2002 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor Sports Coupe

For some reason, the US market seems to prefer vehicles with a trunk rather than a rear hatch, unless, of course, the car in question is jacked up and has power to all four wheels. Case in point the Mercedes-Benz C class Sport Coupe. Brought to the US market in 2002 in an attempt to reach a larger share of the compact luxury market, it wound up leading a short life in the US market, being withdrawn from the lineup in 2005 and replaced this year by a C class coupe with a more traditional trunk. These C hatchbacks were introduced at a time when Mercedes-Benz reliability was waning, as many less than satisfied owners new to the marque found out. Offered with the supercharged (Kompressor) four cylinder engine or the 3.2 liter V6, both engines could be had with a five speed automatic or 6-speed manual. This C Sport Coupe for sale in Texas has Kompressor engine and, thankfully, the 6 speed manual gearbox. In addition, this car has extremely low mileage for a vehicle that isn’t terribly collectible.

2002 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor Sports Coupe on eBay

Introducing the 2002 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kimpressor 2 door coupe! This is a one owner, very well maintained vehicle with only 34k original miles. It runs and drives like new! Still has a new car smell. It is equipped with options such as power windows and power locks, power mirrors, A/C with dual zone climate control, dual front and side airbags, cruise control, AM/FM radio with cassette player, 6 disc CD changer, keyless entry and more! All the options function accordingly! The four cylinder, 2.3L engine runs very good and the 6 speed manual transmission shifts smoothly into gears. The black exterior is very good and healthy condition and the gray cloth interior has been kept very clean. The overall condition of this Mercedes C class is great!

Even considering the low mileage, this C Sport Coupe is a bit overpriced at close to $14,000. It also won’t appeal to everyone, as many Benz buyers prefer an automatic transmission. I would say $10,000 to $11,000 would broaden this car’s appeal, and service records or some kind of window into this car’s history would be a must, to see if it suffered from any teething problems common of these W202s. Even though they are much maligned, I like this little Benz, especially with the 6-speed manual. It might not be the fastest or sleekest looking two door hatchback, but it’s an interesting example of an automakers attempt at reaching a new niche in the market only to retreat a few years later and continue with the status quo.


1996 Mercedes-Benz C36

The first Mercedes-Benz to be tuned by AMG after the division became an official Daimler-Benz subsidiary was the C36 AMG. A little over a year after the 190E replacement arrived, the C36 was revealed. It featured a 3.4 liter, 276 horsepower inline six mated exclusively to a four speed automatic transmission. With front brakes from the SL600 and rear brakes from the E420, stopping power was upgraded substantially, along with a lower, tauter suspension. Sixty miles per hour could be achieved in 6.3 seconds, a respectable time for any sports sedan of the era. Other than modified lower body cladding, dual exhaust tips and larger, staggered 17” AMG Monoblock rims, little would tip you off into informing you this was anything but an ordinary C class. One turn of the wheel, however, would tell you differently. This C36 for sale in upstate New York is a very clean example of the genesis of AMG as an in-house brand.

1996 Mercedes-Benz C36 on eBay

Relisting my C36 due to the winning bidder not following through with the sale. I can assist with being available for your shipper to pickup the vehicle, or I can pick you up at Albany International Airport.

I’ve been a car collector and enthusiast for over 20 years. My focus has always been German steel with a strong leaning towards BMW’s, Mercedes and Audi’s of the 1990’s. In my opinion, this was an era when cars had more verve and character than a lot of what’s out there today. If you’ve been thinking of cutting back on lease payments yet still want to drive an iconic high performance sports sedan the C36 does it better than anything in my experience. Its a timeless look, and speaking of look, this car still turns heads at gas stations, Cars and Coffee gatherings and at a recent outing to Lime Rock race park this car garnered more looks and questions than the BMW 335i parked next to it.

