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Motorsports Monday: 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S

I get it. You want to tell your friends that on the weekends you race a Guards Red Porsche Turbo S. But your bank account tells your friends that a Kia Soul is more your speed. What’s a Porschephile to do? Look to the watercooled transaxle cars, that’s what you do. Though prices of 944 Turbo S models have been soaring, if you’re less interested in a pristine, low mile street worthy example, a track prepared car can provide you with the thrills of boosted ownership at a much more reasonable rate. Today’s example shows us why:

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Motorsports Monday: 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo

Without a doubt, for many years my favorite sleeper deal in the realm of factory Porsche race cars was the 944 Turbo Cup. Constructed for one-make support races around the world, the Turbo Cup model has some really neat features – notably, the inclusion of a healthy amount of magnesium to help lighten the car, plus a bit more boost to motivate it. For some time, 944 Turbo Cups were just downright cheap for a full factory racer, but recently they’ve spiked up in value and are now pretty much out of the reach of most mortals. Of course, if you’re willing to forgo the factory Cup build status and a few of the more pricey magnesium details like the original wheels, you can still find great track or race bargains in the 944 Turbo:

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Motorsport Mondays Triple Take: Three 44 Turbos

Long before the E36 even debuted, the Porsche 944 was deeply entrenched in the track scene. From weekend warrior autocrosses to full out Le Mans endurance racing, the 944 touched all aspects of motorsports, and in many cases won. While the roots were in a economy sports car, the 944 Turbo took well to supercar slaying – massive flares hiding brakes borrowed from its brethren and boosted performance from the all-Porsche turbocharged 2.5 inline-4. With near perfect weight distribution, these Turbos were relatively easy to drive and accepted high levels of modifications well. Into the 1990s, the continued to be favorites at track events – and today, even nearly 30 years later, they’re still potent packages capable of winning club races. Today I have three different takes on the 944 Turbo; modified but still streetable track event car, stripped and turned up club racer, and a collectable bit of Porsche racing history with a Turbo Cup car in original configuration. Which is your flavor?

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