1984 Volkswagen GTI

Possibly my favorite car of all time, the 1984 US Spec Rabbit GTI is just an all around fun car to be behind the wheel of. The 94bhp Bosch CIS injected four cylinder is certainly not an autobahn burner, but coupled to the quick ratio 5-speed gearbox, it’s a quick little car that can surprise a lot of others off the line. Unfortunately, it’s all over by the time you hit 40 mph, but at least you had your moment of glory.

The true magic of the GTI isn’t in a straight line, rather in the twisties. These cars were made for corners and when pushed to the limits remain poised and confident. Push them a little further and you’ll get a slight lift from the inside rear wheel as a gentle reminder that you’re approaching the limits. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Rabbit GTI is by far one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven, which is why I keep one in my garage at all times.

This well kept silver over blue GTI for sale in Calhoun, GA would make a great addition to any German car collection.

Year: 1984
Model: Rabbit GTI
Engine: 1.8 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 106,000 miles
Price: No Reserve auction

1984 Volkswagen GTI on eBay


First of all, I cannot say enough about the excellent condition of this car. I have personally been a VW mechanic and enthusiast for 15 years and bought this car to be part of my collection just a couple years ago. When I ran across this car I was shocked at the over all condition.To start with its a very original, unmolested, rust free example. (Folks, the battery tray in this car isnt even rusty!)

Its easy to see that this car has been “adult” driven and taken care of. The car is very tight in all respects. The doors etc. open and shut like they should, and the car drives straight and true. There is no suspension noise whatsoever and the shocks/struts feel great. The clutch, shifter, and transmission operate flawlessly. In driving the car, its easy to notice that this one hasnt been abused. The odometer reads 106K and works.

The body of the car is as straight as can be. Upon purchasing I decided that the car needed to be “preserved” just the way it was, so, thats what had to happen. While I liked the original, sunburnt paint on the car, I knew that it something should be done to preserve it. I started by dismantling the car and taking it to the body shop. The car was properly prepped to accept clearcoat and was sprayed with PPG concept clear. I then had the trim re-dyed (not painted) and had the bumpers media blasted and painted with all of the associated hardware and brackets. I spent a great deal of time cleaning the grill and embelms and re-installed with new hardware. The headlights, turn signals, and tail lights are all NOS. While in the process, I had a new windshield installed. I used new window seals in the doors where necessary.

As far as the interior goes, the carpet is original and in very nice shape. I installed a new headliner and cleaned/detailed things a bit. The dash is nice, clean, and without cracks. I sourced a NOS shift boot and “golf ball” shift knob just for the cause. The seats are nice, vibrant and without any rips or stains. How long has it been since youve seen Rabbit Gti seats that were this nice????

Since the original wheels were in such nice shape, I decided just to leave them alone. The tires have a good %50 tread remaining. Mechanically the car is original and unaltered. Everything works as it should. I have installed a new fuel tank and pump recently. The engine doesnt rattle, smoke, or use oil. All of the motor mounts are tight, and in place. The transmission shifts great with no syncro grind or roaring. I converted the AC to 134a and it cools great. The heater works just as it should also. To make a long story short, the car really is a pleasure to drive and isnt a project like most of that are on the market today. Everything on the car works well and I really wouldnt be afraid to drive it anywhere.

This car has seen a mild restoration with regards to the finishes, which is certainly necessary for a car that has been abused by the sun for almost 30 years. While I understand the idea behind it, I feel like it would have been better either left alone or resprayed to silver, not the half way approach. That aside, this is a beautiful example of a well preserved GTI.

I like that the seller has this car for sale at no reserve to let the market speak. I think that when the market does speak, this car will see $6,500 to $7,000 when the perverbial hammer falls. These cars are great collectables and in this condition it’s a great driver too. If I had the cash and the space, I’d be all over this.


