1980 Mercedes-Benz LP809 Firetruck

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I suppose if I were born in Europe, I might think that firetrucks from the US would make cool cars, but that’s not the case. Alas, I’m born and bred in the US and thus think that the variety of trucks utilized over there are all awesome. While I’m usually looking for ones that would easily convert to a unique RV, you’d have to get pretty creative with this one. With the ability to seat 7 up front, however, I’m thinking you could turn one of the equipment bays into some sliding cots. I’m not a burner, but the top deck looks prime for it.

Regardless of your planned use, it’s only covered 20k miles in 34 years. It is commensurately clean, from the classically utilitarian interior to the sweet roll-up sides. I’m not sure what you’d use it for, but the auction is just crawling along, so get creative. As of writing, you could buy it and have it shipped over for less than $10k, making for a pretty sweet anything-truck.

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1980 Volkswagen LT31 Van


I’ve been on a bit of a van kick recently (forever?), and today we have a gorgeous VW that is, in fact, NOT a Westy, Transporter, or Vanagon at all. It’s one of VW’s commercial vehicles from Europe that has spent time as a fire van, but has covered just 13k miles in its 24-year life. Apparently the seller couldn’t register it in California due to the intense EPA rules, which is hugely disappointing as it means I can’t buy it. If you live in any other state, though, this van is impeccably clean, with the normally-dull firetruck’s paint still shining. The interior is an enticing proposition as well; while I’m usually musing about how I would discard the original equipment and turn a van into a camper, this one is all set to become whatever you want as it’s just extremely clean metal with some useful mounting points in the side. And, as always, I fricking love jump seats. This is a very cool and very unique VW van that has a Buy-It-Now lower than just about every nice US-market VW Van sale.

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1972 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Fire Truck

It’s no secret I have a sweetspot for obscure German van and trucks which I then fantasize about having as an adventure/camping/towing vehicle. This weekend I went to the Going Away/Yard Sale Party of a friend who is getting rid of his apartment and most belongings to travel the country in an extremely clean and well-prepared 1986 VW Westfalia. How convenient that this Unimog came to my attention just after I drooled over the campervan life for a while.

The Unimog is one of the most capable vehicles on earth, and today’s was made to fight fires WHEREVER they happened. A ton of the fire equipment remains, but I’m already seeing the bench seat as a bed and the amazing storage lockers as… well, as amazing storage lockers! It’s only covered 16k miles and has been garage-kept since leaving its fire brigade in Austria.

Year: 1972
Model: Unimog Firetruck
Engine: 5.7L Diesel Inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed Manual (20 ratios available via cascade box, and all gears available in reverse!)
Mileage: 21,000 kilometers
Price: Currently $20,110

1972 Mercedes-Benz Unimog on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 1.46.10 PM

1972 Mercedes Unimog 416 Diesel 21000 km, “Garage Kept “!!! Look at the incredible original paint and overall condition. Good luck ever finding one this clean ever again! OM 352 Diesel motor 6-speed transmission with Crawler gears Standard axles with drum brakes.It has a two speed PTO for the front winch, factory front hydraulics and it has the original factory tool set and jack. I am the second owner of this 416 which has been garaged since new. The truck came from an Austrian fire rescue squad. Since I purchased the truck I have installed new tires including spare on the original rims which were bead blasted and powder coated gloss black. The spare tire carrier was custom built and powder coated.

The radiator was boiled and pressure tested and installed with all new belts hoses and thermostat and the proper diesel coolant was installed. All fluids were drained and re filled with factory correct gear lube. Fuel filters were replaced with Mercedes parts. Oil is changed each year with Mercedes filter. The truck always starts immediately and runs very well, all lights work, has factory horn and added air horn, CB radio with PA system. Original Mercedes winch is in excellent condition with no use on the original cable. Original Austrian Title that was delivered with the truck when purchased new. The truck is registered with clear CA title. If you have any questions ask before you bid. The truck weighs 10,000 lbs. if you are looking for shipping quotes.

CB, PA, PTO, winch, a million toggle switches I don’t understand… this thing has more options than an S-class. It would be interesting a collector’s item, but it would be awesome as a camping machine or racing support truck. Considering how much Westfalias go for these days, if you feel like being the king of the road and trail, you just can’t go wrong with a Unimog.


1985 Volkswagen LT35 Firetruck

A few VW vans have gone through our family, and I’d like to go through a few more. After an exhaustless Bus and a cheap-but-campable Vanagon, it’s no secret that I want one of those $80k Syncro-Westy-Subaru frankenbeasts to explore the world in. But why do what’s been done before? Today we bring you a VW LT35, essentially the Vanagon’s big brother which is probably a more common sight in Europe but never here in North America. It’s in fantastic condition and has some excellent features like a rear diff, spotlights, and dual sliding doors. The interior is ready for any conversion you want, a campmobile in my case! This would be an amazing and unique VW van while still being eminently functional.

1985 Volkswagen LT35 Firetruck for sale in Germany

This is the rarest of the rare a 1985 VW LT35 firetruck with differential lock in super solid condition. It has original 22,244 kilometers (about 13,900 miles) on it. VIN WV2 ZZZ 29 ZFHO12926. It comes with the super rare option of two sliding doors and differential lock for the rear axle. This van was build by vw and then delivered to rosenbauer ( a company for fire engineering works). This huge beast is overall in outstanding condition. I picked this up a while ago over in austria where it was used by a very small firedepartment. it was well looked after all its life and was actually mostly moved to keep it in good working order. It was never parked outside. It was kept in a heated garage.

It still has the blue signals on the roof (all working), I just had to tape them up to move it on the road legally (in the pics you can see the brown tape wraped around them) it also has two huge search lights mounted on the roof. There are two seats in the front and a full lenght benchseat in the rear facing backwards (you can open that and you have a big storage underneath).
this thing runs and drives perfect, it fires right up, there is no play in the steering and the brakes also work perfect (no wonder with that milage and service). It comes in its original paint and looks amazing.On the underside you can still see the factory wax clear code, which faded brown over the years. I’ve never seen one in this condition before and will probably never do again.

The only part which does not look too good is the exhaust there is some rust on it, but that is only the very last part of the tube.the muffler and everything before the very end is in good condition (see the pictures). There is a little piece cracked off left part of the rear bumper as shown in the pics. It weighs 2,1 tons and drives pretty good with its 90hp 6 cylinder. The first gear is a rolling gear and is super short, for the use on the road you use the second gear right away. On the floor on the right side of the drivers seat is a arm which allows you to put in the differential lock (only on loose or slippery ground). I have been using this to transport firewood once in a while and it is just too nice for that.

In the pics you do not really see how big this beast is. it always looks funny when there is a vanagon next to it. If you need to see anything what is not shown in the pics let me know and i will send more pics of whatever you would like to see. The car is located in Bielefeld, Germany and is ready for the export. The shipping is included in sales price to New York, NY, Long Beach CA, Oakland CA, or Houston, TX. I can also arrange delivery to your place, but that is optional.

I’d love to have this thing continue to look as crazy as it does but have it be a completely functional van. Bids are at $7,500 with reserve not met, and I have absolutely no idea what the market is for a rare German firevan. Buying cars from overseas always has two huge caveats: how do you inspect it, and how do you get it? The prior is still a question here, but the latter is taken care of with free shipping included in the final price. That’s huge. Personally, if it stayed under $15k it’d be worth it.