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Motorsports Monday: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Interseries

Porsche history has always been intrinsically linked with racing since before they were even a company. From Mercedes-Benz to Auto Union and later Cisitalia, Porsche offered world-beating designs prior to establishment of its own independent racing heritage. Since the 1950s, they’ve never looked back, and every successive generation has their own legends that were born. For my father, it was the 908 and 917, while I grew up with the turbocharged whistle of the 956 and 962 dominating race tracks. To capitalize on this nostalgia, coupled with more gentleman drivers heading to the track every weekend than there ever have been, Porsche’s lineup has increasingly focused on track-biased cars. But that hasn’t stopped some from going a few steps further, and Napelton Porsche launched an interesting idea just before the turn of the decade.

Why not create a race series of equal cars, slap historic liveries on them, and hit the track? The Interseries was just that, with door to door action pitting the iconic color combinations of Porsche history at the hands of mere mortals. From the Salzburg 917 that first took Porsche to the Le Mans title to the unmistakable Rothmans colors, each of these cars wore a bit of what made the marque a legend for so many people. Everyone has their favorite design, so this series offered Porschephiles a veritable cornucopia of visual pleasure. Today, one of these cars has come up for sale:

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Motorsport Monday: 2011 Porsche Cayman S Interseries

Last fall, Paul wrote up a Jagermeister-livery Cayman S Interseries that reminded us how great these Caymans can look, and what a great deal they are relative to some of the newer 911 race cars. The Cayman S offers most of the performance of the 911 in a more affordable package, and that was topped by the introduction of the classic Porsche racing liveries, such as Martini Racing and Jagermeister. Today’s example is a bit newer than the previous example we looked at; a 2011 model with some Martini/Salzburg inspired graphics. To me, it looks great:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2011 Porsche Cayman S Interseries on eBay

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