1987 Volkswagen GTI

The VW GTI has always been a favorite among driving enthusiasts, due to the simple equation of a lightweight car coupled with a peppy 4 cylinder engine and quick ratio gearbox. But over the years, the VW GTI has gone from the “Original Pocket Rocket” to an overweight option riddled version of itself.

If you ask any VW enthusiast, they will tell you that the definitive line where the GTI went from hero to zero was 1992, which was the last year for the MK2 GTI. The MK2 Golf GTI was Volkswagen’s evolution of the MK1 Rabbit GTI and offered a wider range of options to the buyer.  The base model GTI was a 1.8L 8v engine wiMth a quick ratio gearbox, sport seats, and GTI trim. The other option was the GTI that boasted a 1.8L 16v engine, slightly different gear ratios, Recaro seats and enough 16v badging to insure that you stood out from the 8v crowd.

This beautiful Alpine white 8v GTI for sale in Eugene, Oregon is not the more desirable 16v, but is a well kept example of the last of the true VW pocket rockets.

Year: 1987
Model: GTI
Engine: 1.8 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: unknown
Price:  $3,600

1987 Volkswagen GTI on Craigslist Eugene


1987 VW GTI. Both the 8v engine the five speed tranny are original to the car. This is a beautiful adult owned and meticulously maintained car which is always garaged. This is a highly collectable car and one of nicest stock GTIs in Oregon. The paint is orginal and looks great for a 27 year old car. I see no rust anywhere on it…and I have looked hard. The only after market parts are new Bilstein Sport struts ($1000), new H&R ½” lowering springs ($500), new Konig wheels which are BBS look-a-likes ($700) and new Bridgestone tires ($800). It has also recieved new OEM bushings, new OEM control arms, rebuilt shift linkage, new starter, new axles and seals, all new OEM brakes and disks, all new OEM wheel bearings, and has legally tinted window ($200). Runs and drives beautifully. Must go to make room in my garage. I also have all the orginal manuals that came with the car.

On the retail market, there is surprisingly no discernable difference in pricing of the 8v and 16v GTIs. However, on the enthusiast market, the 16v reigns supreme, as the 16v lump is far more desirable.  Driveline aside, these cars are geting harder and harder to come by, especially in the condition this car is in. Over the years these cars have been used, abused, and picked apart making them relatively rare.

The mileage on this car is unknown, but the condition tells me that it couldn’t have travelled more than 150K. With all of the recent upgrades and maintenance items, this is a $3,600 car all day long.  Someone snatch it up, because it’ll go fast.


Average retail $3600, high retail $5200

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

Probably one of my favorite cars of all time, the 1984 GTI is the most fun you can have behind the wheel of a car. It’s peppy, nimble, and gives every bit of feedback you could ever want when driving it towards its limits. Finding a nice original car these days is becoming harder, as most of these cars were cut up to meet tuning trends over the past 30 years.

With a black exterior, and a rip free red interior, this ’84 GTI for sale in Elgin, Minnesota is the poster child for ’80s awesome.

