Face Off: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo v. 1988 Porsche 924S Special Edition

Increasingly as some of our childhood (or, adulthood) heroes get priced out of sensibility for weekend warrior on a budget status, there are still some bastions of hope for the shoestring enthusiast. One of the best must undoubtedly be the underrated Porsche 924. As Sciroccos, GTIs, 944 Turbos, Quattros and the like take off in value, here lies a plethora of well-cared for, well-built and fun-to-drive cars that have good parts accessibility, reasonable repair costs and surprising amounts of practicality. Sure, it’s ‘just’ a 924, and Porschephiles will probably poo-poo your choice. So, too, will most of the rest of the automotive world. Their loss is your gain. Try as they might, outside of some very special 924 Carreras, these models that helped to keep Porsche afloat in the 1970s and 1980s still haven’t caught on with collectors.

So today I have two special 924s to consider once again. The first is a lofty Turbo model; finicky even in period, they’ve developed a reputation for lack of reliability and expensive repairs, but then have you ever seen the bill on a proper flat-6 rebuild? I’m going to compare it to the end-of-the-run 924S, and this one is the lightweight Special Edition model, too. Both are quite affordable and both appear to be in great condition, so which one is the winner?

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1982 Porsche 924

In many ways, the Porsche 924 is to me the equivalent of the Audi Coupe GT. Much like the Audi, the 924 has languished in the shadow of its bigger and more famous brother, the 944 – especially the Turbo model. Show up just about anywhere in a Coupe GT, and invariably someone inquiring about the car will say “I always loved the Quattro”; the same has been my experience with the 924 – even the S model – when people discount the normally aspirated model in favor of memories of forced induction. True enough, the 951 – and even the turbocharged variant of the 924, the 931 – are fan favorites even within the marque and generally considered where the value and appreciation as collectors will be in the near future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a solid value in a more simple 924. While the later 924S is where you want to be if you really want a driver value, there is a beautiful simplicity to the early cars that always draws my eyes:

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