. The interior has some aftermarket stereo work that is a bit dated. The outside shows some age as well with the fiberglass needing some cracks sealed and painted.

This car needs some cleanup, but will turn heads as is. Folks who sell their cars and do things like leave boxes of parts sitting in the trunk or have the shift knob mounted upside down, should not be surprised when bidding doesn’t meet their expectations.

Mileage is unclear on this ride. Bidding is up at $5,300 with no reserve. Would make a nice cars and coffee driver.


Post for the Daytona 500, 1977 Porsche 911S

As well as being Valentine’s Day it is also the Daytona 500. While I thought about posting that ran in the 1985 24 hours of Daytona, on eBay for $685,000, instead I found this Porsche 911 for sale in Daytona Florida and the kicker is if you watch the video in the auction showing off the car, you can hear the NASCAR boys practicing for the 500 at the track in the background. (How’s that for relevant tie-in?) Listen at the start of this video:

The rust free 111,985 mile car has that funky copper paint, but looks to be in need of a respray. That copper color sometimes strikes me as ok, other times it looks kind of ugly. The car has a 5-speed that the seller states shifts well and an engine in good shape, that leaks a touch of oil.

This one needs a bit of work, but it is very nice to see such an honest seller that lays out all the minor imperfections instead of trying to hide them. The little things that could be fixed don’t appear to be highly urgent so one could enjoy the car while fixing it up. This looks like it would make a great around town and weekend driver just as it sits.
$5,500 no reserve opening bid.

450 photos of the car can be seen here.


1977 BMW 630CSi Fjord Blue

Featured here is the successor to the 3.0 CS that I had found last month. This is a very early example of the E24 coupe in original condition. Introduced in 1976, the new coupe was first brought to the U.S. in 1977 with the 3.0 liter straight six. Halfway through 1978, the 633CSi bowed, which means that early 630’s, especially examples this well preserved, are few and far between. This particular example has had three owners and has traveled just shy of 100,000 miles.

The seller states:

Up for sale here is a rare very nice original first year 1977 BMW 630 CSI. In 77 there were about 425 of these special ordered for USA and Automatic. The original owner paid 23000 for it. He lived in New Jersey and was an oil executive. In 1978 it was shipped to Germany for a year then to La Jolla ,California in 1980. The car was sold to to an San Diego investment banker in 1982. He owned till i bought it a year ago. The car has been babied and the engine was rebuilt in last 7000 miles and transmission in last 800 miles. The car is in excellent condition and is matching numbers.

The color is Fjord Blue (Ice Blue) with blue connolly leather. The car has factory ac but it needs refrigerant, (the original refrigerant is not available for purchase in California) … It has the original manual and almost all of its tools… It has the original jack and spare… Also have rare Blaupunkt radio in a box…The alloys are factory original with newer tires… It is an absolute joy to drive and is as clean as the photos show. there is absolutely no rust or evidence of any accidents. It currently registered in California and can be driven anywhere…. The dash has a few small cracks… The leather is near perfect and original, it always had sheepskin covers… car cover comes with purchase….Just a beautiful example of an extremely rare sports car.

While early E24s may fall into the not quite classic category, this particular example, given its condition and pleasing color, seems to be fairly priced at just over $10,000. If the car is as well maintained as it looks, and comes with a full history, this 6er could be a practical classic that could appreciate in value, if properly maintained.