The fit and finish and overall quality is something we no longer see. I will never tire of the sound of a bank vault when you close the doors. This is the first official production Mercedes AMG vehicle ever and was hand assembled at Affalterbach. AMG took a plain-jane Mercedes C280 inline 6 motor and massage it to 3.6 liters with forged lightweight pistons, a forged and balanced crank and other heavy duty drivetrain components, the end result was a very grunty 270hp powerplant mated to a 4spd transmission that came from an S class and brakes from the SL.

With one of the last lightweight chassis’s Benz ever put out ( 3300lb curb weight ) the C36 had performance stats equal to V8’s of the day, and even by today’s standards the C36 will run with some of the sports sedans . The car will do 0-60 in just under 6 secs and runs the 1/4 mile in 14.2 ., all this while turning 24-25 mpg. This car actually handles very well in the twisties., and this is with stock suspension. My previous C36 had full Koni suspension with Vogtland Cup coils and lightweight BBS wheels and that car was on-par with a BMW M3 I once owned.

This car has been owned by Mercedes Benz fanatics, all adults over 40. It is un-molested. 100% stock, nothing is changed or missing ! Very rare to find in this condition as most of what I’ve come across has been lowered, or modded to some effect. This car was also featured a few years ago in the Mercedes Benz Club of America’s ” Star” magazine by its previous owner who regularly writes for auto magazines. The article was entitled ” Living with Rivals” . It was a comparo between the C36 AMG and the 97 BMW M3, which at one time the owner owned both.

One of the reasons why I strongly feel that this is THE best condition C36 in the USA is that all the major issues that potentially plague these cars once they hit 100K miles have all been addressed already with invoices from a Mercedes only facility. As robust as the 3.6 motor is, they all succumb to a headgasket failure due to a somewhat inferior gasket that AMG used at the time. A few years ago, an updated gasket was made available and once the change has been made its pretty much a lifer.

So in 2011 this car got the headgasket job and the head was re-surfaced, matched and new head bolts were utilized. Also, at the same time and shop, the timing cover, tensioner, pads and VC gasket were done as well. The job was perfect as the car has gone about 10K miles since then and its dry as a bone everywhere!

Also some other key services were performed in the last 16 months:
-Throttle body actuator was rebuilt ( $ 800 )
-New AC condenser ( $ 600 )
-New oem Fuel pump ( $ 300 )
-New spark plugs & coils ( $ 350 )
-transmission fluid service w/ oem fluids.
-Brakes F/R new pads, rotors OEM
-tie rods bushings, tie rods
-strut mounts in the front
-New Goodyear GT tires 225/245’s ( they have about 3K miles on them now )

So to sum it up, this car is good to go for the next 100K miles. It pulls very hard, very smooth and the car goes down the road like a new C36 probably did. No noises, clunks , thumps or anything. No warning lights. AC blows ice cold, all gauges work and illuminate at night. No burnt out bulbs. All windows , power door locks and remote keys work as they should. 2 key fobs are included. The interior is in excellent to mint condition. No funny odors. The C36 smells amazing due to the combination of hides and MB tek materials from that era.
The paint is a solid 8+ condition. All original except the very bottom of the front airdam which I had resprayed to get rid of all the typical road pits from years of driving. The silver paint looks fantastic ! I can only see 2 very miniscule pin size dings. Its very hard to spot them as the car is silver.

Only a garage kept car can attain this preservation as this car was spoiled. I have the clear NY state title in my possession as well as the last 5 yrs worth of service invoices. The original owners manual folio is complete as in includes as are the 4 very rare and always missing C36 AMG floor mats. All this car needs is gas. No stories, and nothing but big smiles to its next owner/caretaker. Pick it up and drive it to California and then some….it won’t flinch at the trip.

