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1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Tandem Axle Flatbed



Custom conversions can either go really well, or really poorly. Most of the time it is really poorly. But not today. What started life as a Volkswagen Type 2 factory single cab dropside pick-up is now a flatbed hauler with an extra axle thrown on there for good measure. Now before you get excited about that extra axle, it’s only along for the ride as it looks like only the second axle is functional. Once I started digging into the (sparse) information on this T2,  it was built and used to be a working car hauler — save for one big problem. So let’s check out this once Californian T2 that now resides in the Netherlands.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1972 Volkswagen T2 Tandem Axle Flatbed on Classic Trader

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1988 Volkswagen T3 Pritschenwagen

$_57 (4)

The VW DoKa, ubiquitous in Europe but rare in North America, is a unique and funky approach to trucking. It’s not powerful, but it can carry 5-6 people and a light payload out back, making it well-suited for small business owners or amateur project enthusiasts. With a little over half of a Vanagon present, DoKas cut a familiar shape, just with a truncated rear. The Pritschenwagen (flatbed) models, with their significantly longer bed and just two doors, look much more like the cab-forward trucks produced by most Japanese manufacturers.

This clean white example can have folding sides or be a full-on flatbed lined with LineX to handle whatever your project is that day. Almost as endearing as the rarity and funky shape are the two checked option boxes – rear window defroster, fair enough, but also a power driver-side mirror! Isn’t that the easier one to reach? It’s like my grandma’s 1994 Subaru that didn’t have a passenger mirror because it was an “option.” With just 73k miles, it’s a sharp-looking worker with just enough flaws to keep it reasonable.

Click for details: 1988 Volkswagen T3 Pritschenwagen on eBay

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