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Tag: Imola

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1999 BMW M Coupe

I love the E36/8 aka M Coupe aka Clownshoe, and clown shoes are best in red, right? This beautiful Imola example has just 73k miles and has been well cared for by 3 owners. The previous owner addressed the well-documented potential rear subframe weld issues, and the only updates are light enough to not even be called modifications – air filter, headlights, stainless steel clutch cable, etc. It’s not quite perfect but pretty close, with a few minor scuffs and dings. It’s a 1999 model, meaning it has the 240hp S52 instead of the later S54 monster, but that’s mattering less and less these days and the prices of both head north.

Click for details: 1999 BMW M Coupe on eBay


Wednesday Wheels Roundup

For today’s edition of Wednesday wheels, I decided to focus on something close to home – the much unloved 4×108 bolt pattern found on the B2, B3 and B4 Audi. Additionally, I tried to get a theme going of multi-spoke “turbine” wheels. So to start it off, I have a set of the original – the Ronal R8 wheels found of many Audi models. These were either from a C2 (Type 43) 5000 or a Quattro, but either way they’re unloved, unappreciated and cheap. Then we have one of the best replicas of the original Ronal R8 for Audis – Team Dynamics Pro Race wheels. Most sets seem to be about iPad money but they’ve got a good reputation as being strong and reasonably light as well as affordable. They’re on my list of wheels I’d love to have for the track. Following up are a set of ATS wheels that are a rare sight; unfortunately, they’re dual bolt pattern and I don’t like that look, but they’re reasonably priced and in good condition. A set of TSW Imolas follows, also not my favorite design but they’re not bad looking wheels and work well on the Audis for look. Lastly, I have a set of B4 Speedline wheels. Generally, when you say Speedline and Audi, thoughts immediately go to the Coupe Quattro wheels, but these 15×7 wheels adorned many B4 models. My favorites are still the originals – those R8s would look good just hanging in the garage, but the Team Dynamics is a close second. What’s your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Ronal R8 15×6, 5×112 Wheels on eBay


Tuner Tuesday: 2001 BMW M Coupe with 13,400 Miles

The S54-equipped M Coupe seemed destined to be a collector car right out of the box. With a limited number produced, almost immediately enthusiasts began numbering their cars – there are, in fact, websites that are specifically dedicated to determining just how rare your M Coupe was. In the case of today’s example, it’s a claimed one of nine, and that’s easy to believe – because boil down the multitudes of combinations that were made with the E36/8 M Coupe, and you’ll soon discover that they’re all one of a small number. But this particular M Coupe is even more rare than most, with a host of Dinan and AC Schnitzer upgrades and some of the lowest miles on one today, with only around 1,000 miles a year accrued:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 BMW M Coupe on eBay