Normally, I’d be averse to buying a high performance from the Northeast with over 100,000 miles. However, the owner of this C36 should be commended for maintaining this car to a level which makes it appear like a car a fraction of its age. Average values for a C36 these days tend to run in the $6,000 to $8,000 range. Given the owner’s level of care and maintenance items attended to, anything around $8,000 or so should be just about right for this car. If the mileage was well under 100,000, there might be the room to return even a bit more in terms of resale. Only 5,200 of these understated beasts ever left the factory. I’d say that statistic makes this German hot rod well worth preserving. Good luck to the owner in the sale this time around, as this car deserves to find a good home.


2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Estate

Much to my chagrin, Mercedes-Benz decided not to offer the estate variant of the current C class to the US market. Foiled by the SUV craze once again, then. Mercedes-Benz estates have always been known for their workhorse qualities, and the renowned W123 T models have subsequently seen a rise in values. You can still get W124 and later W210 E class estates for reasonable prices, but if you want a smaller five door with the Three Pointed Star on the hood, there’s only stateside option: the W203 C class. When the W203 first arrived on the scene, people derided it for its lower rent plastics and decrease in quality as compared to its predecessor, the W202 C class. Consequently, many high mileage W203 C classes exhibit more signs of aging and wear than you would expect from this brand. As time progressed, quality improved, but in 2005, Mercedes-Benz decided to pull the plug on the estate variant for the 2006 model year. It’s hard to find these with low mileage these days so this example for sale in New Jersey is quite a treat.

2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Estate on eBay

For sale is a nice and clean 2004 Mercedes Benz C240 Wagon. This car is very clean and shows minimal normal wear. With only 2 owners this car still looks and feels like the day it was new. With 37,749 highway miles its runs flawlessly with no issues at all. It is well maintained so it feels solid and tight. This vehicles comes with NJ inspection through 11/2013. Clean, clear title with no liens, loans, stories.

This beautiful C240 Benz is in perfect mechanical condition, so no warning lights on. Exterior of the car is glossy and shiny. Paint looks deep and the only noticeable scratch is the lower part of the front bumper on the driver side (see pictures). Trunk of the car has a small chip marks and a small chip on the passenger side mirror. This car is in its original paint so this normal wear is acceptable. Wheels are in great shape and tires are around 90% left. The undercarriage of the car is clean, dry and shows no rust. Brakes are in great shape as well. This car has always been serviced by the Mercedes Benz Dealer; all service records are available.

The interior of the car is in excellent shape. Its clean and shows no signs of wear or abuse. It comes from a non-smoking owner so no unpleasant odors inside. All seats are in decent shape with no rips, stains. All carpeting is clean. All electronics is in good working order as well. Full set of books, 2 sets of keys and floor mats comes with the car. This car is in very great condition and its needs nothing but a new proud owner.

Having owned a W203 C class, I was provided a C240 estate once when I had my car in for service. The estate drives almost identical to the sedan, except for the fact that you have an extended greenhouse in your mirror. A lot of these estates were 4matic versions, so it is nice to see a regular rear-drive machine for a change. Since Mercedes-Benz isn’t bringing the current C class estate to the US market, here’s your chance to get a low mileage example at a reduced cost of entry.


1998 Mercedes-Benz C230

There was a lot of reader interest in the W202 C280 Sport we featured a few weeks back, so I figured it would be worth posting another W202, this time, with a slightly different take on the model. What we have here is a three owner, 1998 C230, that includes the non-Kompressor M111 2.3 liter four cylinder and five speed automatic.

While normally this wouldn’t be the most exciting of cars on GCFSB, there’s something special about this particular car. I was the second owner. The current owner is a long time friend who has cared for it as lovingly as I had. With a growing family, he is parting with this car with a heavy heart, as it was as trusty a trusty, reliable motoring companion for both of us.

I purchased this vehicle from American Service Center in Arlington, Virginia in November 2001. At the time, this car had 32,000 miles and was a Starmark Certified Mercedes, undergoing a 130 point plus inspection. Similar to the E320 cabriolet I posted a few weeks ago, this C230 is painted in the rare, special order Moonstone Gray Metallic (paint code #721). The gray MB Tex (leatherette) interior has worn like iron with no blemishes to speak of and the burl wood trim is in good shape with no cracking.

