1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S

Though I’ve recently posted two low mileage white 944s, neither for me is better than this to me. The 17,000 mile creampuff 1983 was certainly impressive, especially considering how few good condition 1983 come to market. But at $15,000, I’d probably look for an admittedly less perfect but good driver-condition 944 Turbo. So what about the ridiculously low mileage 1988 Turbo I looked at last week? Certainly that would fit the bill – or a lot of bills, considering the reported $40,000 asking price. No, a few things were off; I’d rather have a car with moderate mileage that I wasn’t afraid of driving, and if I was going for a turbo it would either be an early car with Fuchs, or a much preferred “S” example. And of the later Turbos, I can say without any hesitation this is my favorite; the “Silver Rose” 1988 Turbo S was stunning not only in performance, but in looks as well. The light pinkish grey exterior was set of by polished and forged Club Sport wheels that alone were a huge upgrade over the late Phone Dials in my opinion. Under the hood the boost was turned up; now churning out 247 horsepower, this was the hottest hatch you could get in the 1980s. To help keep it under control, the M030 adjustable suspension and 928S4 brakes were added to the package. But aside from all of the technical and exterior appearance bits that made the ’88 special, it was the interior that was really the pièce de résistance. The special pink gradient plaid interior was, and still is, the most amazing interior you could get in these 944 Turbos to me. Today, if you’re looking for a collectable 944 Turbo – or 944 at all – look no further:

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