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1985 BMW M635CSi

An odd reversal has occurred in the BMW world; go back even five years and the car from the 1980s – outside of the M1 – was the M6. Now, oddly, the M6 may be the best value going in Motorsport BMWs from the 1980s. What caused the turn around? Well, it certainly had little to do with the M6, and probably more to do with the inevitable acknowledgement that the more rare M5 was a great car too, and the E30 has equally gained status as – effectively – a 911 replacement. So the M6, the grandest of BMW’s grand touring lineup, has become relatively affordable for the performance level offered. The extra benefit of it’s high residual price has been that most have been kept in excellent condition overall; while it’s normal to see highly modified or ratty M3s and M5s, finding pristine M6s almost seems cliche; odd, considering the relatively low number produced. Even more affordable than the later M6s was the M6 prototype; the M635CSi. While never imported to the U.S., a fair amount made it here through the grey market long before the M products debuted in this market. With an even more potent version of the inline-6, the M1-detuned M88/3, coupled with lower weight, these early M6s were even more impressive performers than the later cars. However, unlike the later M6s, finding clean and unmolested M635CSis is more difficult as lower residual value on the grey market cars meant they were sometimes neglected or more heavily modified:



1988 BMW M3

$_57 (1)

This E30 M3 is an interesting proposition thanks to reversible decisions. The owner has taken some liberties, mainly surrounding his love for the color red and some minor modifications to the running gear, but with some diligence this car could easily be returned to a very stock exterior look (the red valve cover is probably here to stay for a while). One thing that is not reversible is the salvage title, which clearly contradicts his claim of a “clean MN title.” This confusion along with a lack of explanation as to why the engine was disassembled at 196k miles without doing a full rebuild raises question marks that E30 M3 buyers don’t like seeing these days. On the other hand, question marks can also keep it from smashing through the $30-$40k barriers we’ve seen many E30s surpass.

Click for details: 1988 BMW E30 M3 on eBay

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