With it’s 5 speed automatic, this C230 can return in the low 30 MPG range on 91 octane. Features include power moonroof, power windows, power heated mirrors, power door locks and eight way power drivers seat. Car also has keyless entry with window and sunroof auto close feature from the outside. Stereo includes 6 disc CD changer in the trunk. The OEM carpet floor mats are still in the plastic wrapping and have never been used. Instead, I had bought Mercedes-Benz accessory all season floor mats. These are much easier to keep clean, as you can simply wash and scrub them to keep them looking like new.

In June 2006, I drove this car to Montvale, New Jersey to Mercedes-Benz USA Headquarters for the Mercedes-Benz Club of America June Jamboree. My car took home first place through a popular vote in modern sedan class. At the time, the car had about 72,000 miles and the president of the Mercedes-Benz Club at the time, Jim O’Sullivan, chatted with me in the parking lot about my car and asked me to let him know if I ever sold it.

My friend purchased this car from me when I took delivery of my 2007 C230 sedan in July 2007. At the time he purchased it, the car had 82,000 miles on it. One month prior, I had the entire AC system recharged, along with a small return hose in the system being replaced due to a leak. The AC to this day blows ice cold. Recent work includes an oxygen sensor being replaced in the summer of 2010.

Currently this vehicle has 159,000 miles, most of which are highway miles. Routine maintenance such as oil, coolant and brake fluids have been religiously kept on top of and the car comes with a full service history. It has been serviced at the following dealers/mechanics:

-American Service Center (Arlington, VA)
-Keenan Motors (Doylestown, PA)
-Tysons Corner Mercedes-Benz (Tysons Corner, VA)
-German Automotive Group (Springfield, VA)

The car has a few blemishes and dents consistent with its age and mileage, but the paint still has a glossy, deep shine. There is a small scuffing on the front left rub strip on the bumper, which, with a bit of rubbing compound would buff out. The plastic cap on the wiper arm is also missing, as it came loose in a heavy rain storm. The wheels are in very good shape for it’s age, as many similar Mercedes-Benzes alloys have been ruined due to the caustic nature of the brake dust. There are a few chips that could stand some touch up paint here and there, but not many. There are no chips and scratches on the windshield.

The owner is asking $4,900. Those who have questions regarding the car or are interested can contact me at paulshenriques@hotmail.com. I can answer a lot of questions regarding the history of the car and I can link up serious parties with my friend, the seller. Even at 159,000 miles, you’d be hard pressed to find a W202 these days as well preserved as this one.


1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport

I’ve always been quite partial to the W202 C class, as I used to own a 1998 C230 and my mother is still running a 2000 C280 with almost 90,000 miles and winces at the thought of giving it up for a lesser vehicle (read: any new mid-sized luxury or near luxury sedan on the market today). These were some of the last over-engineered Mercedes, along with the Geländewagen and R129 SL roadster. With their demise came a new era of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks that, good vehicles as they are, don’t quite capture the classic essence of the marque. Here’s a very tidy C280 sport in Florida with a set of tasty AMG wheels that are thankfully not oversized and period correct.

1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport on eBay

Mercedes C280 Sport

You are viewing a stunning, low mile 1999 Mercedes C280 Sport. Only 55k actual miles. No accidents, only two owners. Loaded with AMG wheels with new tires, sport package (sport seats, sport steering wheel, carbon fiber look trim, sport exterior trim, sport suspension). Also loaded with moonroof, 6 CD changer, Bose audio, telephone, dual power seats and much more. Florida owned and rust free. Drives as if new. Looks as if new. No dents or dings. Excellent condition. It will not be easy to find another one like this.