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI on thesamba.com

1984 VW Rabbit GTI – MK1 – 90K miles
Original 1.8L engine and 5 speed transmission Excellent condition, mostly original car Starts right up No interior rips No dash cracks Headliner is not sagging Map pockets are not ripped Package tray intact Excellent tires – about a year old Previous owner had the bottom end of the motor rebuilt (receipt included).
Modifications (done by previous owner): Neuspeed throttle body and intake Oversized valves    42mm Intake    35mm Exhaust Aftermarket radio with MP3 input – fit in original dash, not cut.
New brakes, fuel filter, muffler, passenger side axle / CV joints (driver side included)
Extra parts included : Drivers side axle w/ CV joints Front bearings Front hubs Rear shocks Rear drums Thermostat AC Belt Tach resistor
The good: The car starts right up and runs great. I drove this car to work daily. Interior and body are in great shape for it’s age Almost completely original Strut towers are rust free For MN people, the tabs were renewed last month Clean title
The not so good: The car is not flawless, it is the original paint from 1984 Front wheel bearings are shot. New bearings and hubs are included. Some wear on seats and discoloration on dash – normal for a car of this age. Interior shifter boot is ripped. Muffler was replaced, but the car is still a bit loud. Tach doesn’t work, but the resistor (most common cause) is included. AC belt is not hooked up, so I do not know if the AC works. A new belt is included. All AC parts appear to be there. Some rust around the hatch window Normal paint cracking, scratches, dings for a car of this age
Why am I selling it? I am just not able to do the work that the car needs anymore. I hate to see it go, but after two back surgeries my car-tinkering days are over. As you can tell by the list of parts included, I intended to dothe work myself. I have to give up the hobby.
The car is garaged and I strongly suggest that you come see the car in-person to make sure that it is in the condition that you are looking for. I do not want to sell the car sight-unseen if possible. I want the next owner to enjoy it as much as I do. There are lots of pictures available so that you can get a good look at it before you come. I can take more pics upon request.
There are 30 photos here – http://imgur.com/a/RkQt5#0
If you pay with PayPal, I have to add a 2.9% fee that PayPal takes from the transaction.
Please email with any questions. I am happy to answer!

This is a great car, and the main reason is that it’s complete, and unmolested, 2 factors make this a rare bird. This car is a great deal, and is priced to sell at $2,950, prices that low on these cars are generally reserved for total basket cases.  Nice, clean and complete cars like this generally command upwards of $5,000 to $6,000. With a few parts and a lot of elbow grease, this would be a great car to add to a collection.


1983 Golf GTI RHD

On this side of the pond, when you first hear 1983 VW GTI, you think big square lights, even bigger bumpers and all sorts of lights in order to meet US regulations. More often than not a VW enthusiast, or even just someone that likes sleek and classic looks will convert a US spec car to the cleaner euro spec.

This car represents a rare opportunity for fans of the cleaner simple looks of the euro spec GTI. Imported in 2009 from the UK, this euro-spec GTI for sale in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA is a US VW enthusiasts dream come true.

1983 Golf GTI RHD on craigslist.com

This Golf GTI has been my daily driver since I moved here three years ago.  I transferred to Atlanta with my job in 2009, I was able to import it and bring the GTI with me but sadly it now has to go as I’m relocating back to England.
The car has never really wanted for anything and it’s a standard UK right hand drive spec car.  I’ve even left the original British license plates on the car which drawes a lot of attention…
I’ve changed the clutch, fuel pump, alternator, ignition coil in the last 3 years, the head gasket was done approximately 3 years ago and timing belt changed again since then when we put clutch in approximately 2 years ago.
The car recently had a brand new webasto electric sunroof. It was supplied and fitted by main dealer and is far superior to original sunroofs supplied on these cars.
Car requires a couple of bits to finish off – window winder mechanisms and one of central dials and require connecting.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thanks for looking.

Unlike most, I’m a huge fan of both the US and Euro looks on the GTI, I may even be more partial to the totally 80’s US look, but then again, I have strange tastes in cars. This car is certainly a great example of a clean and mostly original GTI; from the Europe only seats, single round headlights, and euro spec bumpers, it’s a looker. The two main issues I have with the car based on this ad are the mileage (or kilometers as the case may be) and the aftermarket sunroof. In my experience, nothing good can come from cutting a hole in the roof of a perfectly good car, so as far as I’m concerned that is a check in the CONS column. That being said, a clean euro spec GTI doesn’t come along too often in the states making this a rare bird. All things considered, the price of $14K is steep, real steep, clean examples are available in the UK for around $4-6k, or if right hand drive isn’t your thing, they can be had in Canada for around the same price. These cars are old enough to import legally, which could be another $2 to 4K, so for a car like this I’d likely be a buyer in the $7,500 to $8,000 price range.