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1988 BMW M5 with S54 Swap

Not many people would dare to accuse the E28 M5 of having faults, but I will. First, the engine was turned down for the U.S. market. That’s a reality of the 1970s and 1980s, I know, but it’s still a gripe. Second, it only came in black to U.S. shores. And that too is a shame, because the E24 M6 really shows what a little color does to those classic lines. Third, on top of the black-only stance, it had bumpers that easily double as benches – for Americans, even. Fourth, though wide 16″ wheels were pretty advanced for the day, the reality is that there are increasingly limited good options for filling out those rims. Fifth has to be the interior. My dad has an 88 M5, and it’s a very nice car – but the seats are well worn and look nearly double the mileage they actually are. It’s often the case when I look at an E28 M5 that the seats either look completely redone or wrecked. Sixth has to do with the engine again – because the reality is that 25 plus years on, keeping the S38s running in top condition can be an expensive proposition. Okay, so maybe I’m overstating my gripes a bit, but it just goes to show that there’s at least room for improvement with the U.S. spec M5. How do you fix my list of gripes? Well, buying this car would be a pretty good start:


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Afternoon Accessories: BMW E30 M-Technik Steering Wheel

Great classic style doesn’t always have to cost a lot, and there are some nice details that you can add to your car that both freshen and improve the look. While some of those parts come from aftermarket sources I always like to look at what came from the factory. For your BMW, there were some great wheels available, such as this M-Technik wheel on Ebay today:

Model: E30 M-Technik
Condition: Used
Price: $183.58 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: E30 M-Technik Wheel on eBay

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