With a little over three days in the auction to go, there’s been a fair amount of bids and the price has reached just under $6,500. With low mileage, a desirable color and the sport package, I could see this C280 fetching maybe between $8,000 and $10,000, at the high end. Clean, low mileage W203s are not much more, but then, they don’t carry the cache of these first generation C class sedans. This isn’t the fastest or most exclusive piece we’ve featured on GCFSB lately, but this is a tasty piece that could serve someone very well as a daily driver for several years to come. Just ask the family (mine) who have owned two.


Want A New 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG? This Is Your Chance.

The W202 C class Mercedes-Benz was the first Mercedes model officially breathed on by the tuning firm AMG. Starting as a C36 with a 3.6 liter inline six, the C36 begat the C43 in 1998. Powered by a tuned version of the 4.3 liter V8 from the E430, the C43 cranked out 302 hp which was backed up by a 5 speed automatic from the SL500 with shift points tailored towards more spirited motoring. Here’s a pretty much new example of the C43 with only 12,000 miles for sale.

The seller states:

You are bidding on what might possibly be the lowest mile C43 available in the world. This car looks and smells and drives as new. Not a ding dent or scratch on the whole vehicle and no curb rash on the wheels. This car has everything including the xenon light and rain sensor wiper package as well as the CD changer and the original built in phone as well. I have both keys and all the books as well as the original window sticker.

It is the nicest example of a C43 for sale today and you will find for a long time. This car would make a great part of a collection or just a great daily driver as well. Everything works as it should and the AC is super cold and no rust on the vehicle at all and you could eat off of the engine bay. Any buyer of this car will be very pleased with this vehicle. Please e-mail me with any questions you might have and i will do my best to answer them. Thanks again!!

The car is listed for sale locally at a price of 25k or best offer and i reserve the right to end the auction early due to local sale.

As a former owner of both a W202 C230 (1998) and a W203 C230 (2007), I have to say, I preferred the W202 better. It just seemed like more of what a classic Mercedes should be about. I’ve driven many V8 powered Mercedes-Benzes over the years, but never a C43. I could imagine it would be right up my alley though; relatively small in size, big engine and tighter handling. At $25,000, this is way beyond the top end of what one would pay for any version of the W202 C class. If you want the best, though, this is probably going to be it.


2005 Mercedes-Benz C55

Beginning in the mid 1990s, the AMG C classes from Mercedes-Benz have proved to be quite popular over the years, with a range of breathed on six-cylinder and V8 models appearing in the lineup. Here we have a clean, two owner, C55 for sale in Pennsylvania.

The seller states:

This auction is for a 2005 Mercedes Benz C55 Sport Sedan. I am the second owner of this vehicle. The vehicle is in immaculate condtion. It has been professionally maintained at a Mercedes Benz dealership since new. It has had all its regular maintence performed (Transmission service, coolant service, brake fluid service, oil changes, etc.). It has brand new rear tires with less than 200 miles on them. Front tires at 50%, front and rear brakes at 50%. The vehicle needs nothing. Runs excellent, looks great. Only reason I am selling is due to the fact I have too many vehicles and its time to get rid of a few. This car is very enjoyable to drive. I will definately miss it!

I sold my 2007 C230 Sport with 27k miles for $20,500 two months ago. Even though this is two years older, prices on the last of the W203 AMGs have finally reached somewhat attainable levels. Anything with 300 or more horsepower in a car this size is a riot to drive. I know this first hand, as I’ve driven several of these over the years. Even considering rising gas prices, a C55 in this kind of condition would be a smart investment in the coming years. I mean, where else were you going to put your money, the stock market?


2005 Mercedes-Benz C320 6 speed Sportcoupe

Like the BMW 3 series Compact that preceded it in the 1990s, the W203 C class hatchback was one of those experiments by an upmarket German marque to test the waters and see whether the American public would accept a smaller, cheaper offering. Not many folks took notice of the C class Sportcoupe, but much like GM does with its product lineup, Mercedes got it right at the end, offering the 3.2 V6 with a 6 speed manual. Here’s a clean example for sale in Pennsylvania.

