Three X5 4.8ises for sale

Around the turn of the millenium, German car companies flipped out and decided they had to make SUVs too.  Mercedes went first, then BMW, then Porsche, the last causing the most uproar.  Whether you think it’s a pointless dilution of the brand or a worthwhile cash cow that supports the rest of the line, there’s no turning back now.  The BMW X5 was most attractively styled of the German suburbans, more interesting than the bland M-class and less ugly than the Cayenne.  This was underscored with the sport editions, first the 4.6is and then the 4.8is.  Unique rims, some bodywork, and beefy rectangular pipes alluded to the strength within, the 4.8l V8 pushing out a healthy 355hp.  There are 3 great examples on eBay right now, varying in price and mileage but sharing the great engine and looks.

The silver one has extremely low miles, just 23k, but it also carries a hefty price tag at just under $40k.  The black one is the other end of the spectrum, with 83k miles and a Buy-It-Now of just under $30k.  The Imola Red one seems to be the just-right porridge out of these three bears, with just 48k miles and a Buy-It-Now of $30.9k.  And I can’t get over how good that red looks on the 4.8is.  If you’re looking for a bargain, there are 4.6is editions out there running at about $10k less than these and you get almost the same power, but they are older and thus come with higher mileage and problems.  All of these 4.8s are less than 50% of their MSRPs, and for that you’re getting an attractive and capable  luxury SUV with some good punch.  And it comes in that red…


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  1. Thanks I have a Cayenne GTS blows the BMW away

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