1998 Volkswagen GTi

The internet has been abuzz in recent months about how horrible Mustang drivers are in aggregate. Citing the numerous video records of late model Mustang burnouts gone horribly (and sometimes hilariously) wrong, the conclusion seems to brand all pony drivers as PBR sipping, Larry the Cable Guy watching, Copenhagen chewing knuckle draggers who greet each other with “OH YEAH? WATCH THIS!” Outside of some really special models, I’m generally not a huge Mustang fan – but here’s the thing. I’m really not sure it’s fair to brand the entire ownership of a model like this based upon the video witness of a few yahoos. After all, the Mustang is a hugely successful model. They sold a half a million of them in the first model year alone, which wasn’t even a whole year. To put in in perspective, yellow is considered one of the least popular colors on the car, yet there is an online support group enthusiast page devoted to them with over 10,000 members. Ten thousand – just yellow ones. Sufficed to say, there are a lot of Mustangs out there and odds are that most are probably pretty reasonable, non-crashing into crowds at Cars and Coffee event owners. I’ll come back to this in a minute.

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1987 Volkswagen GTI


It’s been a while since I’ve found a GTI that sticks out, but in a nice green on gold BBS wheels and an old-school BBS bodykit, this one will definitely turn a few heads. It seems like its been around a bit (Autocheck shows 9 owners), but the GTI is probably the best “project car” to continue working on without fear of something that you can’t find/fix/replace. Similar to the exterior, the interior has sweet Recaros and some other add-ons that are fine but not great. Overall it’s a pretty good GTI with many desirable upgrades inside and out. A little simplification would help it become a sweeter ride.

Click for more details: 1987 Volkswagen GTI on eBay

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1988 Volkswagen GTI 4-door

Oftentimes, the follow on to an original is overshadowed, but it’s not the case with the Mk2 Volkswagen GTI. The second generation version of this pocket rocket has developed a strong following, from people who favor clean original 8V and 16V variants to those taking clapped out chassis and swapping a later VR6 motor in them. Whatever the case may be, they offer a neat and usually cheaper alternative to the Mk1 classic. This Mk2 GTI four-door comes to us from our reader Walker and is tempting for those willing to go to the extra mile to import something just a bit different.

Year: 1988
Model: GTI 8V 4-door
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: N/A
Price: $5,946

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 Volkswagen GTI 4-door on Trade Car View

Power Windows / Rear Window Wiper / A/C:front / Power Steering / AM/FM Radio / CD Player / Leather Seats / Alloy Wheels / No accidents

It always baffled my why Volkswagen never offered a four-door version of the Mk2 GTI in the states. Surely there were people who would have favored even more practicality than what the traditional two-door offered. Being a 1988, this car escapes any scrutiny from the federal government if you would choose to import it to these shores. I dig the four lamp grille and extra two doors. It would be nice if the dealer had provided a bit more information, as is the case with a lot of the cars we come across (especially the mileage figure). But, when it comes to most of the Mk2s we see, this car seems to have been well cared for. If you are resourceful and have the time and patience to import something from the Land of the Rising sun, you’d surely draw admiring stares at the next VW meet.


1987 Volkswagen GTI

The VW GTI has always been a favorite among driving enthusiasts, due to the simple equation of a lightweight car coupled with a peppy 4 cylinder engine and quick ratio gearbox. But over the years, the VW GTI has gone from the “Original Pocket Rocket” to an overweight option riddled version of itself.

If you ask any VW enthusiast, they will tell you that the definitive line where the GTI went from hero to zero was 1992, which was the last year for the MK2 GTI. The MK2 Golf GTI was Volkswagen’s evolution of the MK1 Rabbit GTI and offered a wider range of options to the buyer.  The base model GTI was a 1.8L 8v engine wiMth a quick ratio gearbox, sport seats, and GTI trim. The other option was the GTI that boasted a 1.8L 16v engine, slightly different gear ratios, Recaro seats and enough 16v badging to insure that you stood out from the 8v crowd.

This beautiful Alpine white 8v GTI for sale in Eugene, Oregon is not the more desirable 16v, but is a well kept example of the last of the true VW pocket rockets.

Year: 1987
Model: GTI
Engine: 1.8 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: unknown
Price:  $3,600

1987 Volkswagen GTI on Craigslist Eugene


1987 VW GTI. Both the 8v engine the five speed tranny are original to the car. This is a beautiful adult owned and meticulously maintained car which is always garaged. This is a highly collectable car and one of nicest stock GTIs in Oregon. The paint is orginal and looks great for a 27 year old car. I see no rust anywhere on it…and I have looked hard. The only after market parts are new Bilstein Sport struts ($1000), new H&R ½” lowering springs ($500), new Konig wheels which are BBS look-a-likes ($700) and new Bridgestone tires ($800). It has also recieved new OEM bushings, new OEM control arms, rebuilt shift linkage, new starter, new axles and seals, all new OEM brakes and disks, all new OEM wheel bearings, and has legally tinted window ($200). Runs and drives beautifully. Must go to make room in my garage. I also have all the orginal manuals that came with the car.

On the retail market, there is surprisingly no discernable difference in pricing of the 8v and 16v GTIs. However, on the enthusiast market, the 16v reigns supreme, as the 16v lump is far more desirable.  Driveline aside, these cars are geting harder and harder to come by, especially in the condition this car is in. Over the years these cars have been used, abused, and picked apart making them relatively rare.

The mileage on this car is unknown, but the condition tells me that it couldn’t have travelled more than 150K. With all of the recent upgrades and maintenance items, this is a $3,600 car all day long.  Someone snatch it up, because it’ll go fast.


Average retail $3600, high retail $5200