For not much scratch, this last year Sportcoupe is an interesting and quite rare alternative to a MINI Cooper S or Volkswagen GTI. A good friend of mine just picked up a clean 30k mile example of this same car with the 6 speed manual, and while it doesn’t drive too dissimilar from my ’07 C230 sedan, it certainly can give the usual hot hatches a run for their money.


1996 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG

The C43 and C55 W202 Mercedes-Benzes were popular enthusiast hot rods, mainly because they matched massive V8 power in a small, relatively unassuming package. They also tend to overshadow the first collaboration between AMG after it became an in-house tuner, the C36. Packing a bored out, 3.6 straight six good for 276 horsepower. Here’s a clean example for sale up in Wisconsin with a relatively low 72,000 miles.

The seller states:

This is a very limited edition, ultra rare 1996 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG, 72k miles, silver metallic with black leather, brand new tires just installed, all serviced up and ready to enjoy or put it away and let it appreciate!

This car is impossible to find ESPECIALLY with such low mileage. It is right out of the owners personal collection and is very hard to find, especially with such low miles! Only a couple things to note; A/C blows warm, will need a charge and some of the wheels have some clear coat peeling. Everything else works as it should. Comes with 1 key and remote.

With only 5,200 C36 AMG models produced, you surely won’t see yourself coming and going in this car. Then again, for not much more money, you could have the later V8 version. But it won’t ever have the title of being the car that started the AMG craze that has been going strong for the last 15 years.


2007 Mercedes-Benz C230

The W203 C class Mercedes isn’t the most interesting of German cars out there, but this one has an interesting story. Mainly because it is my personal car. While I’ve only advertised it for sale in the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s magazine, The Star, I thought it would be a good idea to put up an advertisement on GCFSB before posting to a wider audience. I am not in a rush to sell, but personal circumstances have forced me to speed up the process. It has been a great car, but alas, it’s time to move on.

2007 Mercedes-Benz C230

More about the car:

Purchased new in July 2007 from Keenan Mercedes-Benz in Doylestown, PA. Built five weeks prior to the end of W203 C class sedan production (confirmed by Mercedes-Benz North America). Balance of extended warranty until July 2013 transfers to new owner. Car currently has 26,200 miles.

Features include:

-Granite Gray/Ash MB Tex
-2.5 liter V6, 201 hp, 7 speed automatic with manual shift mode
-Sunroof package: Glass sunroof, power rear sunshade, garage door opener, auto-dimming left side and inside rearview mirrors, rain sensing wipers
-Power driver’s seat/steering column with three position memory
-Dual zone climate control
-Heated Seats
-6 disc CD changer in dash

The wheels were swapped when car was delivered for a brand new set of 2006 C230/CLK sport wheels. In my opinion, the 2007 C230 sport rims weren’t as in line with the styling as were the ’06 wheels. The original floor mats have never been used and will be provided with the vehicle. I have opted to keep a set of rubber Hexomat floor mats inside, as they are durable and easy to clean: www.hexomatsfloormats.com.

This car has been regularly serviced at Keenan Mercedes. The only repair to arise was the replacement of the front brake rotors at 14,000 miles due to defective tempering of the metal in the rotors. This repair was covered under warranty. The car has a brand new rear pair of Michelin Primacy tires (tires are 245 width in the rear, 225 width up front). This car is washed at least twice a month and I have waxed it on a twice yearly basis using Griot’s Garage Best of Show Wax. The car has always been garaged and has been used mainly as a weekend vehicle and for long trips.

This car is fully documented and comes with a binder full of service records, original window sticker, dealer brochure, build sheet, and the like.

My C230 is located in Arlington, Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C. and is available for viewing by appointment. Interested parties can contact me via the comment section of this post or at paulshenriques@hotmail.com. I am asking $23,000, which may seem a tad high for a last year W203, but I would challenge anyone to find a cleaner, more pampered C230 sport than this. And of course, there is the all important Mercedes-Benz warranty, of which two and a half years is left.